Dear patients,
Each February, we observe American Heart Month, a time to focus and shine a light on cardiovascular health.

One in four adults in the U.S. will die from heart disease – the leading cause of death for both men and women. This is an important statistic as for years, heart disease was considered a “man’s” issue; women needn’t worry. We now know this is not true, and women need to be as educated and proactive as men in managing their risks and preventing heart disease.

For years, researchers and physicians thought all heart attack symptoms looked the same—in both men and women. This is not the case. While men tend to experience what we think of as “classic” symptoms— crushing chest pain, difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat—women’s symptoms differ and can often be more subtle. Women tend to experience symptoms such as nausea, extreme fatigue, lightheadedness and dizziness, sweating, and pain in one or both arms, jaw, upper back, and neck—symptoms often mistaken for other conditions.

Know the warning signs for heart attacks and do what you can to prevent heart disease. Learn more in this article by Dr. Lisa Larkin.

As we previously reported, the vaccine rollout in Ohio continues to be challenging. Many patients have had to register on multiple sites in order to get vaccination appointments. We encourage you to continue to be persistent. Find a comprehensive vaccine update on our website here, and stay tuned for further updates as they develop on our social media channels and in our emails.

In good health,
Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates
We Heart Your Heart

Small steps toward better heart health can make a big difference in your everyday life. Hear from Dr. Elise Chambers from our Kenwood office with her top tips for better heart health in this Kenwood Spotlight.
From specialized Women’s Health Consultations to full Membership Plans, we have options to support you on your wellness journey. Call us at (513) 760-5511 to learn more and sign up as a new patient with Dr. Elise Chambers.
Now Offering Telehealth Only Plans

To meet the evolving needs of our patients - we are now offering Telehealth only direct primary care plans for $300/annually to individuals 30 and under. Find out more by calling the office at (513) 760-5511.
Join us as we Recognize American Heart Month

According to the American Heart Association, nearly 80% of cardiac events can be prevented. And, cardiovascular diseases continue to be a woman's greatest health threat.

February is American Heart Month. At Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates, we are pioneering the use of CardioFlux Powered by Genetesis, a non-invasive advanced imaging system that requires no exercise or patient exposure to radiation to measure magnetic signals produced by the heart.

The process takes less than 5 minutes and less than 90 seconds to complete the imaging. We are thrilled to be participating in a research study with CardioFlux to improve the cardiovascular care of women.

We encourage patients who have the conditions featured in the graphic below to participate. For more information, visit

Now Through February 28, patients will receive a $30 gift card for participation. If you would like to donate the $30 you received for participation to the American Heart Association, Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates will match your donation.

Contact the office to participate at (513) 760-5511. Thank you for your support.
What Women Need to Know about Heart and Breast Health

Dr. Lisa Larkin and Dr. Lorna Stewart of Lorna Stewart, MD, and Associates, our Naples, FL Ms.Medicine affiliate clinician, recently teamed up with the Jewish Federation of Greater Naples for a discussion on heart and breast health.

Catch their discussion here—and commit to educating yourself this American Heart Month.
Dr. Lisa Larkin Talks Heart Health with Sheila Gray on Channel 12

Heart disease is the leading killer of women, and men and women experience different heart attack symptoms.

Learn what women need to know about heart disease from Dr. Lisa Larkin on Channel 12 with Sheila Gray here.
Join Galia Collaborative for Thrive Circles

Presented by our friends at Galia Collaborative, a Thrive Circle is a group of women connecting online to heal, grow, and support one another. 

Registration for the following Spring Thrive Circles is open now at Galia Collaborative:

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