March 2019 | Volume 9 | Issue 3
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Gathered by Christ. Growing in Faith. Sent to Serve. Empowered to Witness.

Resurrection welcomes all individuals regardless of race, sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, economic status, age, disability, or family make-up. Child of God, you are welcome here!
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Pastor's Note

 Dear Friends in Christ,

As we walk the way of the cross with our Savior this Lent, how amazing it is to remember once again that Jesus died to forgive OUR sins and the sins of the world!

We don’t talk much about sin these days. And yet, to appreciate our Savior’s sacrifice, we would do well to understand just how blessed we are to be forgiven our sin.  So, here are some thoughts on sin.

In the Middle Ages, a group of monks and nuns sought to love God with all their hearts, all their souls, and all their minds. In order to do this, they reasoned, they first needed to know the Word of God. They needed to let the Scriptures become a part of their breathing, for it was through the Word that God was revealed.

Their search did not stop with study of God’s Word, for they not only wanted to be aware of that which drew them to God, they wanted to know the enemy, that which drew them away from God. They felt compelled to understand sin in its most concrete form.

In order to be specific and to provide confessors a catalog of sins so they could identify their sin, these monastics began to compile a list of what they called “the deadly enemy.” These sins were deadly not because they were the gravest, but because they were originating sins. They believed that ALL other sins are generated out of these seven sins, (pride, envy, anger, sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust). From sloth comes malice, rancor, cowardice, and despair. Anger leads to murder, arson, cruelty and vindictiveness. Out of greed comes theft and blackmail. And from pride, the root of all evil, comes boasting, arrogance, and hypocrisy, as well as the other six sins.

In A.D. 415 John Cassian, a monk who is considered a saint in the Episcopal Church still today, brought the monastic movement to Gaul (present day Marseilles in France) from Egypt and introduced the notion of the deadly sins to the Western church. Cassian, like his predecessors, sought to understand sin because of its destructive nature.

It was Pope Gregory (590-604) who gave the Seven Deadly Sins their present form. Like his predecessors, Gregory’s intent was to provide a specific list of sins to assist spiritual warriors who wanted to fight the enemy.

Like the early monastics, the more we experience God’s grace, the more we want to eliminate anything that alienates us from God and each other. We want to understand the enemy. We identify and name sin, not with a malicious pleasure, but in the great hope that God’s Spirit will use our knowledge for the joyous process that begins with confession and ends with reconciliation to our neighbor and to God.

When viewed from the goal of absolution, facing sin is not a bleak experience. Repentance is not a matter of giving up the pleasurable things of life, but rather a turning from old sinful ways that leads to God. Confession, which may include a painful inventory, ultimately leads to wholeness and health. Remember the promise, “If we confess our sins, God who is faithful and just will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (I John 1:8-9).
Pastor Kristina
Sunday, March 10th
8:00 AM Morning Glory - Service of Holy Communion
9:30 AM Contemporary Worship Service with Service of Holy Communion
9:30 AM - 10:00 AM FAITH ALIVE! Children of All Ages - Starting in Church & Ending in Fellowship Hall Classrooms
11:00 AM Classic Grace - Service of Holy Communion
Sunday, March 17th
8:00 AM Morning Glory - Service of Holy Communion
9:30 AM Contemporary Worship Service with Service of Holy Communion and Children's Leadership
11:00 AM Classic Grace - Service of Holy Communion
Sunday, March 24th
8:00 AM Morning Glory - Service of Holy Communion
9:30 AM Contemporary Worship Service with Service of Holy Communion
9:30 AM - 10:00 AM FAITH ALIVE! Children of All Ages - Starting in Church & Ending in Fellowship Hall Classrooms
11:00 AM Classic Grace - Service of Holy Communion  

Sunday, March 31st
10:00 AM Single Service with Service of Holy Communion and Appreciation Reception to follow

Please CLICK HERE  to view LCR's March Events Calendar.
Mark your calendar and plan to join us for fellowship and bowling on Sunday, March 31st at Curtis Lanes, located at 45 Scotch Lane in Ewing, NJ. Bowling begins at 6:00pm with carpool leaving from LCR at 5:30pm. Please contact Ruth DiDonato with any questions. 
LCR is collecting newspapers and chicken wire (approximately 12 feet) for a Youth Group Project. Please leave these items in the box located just outside Pastor Kristina's office. Thanks to all!
Join us for Adult Bible Fellowship on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am and Wednesday mornings at 9:00am led by Clyde Beury or Tuesdays at 7:00pm led by Mike Reynolds (Resumes March 12th).
A second session for Acolyte Training will take place on Sunday, March 17th, immediately after the 11:00am service. Please use the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board if you plan to attend.
Help us to let our congregation members, friends and family know that LCR cares! Please be sure to sign the cards that are located in the narthex each Sunday.  You can also sign-up on the sheet to add someone to the list who needs some extra prayers, congratulations or healing thoughts sent their way.
Youth and Parents are invited to a special screening of From Liberty to Captivity - a film by Debbie Wright. This documentary film explores the history of slavery and current issue of sex trafficking in PA through stories of victims and survivors. Anyone under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or have a permission slip signed by a parent. The screening will take place on Sunday, March 10th at 1:00pm in the Fellowship Hall of Morrisville Presbyterian Church. There will be a de-briefing meeting at LCR after the film.
A Lenten Message from Bishop Patricia Davenport
Greetings, Beloved.

