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May 2017
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From time to time, we deliberately make "errors" in our newsletter, just to see if anyone is reading.
We are pleased to report that readers have discovered two such deliberate typos that we deliberately included in a deliberate effort to check your attention to detail. Many thanks to Dan, Jim and Dave, who will now be eligible for our "Find the deliberate error and win a trip to Tahiti" raffle, to be held on the earlier of the date I retire or February 24, 2027. (Oddsmakers are betting on the latter date).
The old UCC section is 1-201(37) (1-201(35) in some states) and the description of an operating lease omitted a "not", making it an accurate description of a  capital lease.
So, now that we have deliberately fixed the deliberate "errors", you may read on...sorry, but it's always nice to hear from you.

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