March, 2020
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In here you find out about upcoming events, specials and great Tang Soo Do content. We encourage you to share this with your family and friends. If there are any items you would like to see in upcoming newsletters, please respond and we can do it. Thanks for taking your time and enjoy. 

Master Lopez-Hyland
Belt Promotion Exam
I am very proud to congratulate all those who passed their belt promotion exam:

Evan Welliver-Thomas – Cho Dan Bo (black belt candidate)
Mark Andan- Advanced red belt
Alexander Silva – Advanced red belt
Giovanni Castillo – Advanced red belt
Joseph Wiggs – Red belt
Christopher Dizon- Advanced brown belt
Kayla Caraballo – Brown belt
Briana Silva – Brown belt
April Myers – Green belt
Aden Ditico – Green belt
Xian Andan – Advanced orange belt
Kalisi Golian – Advanced orange belt
Alyssa Ditico – Advanced orange belt
Emiliano Gutierrez – Advanced orange belt
Isaiah Neff – Orange belt
Ava Lepage – Orange belt
Upcoming Events
Regional Black Belt Test and Championships
Date: May 1-3, 2020 in Seattle, WA 

The first deadline to register is March 15, 2020. After that, the registration fee goes up $10. This is open to all students 5 years to adult, white belt-black belt.
KICK-A-THON Fundraiser
Date: Saturday, May 9, 2020
Time: 10:00am - 12noon
Location: Our gym
773 E. Monte Vista Avenue
Vacaville, CA 95688

Last years fundraiser was for mirrors. We reached our goal and the mirrors were installed a few months ago. This years fundraiser is for equipment and an outdoor sign. Thank you all for your continued support.
World Championships
Date: July 15-19, 2020
Where: Greensboro NC

More details next newsletter.
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Introductory Offer
Includes 4 weeks of classes
plus a FREE uniform.

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Master Lopez-Hyland

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