As I ponder my Lenten journey, I was thinking it’s not as much about giving up as it is an invitation to give ourselves over to the love of God; to be aware of our blessings, and our call to share those blessings. In that sense it is a call to action, to recommit to bringing healing and restoration to our communities.

The Lenten season is also an invitation to connect more closely with the triune God so that we all — young, old, men, women, gay, straight, clergy, lay — yes, Beloved, each of us can dream God’s dreams. God has loved us. We will love each other.

Pray with me:

Good and gracious God, bless your children over the next forty days that we might see you more clearly. Speak, Lord, that we might hear your voice over the chatter of the world. Stir your Holy Spirit within our hearts that we might be drawn into a deeper relationship with you that leads to a deeper relationship with others. Use us to your glory, that the Kingdom might be a little bit stronger because of how we serve you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

In Christ,
Patricia A. Davenport

Watch this message at

Celebrate the Savior
A Schedule for Lent, Holy Week & Easter Services at LCR

Wednesday Lenten Soup Suppers/Worship Services 3/13 - 4/10 6:00pm/7:00pm (See details in article)

Appreciation Sunday 3/31 - Single Service 10:00am
Luncheon to Follow

Palm Sunday 4/14 - Single Service with Drama 10:00am

Maundy Thursday 4/18 -   Stripping of the Altar & First Holy Communion for Dean Austin, Gabby Capaldi, Emily Loffredo, Neil Lovina and Ella Woodward

Good Friday 4/19 - Continuous Readings of The Passion 12:00pm - 3:00pm (See details in article below) & Tenebrae Service with Incarnation Episcopal, UMC Morrisville, Presbyterian Church of Morrisville 7:00pm

Easter Sunday 4/21 - 9:00am (Arise!) and 11:00am (Traditional) Services featuring Choir, Brass and Liturgical Dance by James Elwell, Julia Capaldi and Tayshaun Peters
Breakfast 9:00am - 11:00am

Sonshiners' March Update

 Twenty-eight people were present at our special event on Thursday, February 14th when we were privileged to welcome Woody Woodward as our guest speaker.  After our usual delicious Pot Luck Lunch, Woody presented a fascinating account of “His Faith Journey from Prison Life to Freedom.” He held us spellbound as he spoke of his many experiences of life in prison along with his journey of faith throughout this time. Most of us struggled with our emotions as we listened to his descriptions of the people and problems he encountered while imprisoned. We are truly appreciative of his willingness to share his story with us. We commend him for how, after his many struggles throughout his years in prison, he was able, with the help of God, to make good choices and find his way to freedom.  Woody is a member of LCR and the son of our Deacon Barbara Merritt and her husband, Hank. 
The worship service at Pickering Manor scheduled for February 20th was cancelled because of the winter storm prediction. Our next service will be on Wednesday, March 20th at 10:30am. Please join us if you can. Pickering is located at 228 North Lincoln Avenue in Newtown. For more information about our nursing home visits, please contact Betty Berner.
We invite you to our next event at church on Thursday, March 14th. We will begin at 12 noon with our usual Pot Luck Lunch which will be followed by The Senior’s Theater Production of “A Life of My Own: Meeting Eleanor Roosevelt.” Actress Linda Kenyon, of Solebury, PA will illuminate for us the fascinating life of Eleanor Roosevelt. Hear of her journey from a shy and awkward child to her life and work as a humanitarian and inspiration to all people as she helped to make our country and world a better place. The cost for this event is $10 per person with payment at the door. Please sign up at the church bulletin board to let us know if you are coming and what you will bring for Pot Luck – or contact Susan Fiscarelli via email at or (215) 493-1168.

