September 30,   2016

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Montessori Works 

Because Montessori works, and those things on the shelf, they're works too..

Sandpaper and Colored Globes


Last week we explored the Sandpaper Globe, this week we dig deeper into the Colored Globe.  

Colored Globe

After working with the Sandpaper Globe, the child will move on to the Colored Globe.
The Colored Globe is the exact same size as the Sandpaper Globe, but each continent is painted a different color and there is no use of sandpaper. The oceans are the same painted blue.

In this presentation, instead of land and water, the child will focus on the identifying continents. A three period lesson ensues to give the child a strong foundation, and the confidence to know the difference between continents and oceans.

Following the Colored Globe, the child will be ready for Puzzle Map work, beginning with the  World Map. You'll notice the continents on the Colored Globe and the World Map are the same colors, giving the child that 'aha' moment of recognition.

The Montessori classroom is full of layered connections, and places of discovery for the young child! We hoped you've enjoyed learning more about the Sandpaper and Colored Globes.

Eric's Earful: 
 Musings from the Head of School

Thinking about geography last week propelled me to consider how children from birth to six develop the ability to orient themselves within the world.  Three words answer this curiosity.  The Absorbent Mind.  This, "intense mental activity" is described by Montessori as happening right from birth because that young baby has to learn everything to survive without language or a conscious will to push them one way or the other.  The child, up to three, is like a camera that takes a snapshot and the image is absorbed instantly.  He is doing this everyday, all of the time.  He does this easily and naturally without even trying.  The child's work during this early absorbent mind is to become independent from the adult for his basic human function. He learns to speak, walk, gain control of his arms & legs, and become able to control bodily functions.  All of this is done without a book, video, or even another baby to talk to in order to learn how to do it.  If I didn't know better, reading this would make it hard for me to believe that children are even able to f ind their location in a house, let alone a neighborhood or larger city if they were a little bit older. However, I do know better and it is at around the age of three that something more conscious awakens in that bottle of energy you might call son or daughter.  

The child at three develops a much more capable mathematical mind that tells him to perfect the pieces that are now in place from the trillions of images he took from birth to three.  At three, he is developing into a video camera with what he is seeing and doing.  He has the ability to edit and remove the images/learning that does not make sense to him and what he understands in his limited environment.  His fundamental task during this phase is FREEDOM.  The freedom to move purposefully, freedom to choose, and freedom to concentrate on tasks he chooses.  His mantra is, "Let me do it myself."  He wants to know where he is and where his friends live and, if he is like my daughter, he will often not wait for you to tell him when it is time to go.  I think this is why maps and globes make sense to kids because they want to know where they are at, as well as what is right around the corner from the beginning of the conscious Absorbent Mind at three years of age.  
Leelanau Montessori Strategic Plan

Did you know that Leelanau Montessori has a Strategic Plan? It does and the Leelanau Montessori Board updated it on May 16, 2016. The Board encourages Leelanau Montessori community members to review it and feel free to reach out to Board members to discuss the Strategic Plan. The Plan contains four strategic goals for this school year: 1. Ensure enrollment growth. 2. Ensure funding growth. 3. Ensure a Montessori inspired environment. 4. Cultivate the Montessori brand. For more details, please click on this link.
This family friendly event includes a 5K and a Fun Run!  Leelanau Montessori is able to offer a limited amount of scholarships for students that want to participate in the 5K thanks to a generous donation from Jayson Construction!  

Contact Sarah Bordeaux at for scholarship details!
WHEN:  Saturday, October 15, 2016 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM (EDT) 
WHERE:  3672 North Stowe Road - Suttons Bay, MI 49682 

Fun Run is FREE to Leelanau Montessori students!  
Register using the code: LMS16

Staff Welcoming!

Welcome to Stephanie Rancour on Fridays!

Stephanie graduated from Northern Michigan University in 1988 with a Bachelor's of Science degree in secondary education. She has a Health (K-12) major and Psychology minor. She returned to NMU in 1990 and earned her elementary endorsement (K-8 all subjects). After student teaching at Southwest High School in Green Bay, Wisconsin and Powell Township School in Big Bay, Michigan, she taught pre-school in Big Bay, then moved to Baraga, Michigan and taught second grade one year, and fifth grade the next. She returned to the lower peninsula in 1994 and taught in the Grand Rapids Public Schools until beginning at Woodland School the first year the school opened.

Stephanie has more than 25 years of coaching experience and has worked with students of all ages in a variety of settings including camps, YMCA programs, NMU Outreach, Parks and Recreation programs for the cities of Traverse City and Marquette, and many different school settings. She is a former competitive gymnast and springboard diver and enjoys teaching the importance of maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Stephanies' three daughters, Savannah, Sierra and Sage,  all attended Leelanau Montessori for over a decade.  Stephanie is grateful to be here at Leelanau Montessori on Fridays.  
Reminder: Friday, October 21 Early Dismissal!

Friday, October 21 will be our first early dismissal of the year.  Please remember that early dismissal days end at 11:15.  Pick up will be as normal at the main entrance of the school by the Recycling Center.  If you normally have a half day student please join us at carline by the main entrance.  Remember, on these few half days bussing is not avaliable.  If your children regularly takes the bus please arrange pick up for them.
Piano Lessons piano_keyboard.jpg

Dear Montessori Parents,
Have you considered the possibility of private piano lessons for your child?
Let me introduce myself. My name is Margaret Lott and I have a Bachelor's Degree in Music along with a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Teaching. I have over 30 years of experience and have had the privilege of teaching music lessons at Montessori for the last four years.
I am offering 30 minute individual lessons during the school day for students in grades 1-6. (No need for you to travel!)

The cost for lessons is $20 each week and will run from October through Christmas vacation. Total due for the semester is $200. I offer a family rate for siblings at $300.

Please contact me if you'd like to enroll your child and provide the following information:
Student name, Age, Experience level (Beginner or have had lessons previously)
I will set-up a pre-arranged schedule with their teacher upon payment for the semester. (Checks should be made out to Margaret Lott and can be turned in to Beth at the office.)

I would love the opportunity to share the gift of music with your child!
Musically yours,
Margaret Lott (231) 499-5823
The Practice of Gratitude

- Th ank you to Amy Vandermere for the donation of office chairs!
Community Updates

- We have a unique opportunity for Suttons Bay students, parents and FOFA enthusiasts to see a WONDERFUL Broadway show not all that far from home!  "WICKED" will be playing at the Wharton Center on the MSU campus in East Lansing this fall!  FOFA will be taking a charter bus to see this amazing production on Sunday, November 20th.  For more information view this link!
-This week's 25 cent State Theater kids movie is Kung Fu Panda 3!

Elementary Hot Lunch
Monday: Pancakes with Sausage & Sweet Potato Tots
Tuesday: Crunchy Beef Tacos with Refried Beans
Wednesday: Cheese Ravioli with Marinara & Caesar Salad
Thursday: Baked Chicken Tenders with French Fries & Dinner Roll
Friday: Pepperoni Calzone with Tossed Salad Greens
Dates to Remember

This Week
October 3: AIMSweb testing begins.
October 6: Elementary Student Empowerment Groups (3rd & 6th grades) 

Coming Up
October 15:  Orchards at Sunset
October 21:  11:15 dismissal

In Search of
- Soccer Balls

- Looking for a woodworker to help us construct a donor board for our entry.
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