M ental H ealth A merica
in Sheboygan County (MHA)

June & July
Hello Friends,

I hope this eblast, aka electronic newsletter, finds you well during these hot summer days.  The changing of seasons has also brought with it to MHA new staff and program growth.  Both reflective of our continued efforts to adapt our services to community needs and promote good mental health around new initiatives!  

I am grateful for the two very skilled and passionate mental health champions who have joined our team.  Learn more about Joanna and Trisha on the righthand sidebar and I look forward to introducing them both at upcoming meetings and events to all our friends, partners, donors, and clients of MHA!  

I also want to draw attention to our upcoming There is Hope Walk, an important local event for suicide awareness and prevention.  This year it lands on World Suicide Prevention Day and closes National Suicide Prevention week.  Note below: our registration is now open, so please don't wait a moment longer to commit to attending and supporting mental health in our community! 

Also, please note a new section in our eblast titled:   MHA Wish List, found on the righthand sidebar. We will try to actively share our needs including tangible items as well as volunteer opportunities when they arise.  We appreciate all the support we receive and have a greater impact because of our volunteers and donors.   Thanks!

In close, at MHA we continue to strive to be an organization that provides high quality mental health education, increases access to care, and offers unique recovery/support services for our community.  Stay tuned in the months ahead as we will begin to share more on our expanding education program with a focus area around mindfulness, as well as new and improved ways to access information, assistance, and care.  Much more to come!

With gratitude,

Kate S. Baer, M.A
Executive Director
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~ There is Hope Registration Now Open ~ 
Don't Miss the Early Bird Pricing

On the morning of Saturday September 10th, World Suicide Prevention Day, you are in invited to join hundreds of local mental health champions at our 11th annual There is Hope Walk for Suicide Awareness and Prevention event. 

This event is powerful. It supports those who have experienced the real and tragic loss of a loved one to suicide while uplifting attendees to know that we can make a difference.  It supports programmatic efforts by MHA to help promote mental health and prevent suicide all year long with 100% of proceeds going to MHA's programming for Education, Access to Care, and Recovery/Support services for mental health.  The event is also an opportunity for those who face or have faced mental health struggles to support one another and feel the support from our community.

More information, including how to get involved as a donor, can be found at our event landing page on our website.

Special thanks to ACUITY, 
overall event sponsor for the 2016  There is Hope Walk.   

Thanks & Gratitude 

The Sheboygan County Association for Home and Community Education (HCE) is a non-profit, educational, and service organization.  This past spring, the women from HCE graciously collected and donated items for our friends of Open Door (such as socks, hygiene products, notecards, clothes, etc).

In addition, one of the clubs provided a luncheon for Open Door friends!  Around 50 friends gathered to dine together on the most delicious sandwiches, sides, and desserts!  YUM!  Everyone was so grateful for a uniting home cooked meal!
 Pictured below: 
(Top) HCE Club Members preparing the meal
(Below, L-R) MHA Staff:   Tracy Krause, Inga Rozite-Escalera, Kate Baer, and Joanna Brandt

MHA Education Scholarship Winner

The 2016 MHA Education Scholarship was presented to Abbigail Wagaman of South High School by MHA board member Wendy Yurk. 
The $500 scholarship offered by Mental Health America is intended for a high school senior that plans to pursue a career in a field related to mental health. The group of applicants for this year's scholarship plan to seek degrees in social work, nursing, psychology, and art therapy, to name a few. Mental Health America knows the importance of providing resources to those who are struggling with mental illness, but also recognizes the importance of promoting good mental health. When healthy behaviors are promoted, prevention of illnesses can occur and people are able to live life to the fullest. This year's scholarship recipient was both outstanding in areas of volunteerism and leadership in her community.  Her essay showed personal passion to make a difference, specifically in the medical field, and we wish her the best.  
Congratulations Abbigail!  
Thank you for choosing to make difference! 

Upcoming Community Events

Garden Remembrances - A Path to Healing from Life's Losses - Thursday July 7
Join in an evening of hands-on therapeutic stations in the beautiful gardens at the Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice Center.  Drop in between 4:00-7:00pm to experience enjoyable and healthy ways to cope with any kind of loss, and find what works for you. Learn about resources in your community to share with others in need.  MHA will also have a booth on hand with information on our two grief groups (Compassionate Parents & Suicide Loss Support Group) as well as other grief resources. 

ACUITY Health Run - Saturday July 16
This is a 5K or 2 Mile Run (timed) and a 5K or 2 Mile Walk (untimed). 100% of the proceed will be used to benefit Sheboygan County Emergency Pediatrics.  A  Health Village highlighting the best in Health and Wellness vendors will be on site on event day displaying and selling their products and providing demonstrations. You can proudly find MHA at this event sharing mental health resources!

Disability Pride Day - Wednesday August 10
During the Farmer's Market, the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) will be leading  Disability  Pride Fest at Fountain Park, Sheboygan.  Join for entertainment, crafts for sale, resources, and information!  MHA will be present with crafts created by friends of Open Door to raise funds for Open Door programming.  Questions can be directed to ADRC at 920-467-4100.

Directory of Community Resources 

MHA's 2016 Directory of Community Resources is still coming soon!  We are anticipating a July 2016 publication release date if all things run smoothly!  Stay tuned!