Thank you from the
Interfaith Food Alliance

As a founding partner faith community, LCR has long supported the Interfaith Food Alliance, and we would like to say THANK YOU for that tremendous support and your partnership in our ministry. We couldn’t do what we do without you and we are grateful for your generous ongoing donations of our “highlighted item of the month”, other canned and dry goods, and most recently a financial donation from LCR’s Missions Team budget. We have grown from our inception in 2014 and are now serving over 200 children of the Morrisville School District, and their families, by providing access to a supplemental food source in The Family Backpack Food Center. Families are invited to “shop” (at no cost to them) for the items they most need two of the four days we are open each month. In 2018, over 30,000 lbs. of food was shared in the community. The pantry stocks not only canned/dry goods, but also fresh meat, produce, bread, dairy items and necessary items which cannot be purchased with SNAP benefits such as cleaning products, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, diapers, feminine hygiene products etc. It is ONLY because of the generosity of our partner faith communities, businesses and individuals that we can do what we do. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, as do the families we serve.
IFA March Donations

For the month of March, the Interfaith Food Alliance is collecting donations of crackers of all varieties. Please leave your donations in the gray bin in front of the church office. Monetary donations can be made by clicking the link below. Your generosity is greatly appreciated by those in need!

For those interested in attending, the next IFA meeting will be on Thursday, March 14th at 7:00pm at LCR. Please visit us at and be sure to “like” us on Facebook.       
Ziti With Your Sweetie
Sunday, February 10th went beyond the ordinary at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection. It opened like any other Sunday with our slate of services, Sunday School, and other Sunday sundries. Then, as worshipers dispersed toward their afternoon routines a crew of youth and adults lingered and launched a makeover of Fellowship Hall into an Italian Bistro. A litany of card tables from shadowy corners of members’ homes – each with their own stories to tell – were deployed throughout the room and adorned with snow white tablecloths. Ornamental white lights were strewn about and an assemblage of decorative plants were relocated from all corners of the building into the budding Bistro. Place settings were properly positioned, tapered candles were tapped into wine bottles, and viola . . . we were waiting to welcome the patrons.

A momentary mid-afternoon respite gave way to enticing aroma as aluminum sheathing was peeled away from trays of zesty ziti being zipped into the kitchen by a dozen giving souls. This was complimented by crackling and crunching of fresh salads being prepared and the fresco fizzing of sparkling cider. Black and white wardrobe was the order of the day for the youth staff. At precisely 5:30 pm the bombastically grandiloquent hosts, “Franco and Giuseppe”, welcomed an eager and energetically expectant crowd into the bustling Bistro. The enthusiastic freshly minted youth staff managed to successfully serve two seating’s totaling an astonishing 124 diners who feasted on sumptuous servings of ziti and shared smiles of satisfaction, punctuated by delectable desserts of brownies and cupcakes.

It takes only two chopsticks to pick up a piece of candy, but it takes well over a dozen energetic and passionate Christians to pull off Ziti with Your Sweetie. The teamwork, fellowship, and the joy of shared accomplishment and dining delight pegged the “Barn-raising meter” at 100%. The best part is that invited special guests comprised more than 10% of the clientele. Key organizers included Jens Rosmus, Kathy Fitchett, Tim and Cathleen Moxham, and Pastor Kristina and Tors Ahlman. The organizers wish to thank all those who volunteered for setup and cleanup and donated food or supplies, the Youth group and many of their parents, and also the patrons who partook in this surprisingly successful endeavor, which was initially proposed by Pastor Kristina as one offering from the Empowered to Witness Team. Net proceeds will benefit upcoming Youth events. We are not sure if we can deliver an adequate encore to this inaugural experience, but who knows . . . maybe we’ll try.
Shared Meal News

LCR’s Shared Meal for those experiencing homelessness and/or food insecurity last month was another great success! Turkey dinner with all the delicious side dishes was appreciated by our 50+ guests. Thank you to all who helped, including some exchange students from China!

Please join us for our March Shared Meal with our community neighbors on Sunday, March 17th. The menu will include Baked Ziti, Meatballs, Garden Salad, Rolls/Bread and Dessert. Set up will begin at 2:30pm and the meal will be served at 4:00pm. You have an opportunity to help by providing a dish, setting up, serving, cleaning up or providing hospitality and joining our guests for dinner. A sign-up sheet can be found on the bulletin board, but feel free to drop in if you find you are available at the last minute! We are partnering with the Disciples with Special Needs ministry this month as they are helping by providing some of our desserts, as well as the Outreach and Youth ministries as they have shared previously prepared ziti.  If you have any questions, please contact Diane Casey at . We h ope to see you there!

