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Final Announcement for MSSC Executive Briefing in Atlanta, June 16, 2016
This is the final announcement for MSSC's invitation for you to attend an Executive Briefing entitled, "Use of Industry Certifications in Beginning Career Pathways in Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics in the Southern States"  on June 16, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. 

This meeting is hosted by MSSC and ACT in collaboration with the Southern Governors Association and the Southern Regional Education Board.

The purpose of the meeting is to showcase examples across the Southern States of how the region's educators are using MSSC Certified Production Technician (CPT) and Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) certifications-- often in concert with ACT's National Career Readiness Certificates-- to build a robust pipeline of job applicants with the higher technical and employability skills.  You will be interested in the experiences of others like yourself who are involved in the practical implementation of MSSC. 

As you will note from the enclosed full  Executive Briefing Program, industry is playing a major leadership role at this meeting, with executives  chairing panels and serving as speakers.  Examples of company uses of MSSC will include Lockheed Martin, GE, Toyota, BMW, Hill wood Alliance Texas, Harley Davidson, Ford, Dupont, and BASF.  

In addition, you are invited to attend the VIP networking reception on the evening of June 15th (6:00 pm-8:00 pm at the Hyatt Regency) prior to the Briefing on the 16th.

Note: To register and for information on reduced hotel rates, please contact Catherine Feeney at, or at 703-739-9000 ext. 2222.
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UPS & SAP roll out plans for full-scale on-demand 3D printing mfg network
MSSC monitors emerging technologies in both advanced manufacturing and logistics to ensure that its CPT and CLT certificants are keeping pace with technological change.  In the 2015 edition of its national Production Standards, MSSC added 3-D printing at the top of a set of emerging advanced production technologies that we estimated will have an increasingly important and disruptive influence on manufacturing processes.  3-D printing is, indeed, growing rapidly at all levels.  

For instance, as mentioned in the enclosed NACFAM report,  "UPS has been expanding on-demand manufacturing capabilities for the last two years, beginning with more than 60 of The UPS Store's having 3D printing capabilities for small businesses, designers and entrepreneurs."
"With this distributed, on-demand manufacturing network, UPS customers will be able to get their products to market faster and more cost-effectively," said Rick Smith, co-founder and CEO of Fast Radius.

"Additive manufacturing technology is still developing rapidly so 'manufacturing as a service' is a smart approach for many companies.      

Please click here for the full NACFAM report.

Career and tech education making a come-back in U.S. high schools
According to an article in the Houston Chronicle, " Career and technical education is really the perfect blend of the academic, the technical and the employability skills . Students come out college- and career-ready because they have the skills in all these essential areas," Association for Career and Technical Education Executive Director  LeeAnn Wilson said.
The trend represents a course correction from efforts of the past 30 years that assumed exposing all students to the same college prep curriculum would be an antidote for achievement gaps, past inequities and the nation's flagging economic competitiveness, said Anthony Carnevale, director of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce.
The private James Irvine Foundation also has spent over $100 million in the last decade to promote "linked learning" - a strategy that weaves technical courses, interaction with industry professionals and practical skills such as public speaking into a career-focused college prep curriculum.
Please click here for the full article.

GE Appliances continues efforts to expand awareness of and access to CPT
On April 27, GE Appliances CEO, Chip Blankenship announced the release of The Community Playbook for Greater Louisville Manufacturing Workforce Development. The Playbook is the result of a workforce development summit GE Appliances hosted in Louisville in October 2015 with representatives from business, government, education, nonprofits and other organizations.  

They worked to develop ideas on how to continue to build momentum in manufacturing workforce development. At the core, the steps outlined in the Playbook focus on building relationships and partnerships across the community to create a better workforce pipeline.  To do this, they are actively working to expand the pipeline of work-ready, entry-level employees by improving awareness of and expanding access to the Certified Production Technician (CPT) program.  

Please click here for the full GE Playbook.

