February 2019 | Volume 9 | Issue 2
Our Mission
Gathered by Christ. Growing in Faith. Sent to Serve. Empowered to Witness.

Resurrection welcomes all individuals regardless of race, sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, economic status, age, disability, or family make-up. Child of God, you are welcome here!
We are pleased to present the February edition of our monthly e-newsletter.
We hope this publication is an informative supplement to the information found
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"We love because he first loved us." - 1 John 4:19
Ziti With Your Sweetie

Join us on Sunday, February 10th for the inaugural "Ziti with Your Sweetie" dinner event, which will be held from 5:30pm - 8:00pm in Fellowship Hall.  This special event is a wonderful prelude to Valentine’s Day and is a fabulous opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones.  The Italian Bistro style dinner is sponsored by our Empowered to Witness team and will be hosted by our Resurrection Yardley Youth.  Tickets are $7.50/individual, $15/couple, or $20/family and proceeds benefit our Resurrection Youth Group.  Dinner reservations can be made for either 5:30 pm or 7:00 pm on the sheet on the ramp or at ticket tables on upcoming Sundays. Reservations can also be made through Sign up Genius at the link listed below. All are welcome, so we encourage you to invite your friends and neighbors!

Pastor's Note

 Dear Friends in Christ,

The preacher, Barbara Brown Taylor, tells this story: A baby was born at a small rural hospital in Georgia. The hospital chaplain noticed a crowd of people looking through the glass to the room where the tiny infant lay. She asked one of them about the child. She was told it was a girl, Elizabeth.

Then she found the young father leaning against a wall. She congratulated him on a beautiful baby. They could see Elizabeth through the glass, squirming, and red faced. She was so red-faced that the chaplain was concerned that the young father might think that something was the matter. She explained to the young man, “It’s good for babies to scream and do all that. It clears out their lungs and gets their voices going.”

The young father said, “Oh, I know she’s not sick.” Then he added, “But she’s mad as hell.” When he realized who he was talking to, the young man said, “Pardon me, Reverend.” The chaplain simply smiled and said, “ Why’s she mad?”

The father said, “Well, wouldn’t you be mad? One minute you’re with God in heaven and the next minute you’re in Georgia!”

The chaplain said, “You believe she was with God before she came here?”

The young father said, “Oh, yeah.”

The Chaplain said, “You think she’ll remember?”

This young father said, “Well, that’s up to her mother and me. It’s up to the church. We’ve got to see that she remembers, ‘cause if she forgets, she’s a goner.”

What a great story of encouragement to all of us, parents, church members, pastor, to remind the children in our midst that they (and we) are with God always. That God loves us when we are children, loves us when we are teenagers, loves us when we are adults, loves us when it is time for us to return to our heavenly home. 

During February, this month of love, share God’s love in Christ with all those you meet.  

Pastor Kristina
Sunday, February 3rd
10:00 AM One Service - Service of Holy Communion
11:00 AM Winter Congregational Meeting

Sunday, February 10th
8:00 AM Morning Glory - Service of Holy Communion
9:30 AM Contemporary Worship Service
9:30 AM - 10:00 AM FAITH ALIVE! Children of All Ages - Starting in Church & Ending in Fellowship Hall Classrooms
11:00 AM Classic Grace - Service of Holy Communion
Sunday, February 17th
8:00 AM Morning Glory - Service of Holy Communion
9:30 AM Contemporary Worship Service
with Children's Leadership
11:00 AM Classic Grace - Service of Holy Communion
Sunday, February 25th
8:00 AM Morning Glory - Service of Holy Communion
9:30 AM Contemporary Worship Service
9:30 AM - 10:00 AM FAITH ALIVE! Children of All Ages - Starting in Church & Ending in Fellowship Hall Classrooms
11:00 AM Classic Grace - Service of Holy Communion  

Please CLICK HERE  to view LCR's February Events Calendar.

Calling all youth - Ziti with Your Sweetie will be here before you know it and we need your help! On February 10th from 5:30pm - 8:00pm, the youth will be serving dinner at the Resurrection Italian Bistro! Volunteers are asked to wear your best black slacks/skirt and white top, brush your teeth and put on your Oscar winning smile! We are going to bring great food and God’s love to our dinner guests. Set-up begins at 3:00pm, with cleanup at 9:00pm. Sign up now on the Sign-up Genius link below. We need you...and, remember, the monies raised will support our youth ministry activities!

Our next Adult Bible Fellowship Meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 5th. Please plan to join us as we meet each Tuesday from 7:00pm - 8:15pm in the Resurrection Library.
Council is looking for 2 Delegates (one male and one female) to attend the Synod Assembly this May. Please see Pastor or Liz Young if you are interested.
Sonshiners' February Update

 The Sonshiners celebrated the New Year on January 1th0 with our traditional “Crazy Gift Swap” along with a delicious (as always) Pot Luck Lunch. We even enjoyed “Mock Champagne Punch” to toast in the New Year!  Fifteen people attended and had a grand time opening and swapping gifts. Certain ones were more popular and swapped more often than others, but generally we had a great selection. In fact, the gifts this year were quite impressive for a “White Elephant Swap!”

Our worship service at Pickering Manor Nursing Home was held on January 16th. Led by Clyde Beury, the other volunteers this month were Donna DiCesare, Kay McCorkle, Julie Scott, Bonnie Sheppard, and pianist Betty Berner. As always, the residents were happy to see us and enjoyed participating in the worship service. We are always happy to welcome more volunteers to join us in this rewarding ministry. Our next service at Pickering will be on Wednesday, February 20th at 10:30am. For more information about our nursing home visits, contact Betty Berner.