Family Promise of Lower Bucks
to Re-Open

It has been a long time coming, but Family Promise of Lower Bucks (FPLB) is ready to re-open its doors to Lower Bucks families experiencing homelessness. The re-opening date is Sunday, March 17th. Lutheran Church of the Resurrection has been paired as a support church for Yardley United Methodist Church, and we will be hosting opening week from March 17th - 24th. Please contact Kathy Fitchett via email at if you would like more information on how to become an Family Promise volunteer . We ask for your continued prayers for Family Promise in the weeks and months ahead. 
Clothing Donations Needed

LCR is currently collecting donations of gently used, seasonal clothing. We are also accepting blankets, waterproof boots, and sneakers now for the change over of weather in the next few months. Food items such as tuna, soups, soft cereal bars, and bottled water are also needed. If there are any questions, contact Barbara or Hank Merritt at or . Donations can be dropped off in the clothing room located off of fellowship hall.  
Missions Update
Mission Team Meeting
LCR’S Mission Team is a fun group who meet quarterly to discuss ways that we can reach out to our neighbors both around the corner and around the globe, serving as Christ's hands and feet in the world. Please consider joining us at our next meeting, taking placein LCR's library on Thursday, March 21st at 7:00pm. If you have any questions, please contact Diane Casey at . We hope to see you there! 

Fifth Sunday Appeal
The Lutheran Disaster Response has been selected as the recipient of March’s 5th Sunday Appeal. Lutheran Disaster Response was chosen so that LCR could help in their continued efforts to aid the people affected by various disasters that have occurred in the U.S. and worldwide. On March 10th, Julia Menzo, a local representative of LDR, will be at LCR for all 3 services to give us an overview of Lutheran Disaster Response and their role in aiding those affected by these disasters.

Bunny Baskets
Your LCR Mission Team is sponsoring an opportunity for service on Sunday, April 14th and we hope you will join us! Immediately following the single 10:00am service that day, we will be assembling “Bunny Baskets” for the children residing at Libertae. Baskets, plastic eggs, grass and cellophane will be provided through the team’s budget, however we are asking for your help not only with assembly, but also by providing candy and small toys. (coloring books, crayons, small puzzles, bubbles, small stuffed animals, journals/pens, small cars, trucks etc.) The Dollar Store has a wonderful selection of appropriate items. All ages are welcome and encouraged to join us for the assembly! Please place your donation in the box marked Bunny Baskets in the narthex (lobby area) of the church.

 Wednesday Lenten Services

Plan to attend our weekly Lenten Soup Supper and Worship Services each Wednesday from March 13th to April 10th. The Soup Supper will begin at 6:00pm with The Vajda Hymn Service (a simple sung service) to follow at 7:00pm. Services will be hosted as follows:

March 13th - Barbara Merritt - Faithfulness/ Gathered by Christ
March 20th - Nellie Plumber - Gentleness/ Growing in Faith
March 27th - Clyde Beury - Kindness/ Sent to Serve
April 3rd - Cheryl Varga - Joy/ Empowered to Witness
April 10th - Mike Reynolds - Patience & Forbearance/ Called to Support
Sign-up on the bulletin board to help provide soup, salad or bread.                
DWSN March Update

Fun was had by all at the Disciples with Special Needs Mardi Gras themed Dance Party held on Friday, February 15th. The group decorated masks, wore beads, ate King Cake and other snacks, danced and sang!

Please join us for our March event being held on Friday, March 15th from 7:00pm - 8:30pm at LCR. We will be decorating cupcakes and cookies that will be enjoyed by those attending our next Shared Meal scheduled for Sunday, March 17th. The cost for the event is $5 per person. Refreshments will be served. Please call (215) 493-2018 or email if you plan to join us. We hope to see you there!
Merciful Mondays

Did you know that Monday nights are “Support and Care” nights at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection? Each Monday, from 7:00-8:30pm in the Library, we discuss a different life topic in this private closed setting. We encourage you to invite a friend who may need to share their story. Upcoming topics include the following:

March 11th - Caregiving
March 18th - Caregiving
March 25th - Pain

Don’t forget to visit our “Merciful Monday Support and Care” corner next to the mailboxes at church. There’s a lot of information for the taking. Please contact Barbara Merritt at (215) 519-7499 with any questions or if you have a suggestion for a future topic.

