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August 2018

Clients Living with Dementia Use Senses to Engage with Nature

Clients from our CARE Program for individuals living with Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia joined our  Teaching Kitchen team on our Green Roof Garden for a wonderful interactive workshop, where they used all of their senses to engage with nature.  Sensory stimulation can facilitate engagement and communication, encourage participation in social groups, stimulate latent memories and increase concentration and alertness.

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RealArts Campers Learn About Accessible Design Innovation at Cooper Hewitt Museum

Our RealArts Summer Camp is in full swing!  This summer, our Campers are exploring the concept of heroes -  superheroes, artistic heroes throughout history, everyday heroes and, most importantly, the heroes inside ourselves.  During a recent field trip, o ur campers toured the "Access+Ability" exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt Museum and learned how artists, designers and technologists are heroically coming together to design important products for people living with disabilities.  

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Teaching Kitchen Participants Spice Up Breakfast with Seasonal Ingredients

The Teaching Kitchen at Lenox Hill Neighborhood House held a delicious workshop on breakfast foods.  Chefs Lynn Loflin and Evelyn Garcia explored various ways to incorporate nutritional and seasonal ingredients into traditional breakfast favorites like French toast, frittata and granola.  Participants made a nutritious strawberry sauce using local, seasonal fruit for accompaniment.

For more information on The Teaching Kitchen at Lenox Hill Neighborhood House , check out our website .

Intercultural Festival Celebrates Diverse Cultural Traditions

The Center @ Lenox Hill Neighborhood House hosted the 4th Annual  Intercultural Festival this month! Members came together to build cross-cultural understanding and respect among diverse constituencies.  During a "Spices Around the World" workshop, members learned about the cultural history and different uses of diverse spices.   In her presentation on Albanian culture, Assistant Director of Administration Ariana Elezaj talked about the food, history, music, politics, and culture of her native country.  Other events in this year's festival included an origami-making workshop and Balinese dance and Chinese folk singing performances.

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