February 2023

Mark Your Calendar Now!

Support Group

A Support group led by a Madison Heights staff member meets the third Thursday of each month at 2:00 at the Columbia County Library downstairs near the reference desk.

All family members or caregivers of someone with a dementia diagnosis are welcome to attend. Don't forget to invite others who you think would benefit from additional support.  We want to reach as many people as possible that need support. Those who invite a friend will be entered for a drawing for a gift card. 

For more information, contact Kelly at 706-364-8710 or kelly@madisonheightsevans.com.

We had such a great time making tissue paper art with the Morris Museum of Art. This was a project that residents with all abilities enjoyed making.


A reminder that the family and/or responsible party should be bringing supplies for your loved one as needed. This includes incontinence products, wipes, toilet paper, shampoo, soap, tooth paste and another other grooming/toiletry items. If your loved one is running low, we will make a phone call to let you know. If you'd like us to be on continuous delivery for these items or have your loved one added to our incontinence program, please speak with Marcus.

When you visit, please check in Adams Place to see if there is mail for your loved one. Please request all bills be sent to the responsible party instead of residents. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Elvis stopped by for a visit! It made us smile watching the residents swoon.

Home is Where the Food is

We invite you to share your experiences and your loved one's favorite recipes with our community in our Home is Where the Food is Program.

Recipe sheets will be in the office of each building, or you can send the recipe to Kelly.

We are grateful for this amazing group of friends that visit us each month for music and laughs. Our residents always enjoy singing along.

A Word with Marcus

I hope this newsletter finds you well and meeting all of your 2023 New Year’s goals thus far. As we enter into February and the season of Valentines, it’s important for all of us to remember why we do what we do. I have literally been told throughout my career that “it takes a special person to work with the elderly” and I couldn’t agree more. It takes all of us and especially our Care Associates to do everything first with LOVE and passion for our residents. That love has to be the driving force behind all that is done or else it the needs of the residents can’t be met. When passion is shown in your work, others will see that passion and will want to watch you enjoy performing your craft. “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


"I love working with seniors because it is a chance to give back to people who spent their lives serving others. I find that many of our residents spent much of their lives volunteering at churches, nursing homes and hospitals. I am able to devote my time and energy to people who have shown love to others their whole lives. I love hearing the stories of the past. It brings me joy to see the excitement on our residents’ faces when they reminisce about their childhood, their siblings and their children. I enjoy hearing the stories of times past including: farm life, walking miles to school and meeting spouses. I love the excitement residents’ show when they participate in activities such as Bingo, picking leaves to use for a craft project or baking cookies in the kitchen. It is so much fun to see residents partake in activities that bring back memories of their past.”

–Kelly Adriano

“Speaking from a Memory Care point of view: I think the most important thing to keep in mind day in and day out is that we have the ability to have such a positive effect on the resident and family member’s lives at such a difficult time. When most people are heavy with emotions seeing their loved lose a sense of who they once were, it’s rewarding to know there’s not many other professions that have the ability to have such a profound impact on their “customers” like we do.”

-Marcus Covar


All the best,

Marcus Covar

Larry Bonner visited us to sing. The residents love his voice and his kind spirit.

Notes from Kelly

If you have not filled out a My Way form on your loved one during move in please connect with me to get this form. The My Way form helps me plan enrichment opportunities that your loved one will enjoy. 

Please take a moment to check in with your loved one's building to ensure they have an adequate amount of seasonal appropriate clothing that fit their current size. A hat and sunglasses are also helpful for when we are participating in outdoor activities. 

Pam, our hairdresser, visits every Tuesday.  As a reminder, to those who have been taking  advantage of the salon for some time, prices for the salon have changed. To have your loved one added to the salon list or for updated pricing please contact Kely at 706-364-8710 or kelly@madisonheightsevans.com. 

If you were ever like to meet us on an outing with your loved one please let me know. We would be glad to have you!

BINGO is always a great way to bring out the competitive side in the residents.

Visitation Guidelines

We are open for visitors again but ask that you please keep the safety of our residents and associates a priority. Anyone who has been experiencing cold and flu symptoms in the past 72 hours should not visit.

In order to keep families informed, we have created a Facebook group for you to stay updated and ask questions. You must first be a fan of our Facebook page to join the families group. Links for our main page as well as the family group are below.

Madison Heights Facebook Page

Madison Heights Evans Families Group

This ball keeps the residents moving and also has the ability for memory sharing with numerous questions about their lives printed on it.

February Birthdays


February 2 - Alonzo

February 15 - Billy

February 16 - Sam

February 24 - Kim

Angelika visited us for monthly painting session. The residents always look forward to this enrichment opportunity.

Medical Information

Doctor Visits

If you would like to switch to our in-house physician, Doctor Naseem, please come to the office to fill out a consent form.  


Podiatry Visits

Dr. Murrell visits every two months. If you have not filled out a consent form and paperwork for his visits, you need to do so. 

A kind stranger donated these items that her late mother handmade. Our residents loved and appreciated their beauty and craftsmanship.

Connect with Us

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Associate of the Month

Congratulations to Elizabeth for being chosen as the Associate of the Month! 

Elizabeth was chosen as the Associate of the Month because she genuinely loves and cares for the residents. She goes out of her way to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy. Elizabeth assists residents with enrichment opportunities and always has an encouraging word for the residents. We are grateful to have Elizabeth as part of our team.

Resident of the Month

Name: Betty Wanninger

Age: 92

About Betty: Betty enjoys gardening, watching birds, and watercolor painting. Betty appreciates looking her best and spending time with friends. Betty loves visiting with family and going on outings with her daughter.

Details at a Glance

Owner/Operator - Marcus Covar

Wellness Director - Laurie Krause

Resident Care Coordinator - Angela Williams

Lifestyles Director- Kelly Adriano  

Dining Services Director - Tevaris Walker

Maintenance Director - Davian Thomspon

Meal Schedule
7:30 Breakfast
Morning Snack
12:30 Lunch
Afternoon Snack
5:30 Dinner
Madison Heights | Phone: 706-364-8701 | Fax: 706-860-3823 | madisonheightsevans.com