October 28,   2016

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Eric's Earful: 
 Musings from the Head of School

I was reading my thoughts last week on repetition and again considered how important repetition is to humans.  Young or old, our species needs to be able to concentrate on various tasks that we have, both as a child and an adult.  As an adult, our daily jobs require a degree of concentration and if we are unlucky enough, our inability to concentrate is broadcast around the world on the nightly news.  Have you ever considered what makes someone able to concentrate?  Where does that ability come from?  How come some adults are able and some are unable?

A quick question for me is did these adults have opportunities as children to repeat tasks of their choosing?  The more of these opportunities a child has to repeat will lead to deeper and deeper concentration.  This is turn will lead to more opportunities to repeat which will lead to more refined concentration.  The cycle goes on and on.  An example of this ability to concentrate at a deep level is found in the adult who starts starts to read a novel and begins to lose track of time.  This person finds themselves looking up from the book and finding it is 3 AM.

You might ask yourself, how can I provide this in my home.  I have a few ways that you could make it happen for your infant, toddler, preschooler, or elementary child.
  1. Give them ways to repeat at home through sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, wiping, and washing.  If they are younger, opening and closing cupboards or fitting lids onto pots and pans.
  2. Having patience when you child/student is performing an activity can be very important.  We, as adults, want to get our task done as quickly and efficiently as we can.  Kids, especially those younger than seven, do things more as a process than looking at the end product.  Allowing kids to do something over and over (think the child dropping the spoon on the floor for the hundredth time) can develop stamina and adults know the importance of stamina to complete complex tasks that need a lot of concentration.
  3. Making sure that you allow it to happen.  Montessori would tell us teachers that the ultimate goal in the classroom was for us to act as though the child does not exist when they are beginning to concentrate.  It is easy for adults, in our own way, to stomp out developing concentration with word or a smile or a laugh.  Ignore them until they are done.

 Hello Sprout Parents,   
            I feel that we have had a wonderful beginning to our year here in our classroom. It is terrific witnessing the budding friendship that have been rekindled from last year and new ones unfolding. We have built trust and have settled into our routines . Establishing healthy
social emotional experiences is key to positive relationships.
            One of our favorite activities is getting fresh air and exercise outside during all weather.
Please keep this in mind when dressing for school , layers work best along with warm hats, mittens and boots. Also if your child has a half day please pick them up between  11:00- 11:15
             I am planning for parent conferences soon. I will be posting a sign up sheet outside our classroom door. Please keep a look out for it and sign yourself up if you wish to participate . If you can not find child care you can bring your child but realize that the conference will be more of a child lead conference. I try not to talk about issues that you may have  about children while they are present.
             I love spending time with these kiddos and look forward to a wonderful school year.

  Leelanau Montessori Evergreen Wreath & Roping Fundraiser

Fresh Balsam Evergreen 24 inch Wreaths ($27)  & 20 ft. Roping ($30)- Locally made in Northport for the last 39 years by the Millards.  Money raised is for camp at Leelanau Outdoor Center & other adventures throughout the year.  

Deadline for Orders is Monday, October 31st.  A form came home in Tuesday folders and are available in the office.  You are welcome to call the office with your order as well.  Thank you for your support!  

Apple Classroom Fundraiser for Heifer International Organization

Apple students are conducting their first civic project to raise money for a farm animal to give to a family in need through the Heifer International Organization. We will be at the VI Grill every 
Friday through the month of November from 4-6 pm.  Please come to the VI Grill to get a cup of hot chocolate and make a donation. Hope to see you there!

Recipe Form Link- a hard copy will come home in Tuesday folders
A Message from our Board:

On Monday, October 24th, the Suttons Bay Public School Board met with the LMPSA Board for an open forum discussion concerning future relations between SBPS and LMPSA. The discussion  included a proposal, put forth by SBPS, about merging the two schools as an option to consider instead of renewing the LMPSA charter authorization/building lease.  Both boards requested more detailed information as to what a merger would mean for the two schools (for example: staffing, facilities, and budgetary). The LMPSA Head of School, Eric Royston, and SBPS Superintendent, Chris Nelson, will submit this information at each board's November meetings (LMPSA Board will meet on  November 21st at 7:00 p.m. and the SBPS Board will meet on November 21st at 5:00 p.m.). At this point, it is a proposal and no action will be taken by the LMPSA Board without considering all options and receiving input from the LMPSA community.  The Leelanau Montessori Board of Directors understands how valuable the thoughts of our community are to maintaining the integrity of our school and encourages all to participate in these discussions.
Board of Directors Membership Opening:

The Leelanau Montessori is seeking an individual to  join our Board of Directors. Our board meets the third Monday of the month, and is in need of a new trustee. Skills in education, finance, fundraising, grant, and marketing are helpful.  Trustees are asked to partake in at least one committee. Our committees meet the week prior to board meetings.
Please visit our website for more information:  www.leelanaumontessori.org

The Board of Directors are in need of  volunteers  to join our Committees.
The following are meeting dates and times:

2nd Wednesday of the Month. 8:30-9:30 a.m.
2nd Wednesday of the Month at 5:30-6:30 p.m.
2nd Wednesday of the Month 7:00-8:00  p.m.
2nd Tuesday of the Month 4:00-5:00 p.m.
2nd Monday of the Month 3:30-4:30 p.m.
Grant Writing:  
2nd Thursday of the Month 6:00-7:00 p.m.
Academic Excellence:
2nd Thursday of the Month 4:00-5:00 p.m.  
If you feel you can contribute to a committee, please attend a meeting. All are welcomed!
  The Practice of Gratitude

~ The Geraci family for the donation of a volleyball and packing tape
~The Miezio family for donating apples to the children for apple crunch day
~Anneke Wegman and Julie Yoffy for reading with the children

Community Updates

We have a unique opportunity for Suttons Bay students, parents and FOFA enthusiasts to see a WONDERFUL Broadway show not all that far from home!  "WICKED" will be playing at the Wharton Center on the MSU campus in East Lansing this fall!  FOFA will be taking a charter bus to see this amazing production on Sunday, November 20th.  For more information view this link!
-This week's 25 cent State Theater kids movie is Halloween Cartoons and Haunted basement tours.  

Private Tutoring Offered:  Click here to find out about this service to our community.
Elementary Hot Lunch

November Lunch Menu
Dates to Remember

This Week
October 29:  Family Fall Gathering 2-4 p.m. 
November 3: Parent Ed Night Data 5:30-7:00 p.m.
November 4: Hot chocolate sales at VI Grill 4-6 p.m. 

Coming Up
November 7: No School
November 8-11 Parent Teacher Conferences
November 9: Fall Dinner to Go
November 10:  Hot chocolate sales at VI Grill 4-6 p.m.  

In Search of:
-Lamps for the Hickory Classroom
-Band aids
-Ice packs
-Binder Clips
-All Colors Construction Paper 
-Sea Salt for the Hickory Classroom  

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