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Congratulations, Erica!


Many individuals with developmental disabilities have the goal of getting a job that they love. This October, Erica, a Loveland student, was able to meet her goal and get a job she loves! 


"I'm so excited, and one of my favorite things about having a job is meeting new people," said Erica.


Erica, who is 26 years old, started working with Chris Meyer, Community Opportunities Program Manager, in May 2014 trying to find employment that fit her skills. She attended a couple of session of Loveland's job club and after a situational assessment at a cat shelter, she was offered a job. The job she was offered was not one that Erica loved, so she turned it down and chose to look for something else. With assistance from her job coach, Erica was able to find the perfect position on October 29 at T.J. Maxx.


Part of her responsibilities at her new position include: laying out clothes, pulling all of the plastic bags and packing materials off of each item, sorting and boxing hangers, and unboxing health and beauty items, among others.


"She likes her job and seems very focused while doing it," said Ms. Meyer, who coaches and supports Erica on the job and makes sure she meets all of her responsibilities.

Through job coaching by Loveland's support employment specialists, Erica has fulfilled her dream of having a job and it's one that she loves and enjoys.


"Our program also helps employers hire capable workers and make a positive impact on the community," said Meyer. "We offer support and guidance to help employers successfully integrate individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities into the workplace."


Job coaches from Loveland Center are in place to support participants from the initial stage of finding employment to the day they get hired, helping them become oriented to the new workplace and ensuring they are positioned for success. 



New Board Members


Loveland Center's Board of Directors welcomes two new members; Alison Liska and Robert (Bob) Lewandowski. 


Mrs. Liska brings an extensive wealth of knowledge from the financial industry, and currently serves as Controller for the Founders Club in Sarasota. She is the mother of an adult son with a developmental disability and also serves as Vice Chair of the Lovelanders. 


Mr. Lewandowski has had extensive experience in real estate development, and hails from Illinois. Prior to moving to Sarasota, he served on the Board of Directors for Envision, a nonprofit organization in Chicago dedicated to serving individuals with developmental disabilities. 



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