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February 2016
Mark2 Happy Anniversary Kodyne - 30 Years in Business!
I'm writing this because 2016 is Kodyne's 30th anniversary as a Minnesota corporation. Where did 30 years go? I incorporated back in 1986 while I was still working for Honeywell as an engineer but was also working part-time (nights and weekends) in the music business doing live sound work, studio recording, artist management and some video production. This was a big passion of mine and I looked at the entertainment business as my eventual escape from corporate life since coming to terms with the fact that becoming the CEO of a Fortune 100 company didn't really hold my interest. I never was too crazy about neckties and wing-tip shoes anyway. I also rocked the boat because I spoke up - "Hey, we can have a better boat!" Why is our boat leaking? What if we tried this out or headed in that new direction?" Some of my employers over the years didn't care for comments like these.  That's when I decided it was time for Plan B. 
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Engaging Millenials and Gen Z in the Workplace     
By Guest Author Ian Kitchen

There have been a number of articles published recently about how many large corporations are changing themselves to attract and retain their Millenial employees.  Certainly, big companies have the luxury of large budgets to internally restructure their culture and standard operating procedures to better appeal to those now flooding the job markets - but the question remains, how do all the other businesses achieve this same goal on a more realistic and affordable scale? What can small businesses ( SMBs ) learn from these new workforce generations and how can the businesses implement new and appealing practices and cultures that will entice the young generations to engage with them without necessarily breaking their bank accounts?

Ian Kitchen is an MBA student at the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management in Minneapolis, MN.  A Millenial himself, Ian also works as a Sr. Marketing Manager at the university.

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