May 18,   2017

Contributing to Leelanau Montessori has Never Been Easier! 
Montessori and the Role of Observation

As a public Montessori school Leelanau Montessori uses several  forms of assessment to determine where each child is at developmentally, emotionally, and academically.  Montessori relies heavily on the art of observation.  Take a moment and view this video to better understand the role of observation in your child's  education and how their guides utilize observation  to assess each child's  individual needs and strengths!

Observation and the Teacher
Observation and the Teacher

May Erelwine
Last week we were graced with the one and only May Erelwine.  She did workshops with lower and upper elementary.  The kids (and adults!) were super excited and learned about several different instruments that May brought as well as what inspires her in her writing process.  Such a special day for our entire community.  Thank you May and On Stage for Kids!  


Rise Up
Rise Up
Shine On
Shine On

        Lunch Task Force
We are looking for a group of parent volunteers to help launch a task force that will help create a healthy and sustainable  lunch program for Leelanau Montessori!  This is an exciting opportunity to directly impact the health and well-being of our community!  

If you are interested or have resources to offer please contact Elizabeth Channer at
Leo Creek Preserve Invite!

Friday, May 26th at 10 a.m. Hank Bailey will be joining some of our children at the Leo Creek Preserve!  Hank is a Native elder and outdoor educator.  He will be sharing stories and blessings. All ages are welcome and encouraged to join!  If you are home with your child that day come and take part in this opportunity! Leo Creek is located 1/4 mile walk down the Leelanau Tart Trail from the trail crossing by Hansens. Hope to see you there!

Community Updates

- This week's 25 cent State Theater kids movie is Marry Poppins!!!!

*Private Tutoring Offered:  Click here  to find out about this service to our community.  

- GRASP reading and math summer program.  Information and sign up sheets can be found here!

- Summer Piano Lessons with Margaret Lott.   More information here!  

The Practice of Gratitude

- Thank you to Jason Hamelin for capturing a whole school photo for us!

- Thank you to the facilities committee for sprucing up our bulletin boards!

- Thank you to Kallie Craker for the wood chips!
Hot Lunch

 Lunch Menu 

 * June 8th  that there will be no hot lunch*
Dates to Remember

This Week
Monday May 22 12-3
Workbee in Peace Garden and Primary pathways!  

We have the tools, we need the people! 

Those children who do not attend on Mondays or afternoons may come to help alongside parents.  We will weed and mulch gardens, wash windows and furniture, rake woodchips and spruce up the grounds.   If you cannot make it Monday but would like to help, please let us know.

May 23- Hickory at Inland Seas
May 24- Sugar Maple Great Books Outing
May 26- Playgroup
May 26- Hank Bailey at Leo Creek Preserve
Coming Up
May 30- Hickory at Inland Seas
May 31- Dance of the Cosmos (Rain- June 1)
June 8- Field Day for Elementary
June 9th  half day, last day of school! Dismissal at 11:15
June 9th- All School Picnic at Marina Park at 12:00 - the sun goes down!  Come when you can!

In Search of:
Board trustee beginning June 2017, educational background preferred. 

-seeds of kale and lettuce
-tomato plants
-herb plants
-2 wooden picnic tables
- indoor and outdoor brooms- can be used
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Photos of the Week

Elementary happily welcoming Spring!

 Mike R , janitor extraordinaire surprised the Sprouts with this lovely display. He noticed Cathy's fungus, birch bark rocks and shells display and snuck in one morning and left this beautiful display from his collection!  He goes that extra mile for our school.