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August 2017
Mark2 2 Sides of Influence
Ever think about those people and experiences along the way that influenced your thinking and perspectives? I'd like to share with you some positive personal interactions with folks that have stayed with me over my years in business. 

Equally influential and important are some experiences that taught me how NOT to run a company. 
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What Do Business Leaders Consider Productive Use of Time? 
  • What time of day is most productive?
  • Does your culture help or hurt productivity?
  • What do you view as the most productive business activities?
  • What are the biggest hindrances to productivity?
  • What can be done to boost it?
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(courtesy of The Alternative Board)

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5 Critical Things to Have in Place When On-boarding New Staff

1. A clearly articulated company vision and set of core values - that defines where the organization is headed

2. A clearly defined and supported work culture - that established behavioral norms and how to fit in and succeed

3. A functional and well-deployed strategic plan - to align organization efforts and show newcomers where their efforts connect to the big picture

4. Well-defined roles, responsibilities, processes and procedures - so staff members know what to do, how to do it, who's involved and who's responsible for what

5. Effective communication and feedback systems -  to tell staff members how they're doing and what's expected of them

 Excerpted from "Timeless Principles of Exceptional Businesses," The Alternative Board, 2015

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Adding New Staff
Quality of Life
From My Clients
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Quality of Life...

"For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of life, please press three."

Alice Kahn, American writer
From My Clients ......

"As a person working from a home office, being in in one of Mark's TAB groups has shown me that feedback and discussions with other professional people are very important to the success of my own business. I plan to be a part of this group for many years - and would encourage anyone who is an entrepreneur to seriously consider being a member of this group!

D. Waters
ProMation Systems
Blaine, MN

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Business Transition
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Strategic Planning

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