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Winter 2016     
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You Make a Difference!

Thank You! Through your generous donations to our recent annual appeal, you've shown your concern for those in our community who live in poverty and need our help. 

From counseling to financial education and employment, each and every gift enables us to offer comprehensive services that empower LifeBridge clients to become more self-sufficient and financially secure. To f ind out how your support made a difference we invite you to read our 2015 Annual Report, A Year of Transformation and Change, or 
visit our website
LifeBridge To Launch 
Healthy Foods Project
$800,000 Grant Will Fund New Enterprise

Many of Bridgeport's poorest residents live in "food deserts" with little access to fresh, affordable produce. LifeBridge plans to help solve the problem now that it has received a three-year, $800,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to establish a new produce supply-and-delivery enterprise to provide fresh fruit and vegetables to those who need it most. LifeBridge will collaborate with a network of government and non-profit agencies to boost the city's efforts address hunger. In addition to helping low-income individuals and families shift to healthier eating behaviors, participants will be engaged in LifeBridge's other comprehensive social services to help them move to greater levels of self-sufficiency and financial stability. Once it is fully operational, this new enterprise will help strengthen Bridgeport's local economy by generating over 40 new full-time jobs - 75% of which will be for low-income individuals. 
Free Income Tax Assistance 
Volunteers Provide Valuable Service

Every year starting in January, LifeBridge hosts a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program at our Clinton Avenue facility. All VITA volunteers are  IRS-certified and provide free assistance to help eligible individuals prepare electronic tax returns. Eligible individuals include people with annual incomes of $54,000 or less, persons with disabilities, the elderly, and people with limited English. To minimize waiting times, LifeBridge's VITA tax preparation services are by appointment only on Tuesday, Wednesday, or  Thursday  evenings from  January 26th - April 12th . To make an appointment at LifeBridge please call our VITA tax hotline at  203-368-5524 . Click here for more details. In addition to LifeBridge, VITA services are available at other sites throughout greater Bridgeport. Please call 211 to find out the locations of other VITA sites in the Bridgeport area.  
Social Enterprise Meets Community Need
Home-Delivered Meals for Seniors

LifeBridge operates several mission-driven social en terprises that address important commu nity 
ne eds while generating additional revenue to help support our programs. One of our most successful enterprises, Meals on
    Fiscal Year 2015 Statistics
Wheels,  provides nutritious home-deliver ed meals to over 1,000 homebound and other low-income seniors in the greater New Haven area.  This vital service enables them to age in place with dignity and prevents premature, costly institutional care.
LifeBridge Awards Celebrate Excellence
Left to Right: LifeBridge Chairman of the Board: Harold Trischman, Jr., Sharon Rehme, President of the Rotary Club of Bridgeport: 
Virgilio Lopez, Tammie Anderson, Katie Rust, 
LifeBridge President and CEO:  Bill Hass
Four Honored at Annual Meeting

Our clients' success and LifeBridge's reputation for excellence is made possible by the dedication and collaborative hard work of our board members, other community organizations, our volunteers, and staff. During our 2015 Annual Meeting, we celebrated their leadership and commitment with four awards.
Katie Rust , a LifeBridge board member and founder/chair of our annual Bridge to a Brighter Future event was honored with the Woodfield Award, recognizing leadership, service and long-term commitment. The Sterling Award for an outstanding organization was awarded to The Rotary Club of Bridgeport for its longstanding record of community service and partnership in the greater Bridgeport area. Sharon Rehme received the Volunteer of the Year Award for her expertise and efforts supporting LifeBridge's organizational performance initiatives. Tammie Anderson, Manager of Government, Foundation and Corporate Grants who has been with LifeBridge for  10 years, received the Employee of the Year Award for her success in building our grant portfolio. 
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