The Sonshiners’ next event will be on Thursday, February 14th at 12 noon.  We will have our usual Pot Luck Lunch at Noon followed by a presentation by Woody Woodward who will speak about his life in prison along with his journey of faith throughout this time. Woody is a member of LCR and the son of our Deacon Barbara Merritt. We are so pleased that he has agreed to share his experiences with us! Don’t miss this special event! Sign up at the church bulletin board if you are coming or contact Susan Fiscarelli at (215) 493-1168 or nfiscarelli@yahoo.com .  
Appreciation Brunch

On Sunday, January 27th, LCR hosted an Appreciation Brunch recognizing the efforts of our Property, Altar Guide and Hospitality Committees. All food was donated by the Council in appreciation of the teams being honored. We will continue to host events such as this throughout the year to recognize the hard work of the various teams that contribute to LCR's success. Many thanks to all who attended and especially those who serve!
Shared Meal News

Thank you to all who helped roast and freeze the turkeys planned for the January Shared Meal, which was cancelled due to severe weather prediction. We will use the meat at the February Shared Meal, taking place on Sunday February 18th. Set up will begin at 2:30 pm, with the meal served at 4:00pm. The menu will include turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls & dessert. A Sign- up sheet can be found on the bulletin board leading to fellowship hall. Please consider joining us to assist with serving, or helping to provide hospitality by joining our guests for dinner.  If you have any questions, please contact Diane Casey at dcasey16@comcast.net .

Finance Information Meetings

Last month, the congregation received LCR’s 2018 Annual Report. For those with questions or further explanation of the financial material included in the report, there will be an informational meeting held on Sunday, February 3rd at 9:00am. The meetings will be hosted by Ted Ebersole, Chairman of the LCR Finance Committee, and take place in LCR’s Finance Office (across the hall from the Library). You may also address email queries to Ted Ebersole at ted.ebersole@verizon.net .

DWSN Update

Plan to join our Disciples with Special Needs for a fun filled Mardi Gras themed Dance Party on Friday, February 15th from 7:00pm - 8:30pm in Fellowship Hall. The cost is $5 per person and light refreshments will be served. Please call (215) 493-2018 or email lcrdwsn@verizon.net if you plan to join us. See you there!
Missions Update
Your Missions Team is responsible for disbursing the Missions Budget Line from LCR's annual budget. In addition to Fifth Sunday Appeal Designations throughout the year, the team designated funds from the 2018 fiscal year be provided to the following organizations: Advocates for the Homeless and Those in Need, Good Shepherd Home, Interfaith Food Alliance, Irente, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, and The Welcome Church. Additionally, during fiscal year 2018 the Missions budget supported God's Work Our Hands Day, providing supplies for several projects, provided Giant gift cards to be available for Pastor Kristina's discretionary use and provided Giant gifts cards to Interfaith Food Alliance families for Easter and Thanksgiving. Please watch for 2019 Fifth Sunday Appeal opportunities to support nonprofit organizations who are doing God's work in our world.  If you have any questions, please contact Diane Casey at dcasey16@comcast.net .
IFA News

For the month of February, the Interfaith Food Alliance is collecting donations of various condiments such as mustard, mayo, ketchup, pickle relish, pickles, etc. Please leave your donations in the bin outside of the church office. Monetary donations can be made by clicking the link below. Your generosity is greatly appreciated by those in need!

For those interested in attending, the next IFA meeting will be on Thursday, February 7th at 7:00pm at Holy Trinity Church.        

A Mother’s Mutterings… By Christie Paton

When Daniel was in 6th grade, he joined the Ski Club at school.  This was so exciting!  For six weeks on Thursdays after school, they’d hop on the bus, head up to Shawnee, ski for 3 hours or so and then head home.  It was the first time Daniel had a little bit of independence – the kids were out on their own on the slopes.  Daniel had skied with us plenty of times, and now he was going to learn snowboarding, so he had to pay attention as to where the lessons where, keep track of money to buy snacks with, and be aware of the time so that he got back to the bus in time. We weren’t worried – he was (and still is) a good kid, very responsible.  I distinctly remember that first night they got back, at 10:30pm… all the kids stumbled off the bus, silently found their parents, and went home – they were exhausted.  
Megan was looking forward to ski club for 3 years.  She, too, wanted to take up snowboarding.  And so, she’s in 6th grade now, and she joined the ski club.  But sending her was not the same, at least for me. It was still a little exciting, but it was bittersweet too.  Now my little girl was growing up and having her own independence.  She was out there on the slopes with her friends, and buying a Gatorade afterwards for the ride home.  She wore a watch so that she could keep track of time.  And she’s responsible too.  But.  I don’t want her to grow up anymore.  I don’t want to let go.
And to add insult to (my) injury, then last night, my youngest child went to her first school dance.  Megan wore a pretty dress and sparkly heels.  I braided her hair and put on a little makeup. She had some friends over and they all went together, and from what I understand, they all had a fun time.  But that’s it; she won’t have a first dance again. And she’s only getting older.
Why oh why do kids have to grow up?  {sniff}

ALC Seeks Part-Time Administrator

Ascension Lutheran Church in Newton, PA is seeking a part-time church administrator. Essential functions of the role include providing administrative support to the pastor and congregational ministries, managing internal and external church communications, preparing weekly worship bulletins, and supporting the basic operational needs of the church. Experience with Microsoft Office Suite is necessary; experience with QuickBooks, Constant Contact, and Adobe Creative Studio is desirable. Compensation commensurate with experience and skills. Interested candidates are asked to send a resume to  pastorjuliealc@gmail.com .