Questions can be directed to Jessica Miner, our Mental Health Resource Specialist, at

Click here to be directed to our NEW Substance Use Treatment And Recovery Options Step by Step Guide for Sheboygan County.  This guide will also be included in our comprehensive Directory of Community Resources. 

Crisis Information & Emotional Support
24/7 Sheboygan County Mental Health 
Mobile Crisis
Please do not hesitate to call Sheboygan County Mobile Crisis if you or a loved one is having a mental health emergency and live in Sheboygan County.  

24/7 National Suicide Lifeline
1-877-273-TALK (8255)

Statewide Emotional Support Text Line 
Text HOPELINE to 741741
HOPELINE is the first Emotional Support Text Line in the State of Wisconsin and provides service throughout the entire state for help and hope.  HOPELINE's purpose is to offer emotional support and resources before situations rise to crisis level. Texts received reflect struggles with breakups, job loss, bullying, LGBTQ issues, parental issues, school, friends, relationship issues or any struggle a person is experiencing.

Solstice Warmline
A non-clinical warmline service answered by people who have lived experience of mental health and/or substance use issues and are trained to support people during tough times.  This program is operated by the Solstice House, a Peer Run Respite program in Madison, WI.
Hours of Operation 
Mon-Fri:  4pm-10pm
Saturday & Sun:  2pm-10pm

You are not alone.  Treatment works.  Recovery is possible. 
Spotlight On... 

New Staff 
 Join MHA!

We are proud to announce two new staff  members who recently joined the MHA team this June.

  Trisha Schelk is our new Youth Educator.  Trisha has a background in social work, most recently working to support children with autism and their families.  Trisha was born and raised in Sheboygan and lives in Sheboygan Falls with her fiancĂ© and two fur babies, Madison and Pig.  Trisha's experience working in the classroom and belief in the benefits of mindfulness for your mental health make her a great fit for taking the lead in implementation of our new Mindfulness Curriculum for youth.  Trisha enjoys spending time with family, friends, her dogs, and reading as often as she can. She is also an avid concert goer and music lover. 

Joanna Brandt  is our newest Peer Specialist.  Joanna recently graduated with her Bachelor's in Psychology and went from MHA intern to MHA staff member! Joanna loves spending time with her husband, Ryan, step-daughter, Adina (10) , and son Rudie (3).   Her main job duties will consist of working at the Open Door program, MHA's Peer Support Recovery and Drop in Center for adults with mental illness.  She is a passionate mental health champion, who through her nonjudgemental approach helps make Open Door the community of friends supporting wellness and recovery that it is.  Not only is her family a vital part of how she maintains her mental health, she also loves loves to loom knit and write loom knit patterns, making hats, socks, scarves, blankets and exploring new ideas and coming up with new creations.
* * *
Learn more about Trisha, Joanna, and the entire MHA team  here.  

MHA Wish List
Can you help us?
MHA is in need of:

Socks (Mens)*
Clothing (Mens)*
Drinking Straws
Bus Passes
Cordless Phone

Volunteer Needs Include:
There is Hope
Flyer Distribution 
(one-time service)
Individual to drop off Open Door's Soda Cans every two weeks to recycle and collect $$ to be used for programming
(on-going service)

Mascot Costume wearing for upcoming events.
(one-time or on-going service)

If you or someone you know can help, please don't hesitate to contact us at 458-3951 or

*Open Door has a ' Clothing Closet ' managed by our Peer Specialists.  Inventory is collected by generous community donations (both individuals and
groups).  Questions specific to the Clothing Closet, please call Open Door at 920-783-6801 or email .

2016 MHA 
Board of Directors

George Limbeck

Vice President
Tracy Brinkman
Rich Wassink

Jerry Gartner

Board Members
Elizabeth Abler
Dr. Thomas Campbell
Bernie Nowicki
Adam Norlander
Mary Paluchniak
Rebecca Rupnick
Jonathan Tyler
Tina Videtic
Fr. Matthew Widder
Wendy Yurk

Mental Health Champions Wanted

Are you interested in joining MHA's team in a leadership role?  MHA is currently seeking qualified board of directors for the next 3-year term (2017-2019).  You can find the volunteer board member job description and application on our website here (scroll past staff pictures).  

We are currenlty looking for skilled board members in marketing, human resources, business, and law, but encourage all interested applicants in applying. 

Questions can be directed to Kate Baer, Executive Director, at 920-458-3951 or 

MHA Staff

Executive Director
Kate Baer, M.A.

Youth Educator
Trisha Schelk

Mental Health Resource Specialist
Jessica Miner

Administrative Assistant
Inga Rozite-Escalera

Peer Specialist
Joanna Brandt

Peer Specialist

Michele Williamson

Peer Specialist
Tracy Krause

Peer Specialist
Rebecca Gross-Schuette

915 N. 7th Street
Sheboygan, WI 53081
(920) 458-3951
Monday - Thursday 
8am - 4pm
Friday, Saturday, Weeknights   
by appointment. 

Open Door
817 N. 8th Street
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(920) 783-6801
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 
9am - 5pm

Check out the online calendar of  Open Door for activities during and outside drop-in hours.

Visit our online events page to learn about MHA education events and support groups meetings.

Partner Agency  
United Way of 
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