Happy Holidays!

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is coming to a close. What a wonderful, busy year we’ve had. In April, we moved into our permanent home in Mariemont, and by October, we celebrated our 1,000 th patient (we’ve now passed the 1,100 patient mark!) We are so grateful for your support, and for your trust in us as your healthcare providers.

This last e-news for 2017 shares information about the new shingles vaccine, Shingrix, which we recommend for EVERYONE age 50 and older – even if you’ve already had the Zostavax vaccine. Check out the blog below to learn why. Pharmacist David Yost explains the advantages of compounding, and nutritionist Jennifer Bain announces the launch of our 12-week weight-loss program in January. Plus, we share details about our free community lecture and breast cancer risk assessment on January 11 (register soon as space is limited.) Be sure to share the information with the women in your life.

If you’re still hoping to get an appointment in 2017, we urge you to schedule quickly! Our offices will be closed on December 25 th and 26 th and January 1 st .

Thank you again for your trust in us. We wish you all a happy, healthy holiday season and look forward to seeing you in 2018!

In good health,

Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates

Over 50? Getting the New, Improved Shingles Vaccine is a No-Brainer

By Lisa Larkin, MD, FACP, NCMP, IF

We’ve all seen the commercials on TV – the one that makes you cringe when you hear that if you’ve had chickenpox, then you have, “the virus lurking inside you that could surface at any time as a painful, blistering rash….” Scary advertising tactics aside, the latest advancement in shingles prevention provides more evidence than ever that getting the shingles vaccine is a no-brainer. (Read more...)
What is Custom Prescription Compounding?

By David Yost
Compounding Pharmacist
Yost Pharmacy
120 West Main Street
Mason, Ohio 45040

At our third-generation family pharmacy in Mason, we have been compounding medications for our patients for well over 70 years. I've been a part of that tradition myself for the past 23 years. Of the multitude of tasks required to run a pharmacy, I find compounding to be one of the most interesting and fulfilling.

Custom prescription compounding is where pharmacists create a pharmaceutical product (medication) to meet the need of a specific patient. We take quality-tested ingredients and combine them using both long practiced techniques and modern equipment to create medications in a variety of forms. We compound liquids, creams, suppositories, lozenges, treats, and even lollipops! (Read more...)
Ready to start your weight-loss journey? Now offering 12-week program

Low fat. Low carb. More exercise. No sugar. Gluten-free. The amount of information we receive about the best way to lose weight is overwhelming. With an estimated 160 million Americans (including more than 60% of adults) considered overweight, it’s no wonder that “losing weight” tops the list of New Year’s resolutions year after year. Despite the mixed messages on dieting and nutrition, healthcare professionals can all agree on one point: the best healthy diet is one that you can stick to long-term. That’s why registered dietician Jennifer Bain is offering a personalized, 12-week weight-loss program, featuring one-on-one nutrition counseling, to help jump-start your weight-loss journey. Read on for more information…
What's Your Number? Do You Know Your Risk?

Join us for a free community lecture and individual breast cancer risk assessment!
January 11, from 6 – 8:30 pm
Nearly every woman knows the statistic, “1 in 8,” meaning one in eight women develop breast cancer in their lifetime. While that is the average for the general population, every woman’s individual risk of developing breast cancer is different.
Knowing your individual risk of developing breast cancer takes you one step closer to preventing the disease, not just detecting and treating it. New research shows that women can take steps to lower their risk of developing breast cancer in their lifetime.
Join us for a free lecture and individual breast cancer risk assessment, given by internal medicine physician and midlife women’s health expert Lisa Larkin, MD, FACP, NCMP, IF. Read more for details!
Help us improve the care of men and women with sexual dysfunction

It is well established that sexual health concerns of men and women are frequently unrecognized and unaddressed in today’s health care setting. And yet studies document that sexual health is an important part of an individual’s overall health, and that sexual dysfunction negatively impacts an individual’s emotional and physical health, overall quality of life and the quality of their relationships. 

The Cincinnati Sexual Health Consortium (CSHC) was formed by Dr. Larkin earlier this year to improve the level of sexual health care for men and women in the Greater Cincinnati area by becoming the unifying organization for sexual health providers, raising awareness of the importance of sexual health and serving as an evidence-based educational resource for providers, patients and the community.  (Read on...)
We’re growing!

Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates is growing! We are so grateful for the support from our patients and community. We are currently seeking primary care provider and genetic counselor candidates who are interested in joining our team. If you are a provider or you know of a provider who is interested in joining our growing, successful Direct Primary Care internal medicine practice, please contact us at info@lisalarkinmd.com .

Direct Primary Care: Saving Doctors From Burnout

There is in fact an answer to the unsolvable health care equation.

“If you take out the government, and you take out the insurance, boop! It’s solved,” says Dr. Doug Farrago. Farrago, a “recovering hospital-employed physician”, was one of many speakers to address an audience of 250 doctors at a Direct Primary Care (DPC) conference that was recently held in Orlando, Florida.

Thank you! The highest compliment we can receive is your trust and confidence in referring friends and family to our practice. We also know your friends and family seek recommendations – including those online. If you would like to leave a review about your experience with our practice, please do so at Google, Healthgrades.com ( Dr. LarkinDr. Wright, or  Anna Fox, CNP) or on  Facebook. We so appreciate your time and trust in us.
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