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October 2019

Small Business Challenges in Managing Productivity
Whether your organization is for-profit, not-for-profit or governmental, and regardless of sector (manufacturing, business services, etc.) you need to get work done to deliver your products and/or services to your customers/stakeholders.  How do you define and manage productive work?  Here's what a sample of small business owners had to say on the subject.
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Organizational Performance -  
Getting Beyond the Financials  
We often get seduced into thinking that financial metrics are the
only true indicators of organizational performance and effectiveness.  Did we meet our budgets?  Did we meet or exceed (or miss) our revenue, gross profit, net income or EBITDA numbers?  These items, important as they are, are really
measures of outcomes.  They indicate that, when all is said and done, here's how we performed against our plan.   
However, I like to dig deeper to see what is going on inside organizations that creates the numbers and that's the essence of this essay - what's said and done IS what drives the performance we measure.
Some questions I like to ask and explore:
  • How did your organization manage risk this year?
  • Where did you see any new capabilities develop inside the organization?
  • How would you rate the quality of the decisions made this past year?
  • How much of the business that you felt 90% confident in getting did you actually get?
  • Did any new leaders emerge from your staff?
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Did You Know . . .
  • The first item sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer
  • Bubble wrap was originally invented as wall paper
  • The top speed of the winning car in the first US car race was 7 mph (year was 1895)
  • There are 118 ridges on the side of a dime
  • Q is the only letter that doesn't appear in any US state names

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CNBC Business Survey Data
59% of Americans now say Amazon is bad for small businesses (up from 47% a year ago and 37% in 2017), putting it on par with Walmart (61% of Americans say Walmart is bad for small business.)

20% of non-small business owners say they bought something from Amazon during the company's "Prime Day," which took place on July 16-17 this year.

54% of non-small business owners say they are Amazon Prime members.
Source - CNBC/Survey Monkey data, 8/12/19

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