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2018 Summer

Member Feedback Needed for Opioids Legislation 
   The next three months will be an important time to engage policymakers about the opioid crisis, and the AAFP is seeking member feedback. In late June, the House of Representatives advanced a large, comprehensive bill, the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act (HR 6). The U.S. Senate will move its own proposals soon.
    The AAFP struck a supportive tone while recognizing additional changes will be necessary to ensure the final measure will avoid adding administrative burdens or imposing clinical standards that are not evidence-based. Legislators need to better understand that family physicians play an important role in addressing the opioids crisis.
    To facilitate this, the AAFP has launched a storytelling project to learn about the challenges physicians face and hear recommendations for addressing the opioid crisis in their communities.
Researchers Need Patient Data to Understand Health and Disease
The more researchers know about what makes your patients unique, the more tailored their health care can become. Join a nationwide research effort to create a healthier future by gathering information from one million or more people. The
All of Us Research Program mission is simple: Speed up health research and medical breakthroughs.

Encourage your patients to take part in All of Us by sharing information that can help create individualized prevention, treatment, and care. The study will consider data such as where the participants live, their occupation, and family health history.
How it works:
  • Participants share data.
  • Data is protected.
  • Researchers study data.
  • Participants get information.
  • Researchers share discoveries.
Your patients' health info is critical to creating a healthier future. Encourage them to participate in the All of Us Research Program.      Learn More 

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Hurricane Season has begun - The NEED will be there again - Volunteer & Donate to help those affected by severe storms:
If you want to volunteer to help - information:   Join "Medical Disaster Response Network" Facebook group-HERE:    

The AAFP Foundation partners with Heart To Heart International (HHI) & International Medical Corps (IMC) - they have been on the ground since the 2017 hurricanes struck.    Donations to the AAFP Foundation - World Wide Disaster Relief will be distributed between these two organizations where the need is greatest.  More information and to DONATE HERE
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Physician Health
Opioids In Maine
Physician Health First:  
Your health before all else
Physician Health First
is a web portal dedicated to improving family physician well-being.

  Find guidance to address your workplace challenges, tools to assess your risk of physician fatigue, and inspiration to put your well-being first. 
Opioids in Maine

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survey line
You are invited to take a survey that will evaluate primary issues in genetics and genomics education. As the front line of care, the healthcare providers that your organization represents plays a central role in seeing that genetic and genomic discoveries lead to disease prevention and population health improvements. We will evaluate a general assessment of your knowledge, identify learning needs, and preferred methods of educating your constituency. Understanding these items will help us determine resource and training priorities.

Before choosing to participate, please consider that:
* You have been invited to complete this survey because you are in a leadership role in a healthcare provider organization.
* Questions in the survey relate to you or your organizations current educational needs, resources, and opportunities.
* This survey is being conducted for research purposes.
* The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete.
* Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary and you can choose to skip any questions that you do not wish to answer.
* There are no risks, penalties, or costs to your participation. There are no direct benefits to your participation.
*There are no right or wrong answers.
* All information you provide is anonymous.
If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Kathy Calzone at or 240-760-6178.