August . 2013 

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Last Minute Kernels...
Hi Old Farm Friends...and New! Summer is fading but nice weather is not. Warm days and cool nights actually give you a bounce in your step. Tackle a project you have been putting off and have a BBQ enjoying local delights that are fading too. Want even more info...Like us on Facebook!
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 Last of the Season Mooovies on the Farm !




August 28th 
ET & Moonrise Kingdom





Family Fun & Games...Getting Hitched?
Looking for a great place for a party?  Maple Shade Farm is available for birthday parties, corporate events, anniversaries and weddings from late May through October. Our farm is perfect for your party. Come celebrate with us and leave the mess behind, enjoy s'mores over the fire, set up activities on the back flat or just horse around in the barn.   
 Contact us at

Photo of the Month



Hog Kiss



Know a teacher... have kids? We are taking reservations for our Fall school trips. This year's theme 5210 on the farm. Email us at

Thanks for your interest in our family farm. We are gearing up for a great fall season. We look forward to seeing you on the farm. We look forward to sharing what's happening here at Maple Shade each month from our upcoming season events to where we might be out and about, whats in the barn, on our table and more. Know a friend who wants to follow? Forward this email on and find us on Facebook !
   The Wilson Family
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Upcoming Events



Bovina Farm Days September 1st


Taste of the Catskills

October 12th & 13th


Featured Recipe


Maple Shade Bacon & Beer Burger


Farm Friend of the Month

Fieldstone Farm


Where's the Beef?


In our markets Margaretville & Franklin and on their farm. Fieldstone Farm  has beef available at their farm store in Delhi.

We can barely keep it in stock. BBQ on!



Kids on the Farm
Back to School? What? I can't hear you.  

 Ryan -8  

Farm Fun




Bottle up the fun!

Put Summer in a jar. Take souveniers from your summer and display them in a jar.


Movie tickets, small toy trinkets, postcards and more. Do a beach theme with sand and shells or rocks and a cool piece of driftwood or just a mix of memorabilia.

Put a tag on the jar marking it as Summer 2013.


Looking at it will remind you of all the fun you had even when the snow flies.


In the Market 

 Look for local sweet corn, cucumbers, potatoes & sweet corn!  Peaches and plums 
still available. Apples coming in too. Local dairy, eggs and meat always in stock.
Available at all three market locations at the Farm, Margaretville & Franklin.