November 2022

Mark Your Calendar Now!

It was wonderful having so many family members join us for Fall Festival in October. We are looking forward to some wonderful family events ahead in the coming months. Our Family Thanksgiving Lunch will be held on November 17 at 1:00. Cookies with Santa will be on December 5 & 6. Monroe Place and Washington Place will be held on December 5 and Jefferson Place will be held on December 6. This event is exclusively for residents and their loved ones. December 22 from 10:00-12:00 we will be hosting Storytime with Santa which is open for your family as well as the community. We will have stories read by Santa, crafts and cookies. We hope that you will consider joining us in the coming months as we celebrate the holiday seasons together.

Support Group

A Support group led by a Madison Heights staff member meets the third Thursday of each month at 2:00 at the Columbia County Library downstairs near the reference desk.

All family members or caregivers of someone with a dementia diagnosis are welcome to attend. Don't forget to invite others who you think would benefit from additional support.  We want to reach as many people as possible that need support. Those who invite a friend will be entered for a drawing for a gift card. 

For more information, contact Kelly at 706-364-8710 or

Walk to End Alzheimer's 

Thank you to everyone who donated to The Walk to End Alzheimer's and for those who came out to walk with us. It was amazing to see so many people out supporting this great cause, despite the weather.


A reminder that the family and/or responsible party should be bringing supplies for your loved one as needed. This includes incontinence products, wipes, toilet paper, shampoo, soap, tooth paste and another other grooming/toiletry items. If your loved one is running low, we will make a phone call to let you know.  If you'd like us to be on continuous delivery for these items or have your loved one added to our incontinence program, please speak with Marcus.

Home is Where the Food is

We invite you to share your experiences and your loved one's favorite recipes with our community in our Home is Where the Food is Program.

Recipe sheets will be in the office of each building or you can send the recipe to Kelly.

These residents enjoyed their morning at AR Workshop Evans. If you have not been there, you should definitely stop in for a visit.

A Word with Marcus

I hope this edition of our monthly newsletter finds you well. As we enter the holiday season, the just and common theme is being thankful for what you have. After being in senior living for nearly 15 years, I am thankful that this year isn’t similar to years past and that normalcy has returned. We are happy that families are visiting and without any stern restrictions. We are thankful that we get to host a Thanksgiving meal again and you can enjoy quality time with your loved one. We are thankful that you don’t have to drive in a parade to see your loved one’s smiling face or stare through a window into their room. We should all be thankful that we are on the better side of COVID and as a nation we should be thankful to be around each other and enjoy the company that sometimes we took for granted.

Happy Thanksgiving!

All the best,


Angelika visits us monthly and encourages and works with our residents to create their master pieces.

Clinical Corner with Laurie

Care plans are an important part of working together to make sure that we are providing the best care for your loved one. It allows us the opportunity to show what care and support we are offering to meet your loved one's needs. We want to share with you any changes that we have noticed in your loved one and discuss any concerns that you may have. Care plans are a great way for the medical team to work directly with the family or the POA to make sure that everyone is in agreement on the best care for your loved one. It is important for us to review these with the responsible party quarterly to ensure that the best care is offered to your loved one. If you are overdue on reviewing your care plan, please contact me so we can set up an appointment.

Our ladies had a great time making cupcakes for National Chocolate Cupcake Day. They also enjoyed tasting them and were kind enough to share with the men who were waiting patiently during preparation.

Danny Campo visited us for a concert this month. The residents loved hearing him!

Notes from Kelly

If you have not filled out a My Way form on your loved one during move in please connect with me to get this form. The My Way form helps me plan enrichment opportunities that your loved one will enjoy. 

Please take a moment to check in with your loved one's building to ensure they have an adequate amount of seasonal appropriate clothing that fit their current size. A hat and sunglasses are also helpful for when we are participating in outdoor activities. 

Pam, our hairdresser, visits every Tuesday.  As a reminder, to those who have been taking  advantage of the salon for some time, prices for the salon have changed. To have your loved one added to the salon list or for updated pricing please contact Kely at 706-364-8710 or 

As a reminder, please have your loved one's bills/business mail sent to their POA.  Personal mail will continue being delivered to residents when it is received. 

This year's Fall Festival was a lot of fun! We loved seeing residents and their families have such a fun night. Thank you to everyone who donated candy or attended and participated in this event! 

Visitation Guidelines

We are open for visitors again but ask that you please keep the safety of our residents and associates a priority. Anyone who has been experiencing cold and flu symptoms in the past 72 hours should not visit.

In order to keep families informed, we have created a Facebook group for you to stay updated and ask questions. You must first be a fan of our Facebook page to join the families group. Links for our main page as well as the family group are below.

Madison Heights Facebook Page

Madison Heights Evans Families Group

The residents enjoyed decorating these fall pumpkins.

The residents made DELICIOUS salted caramel chocolate covered pretzels. This was a great treat for everyone!

November Birthdays


November 11 - Martha

November 11 -Eddy

TRICK OR TREAT! Our residents were all smiles when these adorable trick or treaters visited us on Halloween.

Medical Information

Doctor Visits

If you would like to switch to our in-house physician, Doctor Naseem, please come to the office to fill out a consent form.  


Podiatry Visits

Dr. Murrell visits every two months. If you have not filled out a consent form and paperwork for his visits, you need to do so. 

A few of the many smiles that came with Tabatha from Harmonic Progression when she visited this month.

Connect with Us
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Associate of the Month

Congratulations to Kim for being chosen as the Associate of the Month! 

Kim was chosen as the Associate of the Month because she has great rapport with residents and family members. Family members frequently have compliments regarding her love, care and the attention she offers to the residents.

Kim is wonderful at interacting with residents and showing patience in her care. The residents are always happy to see her, enjoy spending time with her and trust her.

Kim is both responsible, and punctual. Congratulations to Kim for being chosen as Associate of the Month for November!

Resident of the Month

Name: Eddy McDonald

Age: 72

About Eddy: Eddy loves the outdoors and spending time in the sunshine. Eddy and his wonderful wife lived in Puerto Rico for 36 years. Eddie is an avid animal lover and he and his wife would adopt stray animals and make sure they had a loving home. Eddy was a dance and theatre photographer in Puerto Rico for the Ballet de San Juan.

Details at a Glance

Owner/Operator - Marcus Covar

Wellness Director - Laurie Krause

Resident Care Coordinator - Angela Williams

Lifestyles Director- Kelly Adriano  

Dining Services Director - Tevaris Walker

Maintenance Director - Davian Thomspon

Meal Schedule
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12:30 Lunch
Afternoon Snack
5:30 Dinner
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