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MSSC Certified Production Technician (CPT) helps returning citizens secure jobs and saves tax dollars
MSSC "Pre-Release" programs are offering its CPT training and testing in both the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and state correctional programs. Now totaling 12 CPT programs (4 BOP and 8 State DOC), and growing every month, data from re-entering "certificants" is showing enormously impressive results.
For instance, MSSC recently received outcome data from a partner program with: Kansas Department of Commerce; Kansas Workforce Center; Topeka Correctional Facility; and the Washburn University/Washburn Institute of Technology. The  184 person/student program participation has been outstanding with 986 earning industry recognized credentials (including 508 full CPT credentials).

Since March 31, 2016, 70 of these students have been released from the facility of which 60% have found gainful employment.  Most importantly, only 8 are known to have been rearrested and returned to incarceration. This documents a recidivism rate of only 12% when the national average of 76.6%.  
Please click here for the complete Neil Reddy MSSC "Pre-Release" Programs article.

MSSC honored with "Recognition of Innovation Award" by GPS Education Partners in WI
Last week, GPS Education Partners in Wisconsin, presented the Recognition of Innovation award to Neil Reddy, Executive Director of MSSC. This distinguished award represents MSSC's exceptional leadership, progressive ideas, and ingenuity which help meet the needs of the business community while empowering and inspiring young people to reach their full potential.
MSSC has been a close partner for several years with GPS, the nation's most successful apprenticeship program for high schoolers that embeds MSSC CPT. Stephanie Borowski, President/CEO at GPS Partners share that, "Neil and his team have helped us implement and integrate MSSC Certified Production Technician credentials within our GPS curriculum so that it aligns with the needs of industry - and so our students are prepared and employable upon graduation. The fact that our high school students are earning this credential at such a young age is beyond impressive. It sets them apart from other individuals applying for manufacturing positions and advances their career opportunities.
"Not only has Neil offered GPS counsel and assistance with MSSC time after time, but their efforts go far beyond our organization: they have been at the forefront of conversations around the country that address the growing need for aligned credentials and certifications in manufacturing."

High MSSC success rates at Ivy Tech in Indiana 
According to Sherm Johnson, Executive Director at Corporate College, Ivy Tech in Indiana, the manufacturing skills gap is a national challenge that is felt with special force in Indiana. Manufacturing comprises 30% of Indiana's GDP (the highest in the nation). Because of this high manufacturing density there is significant emphasis placed on developing the Indiana manufacturing talent pipeline. 

In an effort to assure that students are, in fact, earning high value credentials such as the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) Certified Production Technician (CPT) as well as the credentials for each of CPT's four modules (Safety, Quality, Manufacturing Processes, and Maintenance Awareness) Ivy Tech Community College uses on-line course content provided by MSSC.
Ivy Tech has experienced an 80% pass rate for students using MSSC courses and completing MSSC assessments. This includes students taking MSSC-related courses on either the Academic side of the college where MSSC is embedded into two Advanced Manufacturing classes (six credit hours) and then places the student on an Industrial Technology career pathway or in MSSC courses offered by the business-driven Ivy Tech Corporate College. Students earning their CPT via Corporate College can cross walk the national certification into six Academic credit hours.
Please click here to view the full  NCCET  article written by Mr. Johnson.

Ken Stuckey from Pace Industries joins MSSC Board
MSSC would like to announce that Ken Stuckey, the Director of Talent Acquisition & Development for Pace Industries, has joined the MSSC Board of Directors. Mr. Stuckey leads the talent acquisition and workforce development initiatives for their 4,000 U.S. and Mexico employees. His expertise and focus is in producing productive talent pipelines, building technical bench strength through workforce development, creative sourcing, recruiting, and retaining technical talent.

Pace Industries is North America's leading custom die cast provider in aluminum, zinc and magnesium, serving industry leaders such as Bose, Harley-Davidson, Polaris and Whirlpool.

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New Pew survey shows public attaching far greater value to "professional, technical certificates" than to BA or AA degrees as means to secure employment
According to a recent Pew research study, "American workers believe the forces of globalization are the biggest threat to their paychecks, but they're much less worried about the impact of immigration on job security."

Those are among the findings of a comprehensive study of changing attitudes in the modern workplace and the forces that have brought dramatic changes to the working lives of Americans.
The study, released by the Pew Research Center and the Markle Foundation, is based on decades of government data and survey results with some 5,000 Americans. Furthermore, the study includes a key survey showing that workers see far greater value in " professional, technical certificates" than in two-year or four-year degrees in securing a good paying job in today's economy.

Please click here for the full Pew Study on the state of American jobs.