A Mother’s Mutterings… By Christie Paton

Teenagers… Kids These Days, Well They’re Alright…
(*Eddie’s name used with parent permission)
So the stereotypical teenager today, right?  Always on their phones.  They know all the answers.  More sarcastic than I am.  One-word replies.  Seemingly no interest in anything.  I mean, unless it’s Xbox.  Or their phones. Selfies. Monosyllabic. Withdrawn.  Un/non-communicative.  Snarky.  Always right. Social media.  Unwilling to listen.  “How’s school?”  “Fine.”  Roll eyes.
I’m not here to necessarily disagree with all that. 
But.  It’s not  all  that.
A couple Sundays ago in church, we were at the prayers, and as usual, Pastor Kristina asked for prayer requests.  Teen Eddie in the back of the church asked for prayers for his friend J because J’s father had passed away suddenly a few days previously.  Oh… no… how awful.  At that point, Daniel (who, let’s be real, wasn’t sitting right next to me, but like a the 15-year old he is, was halfway down the pew) slid down next to me and said, “That’s my friend too.  That’s N’s dad.”  Daniel knew N not only as a friend, but also as a soccer teammate on the high school team. I didn’t know what to say.
I guess one of the good things about social media is how fast news can travel and lots of friends knew the situation.  I asked Daniel if he had reached out to N and he said he had texted him and told me of the conversation they had.  In their teenager ways and words, they connected and Daniel extended his condolences and made it clear he was there for N.  
I was proud of him, and actually a little impressed.  He knew just what to say and had said it without me or anyone else telling him to do so. I’m willing to bet that no one told Eddie to raise up that family in prayer during church either.
Later that week, Daniel and I took a walk through the woods.  By this time, the news and relevant viewing and funeral information had filtered through the Soccer Moms network and I asked if Daniel thought he would go to the viewing.  He said he really hadn’t known N’s dad, and that’s when I explained that in this situation, he would be going to support N.  Daniel said he’d ask around, knowing a few other kids who were close to N from soccer and wrestling.  In the end, I did take him to the viewing, which I thought might be a difficult experience.  Daniel handled it well, dressing “up” as much as was usual for him, in a polo and nice pants. He wore his Pennsbury Soccer jacket, because that’s his connection with N.  At the viewing we saw other groups of kids, some in wrestling jackets, who had come out in support of N and his brother.  Once again, I was impressed with how maturely Daniel handled everything and how he knew just what level of comfort N was looking for.  It was clear that N really appreciated Daniel being there. 
Through the whole experience, I feel like some kind of compassion instinct kicked in and Daniel somehow knew what to do.  And how to act appropriately.  How mature. And how un-like a teenager.
Through email, I talked with Jenna, Eddie’s mom.  She had taken Eddie to the viewing as well as the service on Saturday.  The entire hockey team attended dressed in their jerseys to support their teammate and friend J.  The team gathered around J, hugging and shedding some tears.  Jenna was similarly impressed, musing, “I wasn’t sure if this was the same group of boys I usually see acting like typical teenagers.”
So, first of all, kudos to the church for making it a safe environment for people to feel comfortable speaking up about prayer concerns that they have.  I know it’s a much different time now, but I would NEVER have said anything when I was Daniel’s and Eddie’s age.  And kudos to the kids who speak up in church, and who message their friends with compassion and somehow instinctively know what to do in a difficult situation.
And while we remember to give prayers of thanks for these thoughtful teens, please also remember N and J and their family in your prayers, as they begin to learn to live after losing such a loved one. 
And all these teenagers nowadays?  Well, when it  really  matters, they’re alright.

Good Friday Readings

All are welcome on Good Friday, April 19th, when LCR presents continuous readings of The Passion from 12:00pm to 3:00pm. Join us at any time during those hours to hear the word of our Lord and support our readers. Find a time that works for you personally to come, sit and listen for awhile or if you would like to participate, we encourage you to sign up for a 15 minute reading slot. A sign-up sheet for readerscan be found on the bulletin board going down to fellowship hall.
Ceiling Renovations

We are pleased to share the before and after photos of the recent ceiling renovations completed at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection! Special thanks to Mike Casey, Tim Clinton , Bob Heitman, Tors Ahlman, Woody Woodward , Nicola Fiscarelli and Ted Ebersole for their hard work. Their continued dedication and efforts to improve and maintain our church home are greatly appreciated.
LCR Book Group
The following is a listing of meeting dates, book titles, authors and hostesses for LCR’s Book Group. If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please contact the church office at (215) 493-2018.
March 31st - Book: Factfullness
Author: Hans Rosling
Hostess: Trish Davis

April 28th - Book: Becoming
Author: Michelle Obama
Hostess: Bernadette Beury

May 19th - Book: Abundance
Author: John Randolph Price
Hostess: Liz Young

June 30th - Book: The Amish Midwife
Author: Mindy Starns Clark, Hannah Schrock and Patricia Davids
Hostess: Marilyn Davis

September 19th - Book: The Weight of Ink
Author: Rachel Kadish
Hostess: TBD

October 27th - Book: Bridge of Clay
Author: Markus Zusak
Hostess: TBD