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March Newsletter
Issue No. 3
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Buying Spurs
Buying Spurs
Buying spurs can be confusing due to all the choices in shape, length and position of the nub.
The concept of a spur is it enhances your leg aids so you have to consider how much you will need to accomplish your goal of propelling the horse forward.
A  spur with a rounded end  - regardless of the length is generally less convincing than a spur with an edge.
Longer spurs keep your leg straighter yet require a more experienced rider so the spur isn't over-used.
There are also spurs that are aligned on the side instead of the back so the leg does not to be turned to apply the spur - always popular with riders that are working on getting their balance first.
If you are still confused, fear not because our friendly staff have answers to your questions.  

Dear Riding Community,

     We lose an hour of sleep this month but we gain the possibility of squeezing in one of those end of the day rides when the sun is low in the sky and the coolness of the evening is creeping across the arena.  

The extended daylight triggers our horses to begin the shedding process of their winter coats. Its funny to walk down the barn aisle and see the piles of hair after someone has groomed their horse - this one a bay, this one a chestnut, etc.  

I love it when I spy a bird's nest tucked into a barn rafter that is completely lined in horse hair. What a luxurious nest! It always makes me smile when I see a nest with white hairs because I know it came from my horse.

 It is interesting to consider that we're all in this together - the birds, the horses, the riders, the grooms, the trainers, - whether we acknowledge it or not.

We are a community and the best part is - there are horses in it! 



Susan Kirchoff

Malibu Equestrian


'Jump" t-shirt

     Are you tired of all the "corny" equestrian t-shirts? Mustangs in the snow and cowgirl sayings on tye-dyed shapeless tees? Well now you can dress up in a form-flattering shirt with edgy graphics for your favorite discipline. These t-shirts are eye-catching and different and there's even one that just plainly says 'Horseworship" across the chest.

They are made in Malibu of organic cotton. 

Enough said. Come get one. 

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Malibu Equestrian is located on-site at Sycamore farm in Malibu, Ca. Our address is 3661 Cross Creek Rd. We are a full service tack store and are also available for trunk shows, private appointments and personal shopping. Call us with questions - 310.456.6006.

See you soon! 


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