Happy New Year! We hope you and your families enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and are rejuvenated and recharged for 2017.

January is a time to reflect and set new goals for a New Year. If you’re like most Americans, weight-loss and better health are typically at the top of the list of New Year’s resolutions. Check out tips from registered dietician Amy Paterno on the right way to diet, and hear from Anna Fox, CNP, NCMP, on the value of an integrative medicine practice.

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Integrative Medicine: Beyond Alternative Therapies
Many people think the term Integrative Medicine refers only to “alternative” practices to traditional medicine, like acupuncture or reiki. While practices such as these complement traditional medicine and may be considered in an integrative medicine treatment plan, they make up only a small part of what is Integrative Medicine. {Read more...}
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Construction Continues at New Mariemont Location

Construction is moving quickly at the new Mariemont location, and we're excited to share our progress. More information coming soon about our open house events in April and May. 


Karen L. Perry

Registered Medical Assistant

Prompt, courteous, personalized service. Attention to detail. Sincere and knowledgeable. Sounds like a shopping trip at Nordstrom’s, right? Maybe so, but it’s also how Registered Medical Assistant Karen Perry approaches her work and her patients everyday at Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates.

Karen prides herself on making sure every patient is treated with the same care and attention she would want. “My goal is to provide excellent customer service first and foremost. I am always in the mindset to make the patient’s visit comfortable, fulfilling, and educational."  {Read more...}


The Right Way to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

By Amy Paterno, RD

Ah, January. The annual “do over.” Clean slate. Time to take stock and set goals for the New Year. If you’re like most people, taking care of your body and health are at the top of your list of New Year’s resolutions. Studies show that “lose weight” and “get fit” tend be the most popular resolutions every year. When it comes to your diet, here are three tips to follow to set yourself up for weight-loss success.  {Read more...}


"Here is the PCP crisis solution and it's simple."

As Congress and the new president consider the next steps with healthcare reform, they would do well to begin their deliberations around primary care.

There is a primary care crisis in the United States. We know it because patients only get 8-12 minutes with their primary care physician (PCP) who interrupts them within about 18 seconds and never fully listens to them. Patients are sent for tests, given a prescription or referred to the specialist even though the PCP could—with more time—have figured out the problem without a test, prescription or referral.

(Read more from this Medical Economics article here.)

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