How technical certifications lead to manufacturing success
According to the Reliable Plant online article, "several accredited technical certifications can be obtained in high school, such as the Certified Production Technician (CPT) certification offered by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC). This certification provides proof to employers that you have acquired mastery of the core competencies for manufacturing production in the areas of safety, quality practices and measurement, manufacturing processes and production, and maintenance awareness."
Please click here for the full  Reliable Plant article.

STEM dropout rates and the manufacturing skills gap
According to an article on Yahoo, " Some national organizations have recognized the need to do more than create an interest in STEM careers in high school and have created skill-based certifications that can be achieved at the high school level. These documents provide accreditation, proving that the students have been evaluated by an accreditation organization and certified to match industrial standards. 

Such certifying organizations -- like Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) and the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) -- offer respectively, the Certified Production Technician (CPT) Certification and Industrial Technology Maintenance (ITM) Certifications. Both organizations have endorsed Amatrol's eLearning as recommended preparation prior to applying for these certifications due to the interactive curriculum that was developed to accommodate various student learning styles and its adherence to industrial standards."
Please click here for the full  Yahoo Finance article.



MSSC fits into PLTW in FL to build pipeline for future workforce 
MSSC is focused on training and assessing the basic entry-level skills for manufacturing regardless of the manufacturing sub-sector. Aligning these essential entry skills to high school programs to create a pipeline of skilled manufacturing workers starting in high school is of particular interest to MSSC. 

One example of how MSSC fits into high school curriculum is by being integrated into programs like Project Lead The Way's (PLTW) engineering curriculum by providing foundational skills, information and resources on manufacturing and production topics. The Florida Plan (designed the Florida Advanced Technological Education Center (FLATE) and implemented through the Florida Department of Education) is one such focused education program that places a strong emphasis on manufacturing in many of Florida's pre-engineering programs. If students decide to enter into a career in manufacturing, MSSC is able to offer a good alternative career pathways to the academic pathways of design engineering. 

MSSC October 2016 Student of the Month - Juan Perez, Community College of Vermont
In celebration of Manufacturing Month, starting in October 2016, MSSC will profile one outstanding MSSC student per month in our community update. Congratulations to Juan Perez from the Community College of Vermont for being MSSC's first student spotlight.

"Here at the Community College of Vermont we have worked to create meaningful pathways to employment by engaging employers and potential employees. We've been able to attract some of the most talented folks in the state to complete the CPT certification program and the feedback from employers has been outstanding.
This year we partnered with GE Aviation and Adecco to create one of these pathways and we met a true stand-out student, Juan Perez. So much so that Adecco sent a film crew to film a short documentary style film about Juan and the CPT program."

Bobby Dodd Institute in Georgia pilots MSSC CLA and CLT Credentials
This year, Bobby Dodd Institute (BDI) piloted a new training program in partnership with  Atlanta CareerRise, a workforce funders collaborative managed by the United Way of Greater Atlanta on behalf of a set of local philanthropic and community funders.

The logistics training academy is an industry-led training, assessment, and certification system focused on the core skills and knowledge needed by the nation's frontline material handling and distribution workers. Participants have an opportunity to earn their Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) and Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) credentials by taking a free, three-week course led by BDI instructors at our Jonesboro campus.

Offered by the  Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), the CLA and CLT credentials demonstrate core competency for higher skilled, frontline material handing workers across all supply chain facilities: factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and transporters.
Please click here for the full  Bobby Dodd Institute article.

Ivy Tech names new Senior VP for Workforce Alignment and new Interim Chancellor of Southeast region
In September, Ivy Tech Community College named Chris Lowery as the College's Senior Vice President of Workforce Alignment. To replace Mr. Lowery as Chancellor of its key Columbus/Southeast Region, Ivy Tech selected Kathleen Mote as Interim Chancellor.
Ms. Mote also led Madison Campus efforts in a Skill Up grant with River Valley Resources, the Clearinghouse of Jefferson County and the Madison Correctional Facility (MCU) to provide offerings to eligible women at MCU, including a pre-release Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) and Certified Production Technician course that is the first in the nation for incarcerated women (see first item above for further info on MSSC's "Pre-release" programs in the nation's prisons).
Please click here for the full Eagle Country Online  article

Bennington CC of Vermont, state labor department to offer free CPT
A group of local businesses, the Vermont Department of Labor, and the Community College of Vermont are teaming up to offer a Certified Production Technician certificate program at the Bennington campus.
" The class is the first step in establishing a manufacturing pathway to help advanced manufacturers close a workforce gap and to help individuals receive the necessary training to fill open positions," said CCV's director of marketing and communications, Janette Shaffer, "Courses like the CPT help workers develop their careers by teaching specialized skills that Vermont advanced manufacturers are looking for in their new employees."
Please click here for the  Bennington Banner article.

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Congratulations to Juan Perez from the Community College of Vermont for being MSSC's first student spotlight.

In celebration of Manufacturing Month, starting in October 2016, MSSC will profile one outstanding MSSC student per month in our community update.