February 24,   2017

Help us reach our goal of 100% participa tion! 
This Matters for You and Your Family

Please read the following talking points from the All School Meeting Tuesday.  I hope they will inspire you to take part in the life of the school and help secure the future for our school.
Warmly, Arden, Eric, Beth and Elizabeth
  • Leelanau Montessori is a great public Montessori school and operates with great integrity.  
  • Montessori has  been in this community for 35 years and we would like for it to thrive for another 35 years.
  • We have a strategic plan and our work has remained mission and vision driven.
  • We have staff who collectively have served in the school for over 100 years.
  • Our school has a balanced budget with a greater than 5% fund balance.
  • We have tripled in size since we became a public school in 2001.
  • We have a magnificent Toddler program that serves our community with quality early childhood programming, helping to fill a gap in our rural community.
  • Our families are historically committed and conscientious consumers of their educational choices.
  • We have a new Head of School and a shared leadership structure.
  • 19 people are employed by our organization's human resource service provider.
  • Leelanau Montessori has helped children reach their potential and graduate to serve communities beyond this one.  There are several valedictorians, salutatorians and National Honor Society alums as well as musicians,  scientists, mathematicians and filmmakers who have graduated from our school.  Children who attend, leave to become community leaders and continue to truly care about the world in which they live. Our graduates are engaged citizens. We are proud to be a part of Leelanau Montessori and its legacy!

Ways for you to help Leelanau Montessori secure a future and give voice to how Montessori has impacted your family and children:
  • Please write a letter to SBPS board to give voice to your hopes for and your commitment to our school. Their board votes MONDAY night to renew or let our charter expire as of June 2018.  
  • It is our hope that we can be given more time to secure our school's future through a 1-5 year extension of our charter and lease.
  • Attend a Committee meeting or a LM Board meeting to hear or help or holler! Ca
  • lendar of events is in the office and on our website
  • Attend the Suttons Bay Board Meeting at 5 PM Monday, February 27.
  • Write a letter to the Editor of a local paper about your commitment to our school and why you believe in the school.
We know and You know:
  • We have  a charter and building lease through June 2018.
  • We hope your child will enroll for the 2017-18 school year and beyond.
  • Suttons Bay  School Board has been influenced in the past by community input and the voice of many when voting on important issues regarding our school, its governance and autonomy.
  • Our Board and its Committees are working hard to secure a charter and location beyond June 2018.  We need your help.
  • Keep your channels of communication open and let us know how you would like to help so that Leelanau Montessori can serve children and families for many years to come.

Great Schools Review

Please visit Great Schools to review Leelanau Montessori.  Having current reviews helps prospective parents to get a feel for the important work that is happening at our school!  Follow this  link to submit a review.  Thank you!!
What could your charter school do with more money?
from MAPSA
We know all the great things your charter school is doing- imagine what your school could do if they were equitably funded. At MAPSA, we advocate for funding equity for all students, no matter what type of innovative school their parents choose for them. But, we need more voices expressing this!

It's important that you tell your lawmakers the great things your charter school is doing, but also how you could do so much more if funded equitably!

Learn More Here

Ad Hoc Update- 

The Ad Hoc Committee- The Future of Our School next meeting will be held Wednesday March 1, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. in Room 2 at LMPSA.   If you would like to receive the ad hoc committee updates and agendas, please contact Colleen Macdonald to have your email added to the list. Please join us to help plan for the future of our school.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend.  

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any of the following people:

Board President- Sarah Bordeaux 

Board Vice President/Ad Hoc Committee Chair- Colleen Macdonald macdonaldc@leelanaumontessori.org

Head of School- Eric Royston

Open Enrollment

If you have any friends or family that may be interested in Leelanau Montessori for their children, please have them contact the office to schedule a tour and observation.  Word of mouth is our best advertisement!  Thank you.    

Open Enrollment Schedule:  
2nd Monday in March - Open application period (March 13th)
4th Friday in March - Close application period (March 31st)
4th Friday in May - Within five (5) business days in advance of the lottery, the school will communicate the time, date and location of the lottery with caretakers of applicants (May 26th) 
1st Friday in June - Lottery Day The following Tuesday after the lottery- Caretakers of accepted applicants notified with offer of enrollment within one week from receiving notification- Caretaker deadline to accept offer of enrollment (June 2nd)
3rd Friday in July - Caretaker deadline to complete enrollment tasks of accepted applicants (July 21st) 

Sugar Maples on Whaleback Hike
Community Updates

- This week's 25 cent State Theater kids movie is The Little Prince.

*Private Tutoring Offered:  Click here  to find out about this service to our community.
The Practice of Gratitude
-Thank you to Amy VanderMeer for the donation of rolling book carts.

-Thank you to everyone who attended the All School Meeting.  If you have any additional questions join the Ad Hoc Meeting March 1 at 6 pm.

-Thank you to Meredith Schmidt for picking up the copy materials!
Elementary Hot Lunch

 February Lunch Menu 
Dates to Remember

This Week
February 27- Suttons Bay School Board Meeting at 5pm.  All are encouraged to attend.
February 27- Conferences Begin
February 28- Fundraising and Gathering Meeting at 5:30 pm
Coming Up
March 1- Ad Hoc Meeting at 6pm 
In Search of:
Evening of Art Committee is looking for donated art from local artists to auction at our Annual Evening of Art Fundraiser.  If you are or know someone who would be interested please contact Elizabeth at channere@leelanaumontessori.org
-Hoola Hoops
-Office Snack{ granola Bars and apples to keep in the office for kids with no snack
-Dry Erase Markers
-Wooden Kitchen Matches
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Hickory eating lunch in the sunshine and taking a walking field trip to the explore the marina.