Louisville Kentucky high school implements CPT certification
Doss High School in Louisville, Kentucky will integrate full CPT certification in the Manufacturing Engineering Technology Technician career pathway starting in August 2016.  The four course sequence - Foundations of Technology, Introduction to Manufacturing & Manufacturing Systems, Material Process, and Production Technology - embeds the four required CPT modules of Safety, Quality & Measurement, Production Process and Maintenance Awareness in the junior and senior years.  

Upon successful completion of the program, students will earn both the ACT NCRC and MSSC CPT certificates, will develop leadership and personal success skills needed in the workplace, and also graduate with work experience from summer internships with local employer partners.  

After hearing about the new program this spring, over 100 students signed up for the fall start program. For more information, please click here for the full  Courier-Journal article.

Ivy Tech plans special CPT manufacturing classes in Kokomo, IN

Ivy Tech Community College is offering training opportunities in welding and advanced manufacturing this summer, courses that will prepare students for good-paying, in-demand skilled industrial jobs in north central Indiana.

The  Certified Production Technician (CPT) course, offered under the auspic es of the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC),  will meet in Kokomo. Students who pass the four manufacturing-related modules - manufacturing process and production, quality and continuous improvement, maintenance awareness, and safety - achieve CPT certification.

Please click here for the full Kokomo Tribune article.

VA governor moves to append traditional high school curriculum towards career-tech ed

According to a recent Washington Post article, "Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed legislation that will lead to an overhaul of the state's high school graduation requirements, aiming to make high school more relevant to the working world and giving students who want to start a career after high school more alternatives to fulfill requirements." This is the most recent example of states beginning to drive their high school curricula towards career-tech ed, a movement, in which MSSC has been and continues to be a national leader.

"McAuliffe also signed a bill that will allow industry professionals to earn temporary teaching credentials with less-onerous requirements than traditionally required; the state hopes to get more career and technical teachers into schools."

Please click here for the full Washington Post  article.

IN community leaders come together to discuss "The Future of our Workforce"
T om Snyder, Ivy Tech Community College president, and Brian Burton, Indiana Manufacturers Association president and chief executive officer, joined Hillenbrand/Batesville and community leaders April 22 for the second of four Hillenbrand Community Leadership Series meetings. The theme of the gathering was "The Future of our Workforce."
Snyder discussed "Certifications: The Link to Global Competitiveness."
"Industry certifications - These are awarded by third parties based on the testing of one's knowledge against an industry knowledge base or industry set of standards. Ivy Tech has course offerings with certification opportunities embedded in the course and provides certification testing in centers throughout the state, he noted. Examples include Manufacturing Skills Standards Council, National Institute for Metalworking Skills and Commercial Driver's License."

Please click here for the full Batesville Herald-Tribune  article.

U of Buffalo unveils a new CLT course
The opportunity to earn nationally recognized credentials in material handling and distribution is now available through the University at Buffalo Center for Industrial Effectiveness (TCIE).  Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) training debuts this summer.

Attendees will hear how the training distills global supply chain operations through four core areas of competency: logistics equipment and systems; safety/hazardous material handling; dispatch, routing and tracking; and shipping and receiving. Training is suitable for entry-level and incumbent workers, and from frontline workers to frontline supervisors. 

Please click here for the full  University of Buffalo  article.

SAU Tech in Arkansas will include CPT in its 2016 curriculum
Southern Arkansas University Tech has had another busy year serving students and working to improve overall outcomes such as student success rates. 
In an effort to better serve the community's working adults, SAU Tech is offering two degree tracks on Fridays starting fall 2016 -- business administration and supply chain management.

The college is also moving forward with SAU in offering a unique program in welding engineering. Students start at SAU Tech and finish at SAU to earn a unique degree only available at two other universities in the nation.

The college will begin offering a production technician program in fall 2016. The program track provides the opportunity for students to obtain certifications from the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council during the course of their training.

Please click here for the full  Magnolia Reporter article.
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