February 2020

One of the popular February topics is love and everything that goes with it. Often times when caring for a loved one with dementia it is easy to get wrapped up in the disease and to lose the person who we have spent so much time loving. It is also common to use so much of your time and energy caring for your loved one that your own physical and mental health falls through the cracks.

This month, be challenged and encouraged to take time to love yourself . Treat yourself to a good book, lunch with a friend, get back into a hobby that you enjoy or even go on a trip! It is important that you take time to invest in yourself so that you can remain positive, refreshed and care for those who you love.
"It is so important as a caregiver not to become so enmeshed in the role that you lost yourself. It's neither good for you nor your loved one." - Dana Reeve

Welcome to the Madison Heights family!
We are excited to welcome our two newest residents!
Mark Your Calendar!
Support Group
A support group led by a Madison Heights staff member meets the third Thursday of each month at 2:00 at the Alzheimer's Association. If this date or time is not convenient for you, contact Beth at the Alzheimer's Association at (706) 860-4599 for information on additional support groups.

All family members or caregivers of someone with a dementia diagnosis are welcome to attend. Don't forget to invite others who you think would benefit from additional support.
Our residents painted winter snowmen and snowflakes at Artsy Me.
Looking for Positive Feedback!
We would love to hear some kind words from our family members on google review! It takes just a moment to help another family to know what Madison Heights has done for you and your loved one. We would appreciate a quick quote from you so others can find the right home and the help they need. Thank you in advance!
Our residents enjoy music therapy each month with Tabatha from Harmonic Progressions.
Home is Where the Food is
We invite you to share your experiences and your loved one's favorite recipes with our community in our Home is Where the Food is Program.
Recipe sheets will be in the office of each building.
The Morris Museum of Art paid us a visit on a cold rainy Monday.
February Birthdays

February 24 - Cindy
February 26 - Shabria
February 28 - Bob Lee

We love when our smallest friends come to visit! We enjoyed story time, music and a craft with them.
Respite Stays

For those of you looking for short term care, Madison Heights offers respite stays. Our respite apartments are completely furnished with everything needed for your loved one.
"I think it's awesome that Madison Heights can offer this needed service for my mother. They do activities like pet and art therapy that I cannot do at home with her. It gives me great peace of mind knowing she is safe and happy while I get some much needed rest." - Pam Segers

Call Laura Brown at 706-825-4677 for details.
Welcoming the new year with these fun glow in the dark celebratory cakes with Shali and Charles from Shali's ARTery!

Medical Information
Legacy Healthcare Services
Legacy Healthcare Services is a Specialized Rehabilitation Service that will be starting a partnership with our community in March. Legacy provides PT, OT, and speech therapy. Their staff will help to restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities. Legacy will be here on 2/11/2020 to do a community screening of the residents to evaluate and to recommend services. They will also be here 2/18/20 to familarize care staff with their services . If you do not want your loved one screened please let us know.

Doctor Visits
If you would like to switch to our in-house physician, Doctor Naseem, please see Jackie to fill out a consent form.  
Podiatry Visits
The podiatrist will be visiting Madison Heights every other month. His next visit will be February 20. To ma ke an appointment for your family member contact Jackie.

Medical Reminders
The Madison Heights vehicle will be available on Tuesdays to help assist residents to medical appointments. Please speak with Jackie at least two weeks in advance if you would like to utilize this service to ensure that the vehicle is available during your requested appointment time.
Our residents always enjoy painting with Angelika.
Friendly Reminders
Please check to make sure the doors are closed securely when you leave a building.

We would appreciate your help in making sure that all important documents and bills are being sent to the responsible party, and not to Madison Heights.
Our residents have been having fun with their Christmas gifts.
Connect with Us
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Our residents loved making these textured hearts with Shali and Chares from Shali's ARTery.
Associate of the Month

Congratulations to San for being chosen as the Associate of the Month. San was chosen as the Associate of the Month because she has been a great team player and helped fill in where we needed associates. She has kept the buildings clean and fresh and made sure the residents were cared for. She asks questions when she doesn’t know something to best learn how to be a care giver. 
Resident of the Month

Name: Vicki Davis

Age: 68

About Vicki: Vicki has two daughters who she always enjoyed spending time with. She loved shopping and being pampered.

Vicki Today: Vicki enjoys music, dancing, children and animals. She loves greeting people with a smile and a hug.
Our residents love the sweet and nurturing nature of Larry Bonner. And his amazing voice always blows us away!
Details at a Glance
Executive Director - Billy Hall
Wellness Director, LPN - Jackie Colson
Sales & Marketing Director - Laura Brown
Lifestyle Director- Kelly Adriano  
Dining Services Director - Ivory Washington
Maintenance Director - John Major
 Meal Schedule
8:00 Breakfast
Morning Snack
12:30 Lunch
Afternoon Snack
5:30 Dinner
We made these adorable owls with artist Darlene.
Madison Heights | Phone: 706-364-8701 | Fax: 706-364-0799 | madisonheightsevans.com