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July 2016
Mark2 Organizational Effectiveness - Definitely an Inside Job
What makes for an effective organization?  Depends on how you define "effective."  In my view there are 4 crucial aspects to organizational effectiveness that apply to every organization, regardless of industry.  I believe leaders who pay attention to these items are more apt to achieve long-term, sustainable success.  
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Technology Reform:
The Business Transition Dilemma
By Guest Author Ian Kitchen

Technological reform is at the convergence of public use and business use. The new generations (Millenials and Gen Z) use it fluidly across all aspects of their lives-professional and personal. It is an integrated new reality of virtual and mixed reality-the future is now.

To properly prepare an office for the rise in Millennial (and eventual Gen Z) employment - those who are digital natives accustom to 3-5+ screens in their lives - it becomes a strategic question of whether company infrastructure and existing systems can withhold such upgrades. Does it require an overhaul in company process? Will such technological improvements net the company a positive gain in terms of productivity and efficiency? 

Ian Kitchen is an MBA student at the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management in Minneapolis, MN.  A Millenial himself, Ian also works as a Sr. Marketing Manager at the university.

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Technology Reform: The Business Transition Dilemma
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