MARSH HARBOUR INN..................BALD HEAD ISLAND NC................May & June 2018
May - June 2018
As the season changes, we want to let you know about the upcoming activities at Marsh Harbour Inn.
We hope this newsletter is useful in planning your next visit and staying in touch. We look forward to seeing you soon. Safe travels.
Message from the President

As summer approaches your Board wishes all a very safe and active season.
The fun kicks off with Memorial Day, Pirates roaming the island in June, a little 4 th of July fun and Labor Day finale. We hope you all enjoy your weeks at the Inn and have the opportunity to see the many upgrades since your last visit.

In case some of you did not hear; fellow owner and GM Lynn Derrick had a health issue which required a medivac (EMS /Ferry) to Southport and emergency surgery. A special thanks for the amazing EMS staff and Dosher Hospital in taking great care and our friend. At this time so happy to report our energizing bunny is back!!!!

Please enjoy the entire letter for updates: Lynn & Sophia’s corner, Innkeepers Buzz, Summer actives and Financials.

The 2 nd half of the year your Board will be focused on many topics: Rental & Sales Activities, Inn operations, marketing enhancements and physical improvements. We are reviewing your feedback from the surveys and investing our focus accordingly. Please do reach out and share your thoughts and suggestions at any time.

My best,
Financial Update

We are glad to report our first quarter operating expenses for 2018 were only slightly higher than budget by $801. 

Lynn and Sophia have direct responsibility for expenses that represent approximately two thirds of our total operating expenses. Their commitment to managing costs while executing a number of critical improvement projects on their own resulted in one of our best managed and productive quarters in years. We are thankful for their financial commitment and efforts! 

Direct operating expenses for the quarter totaled $54.8K versus a budget of $55.3K; resulting in a favorable Q1 variance versus Budget of $502. General expenses totaling $20.3K were higher than budget with slightly favorable insurance costs offset by timing differences versus budget of harbor association dues that were spread through the year in the budget but we made the annual payment in Q1. In total, direct and general operating expenses are reported at $801 higher than budget.

Our carts lease agreement was executed successfully in Q1 under favorable terms, for a period of four years at budgeted rates, without requirements for any personal guarantees from any of our owners or Board members. The outcome was a function of a strong, coordinated team effort by all parties involved that will have a lasting and favorable impact for the Inn.

Thank you for all dues paid. Please remember quarterly dues are due at the end of the first month of the quarter (end of January, April, July, and October).

Please feel free to send us any questions. As a reminder, we need volunteers interested in supporting MHI finance and accounting efforts. Please contact Frank Antunez at
From the Derricks
Pinnacle Suite Owners and
New Co-Managers for MHI
Window Repair
We have surveyed the Inn and identified 14 windows that will be repaired over the next month. We started the project with the worst window in the Dining area. We completely removed the rotted wood, dried, chemically treated, hardener applied, sanded and painted - looks much better. This has been a much talked about subject over the years that we are now taking action on.

Exterior Wood Rot
After three months of work, we have completed the wood rot restoration of the Inn exterior. This should be for all visible areas up to 15 feet. We still have the fascia boards to replace along the roof edge which will be included in our final roof repair later this year. We have chemically treated each area, used original cypress to match the surface finish, sprayed foam sealant behind the wood and painted. We will continue to find rot being our location of beach and humidity but will stay on top of this and not play catch up.

Rear Shower
We replaced the outside rear shower with a new stainless steel fitting. Plans are to replace the wooden base and possibly enclose it
New Plants
Thanks to our newly elected HOA Board member, Rod Hyson, Sr. we've got a whole new series of potted plants along our porches. Rod brought them over last weekend and brought the 'Spring' back in our step.

Storage Shed
A lot being done to improve our storage bin shed. We special ordered a new fiberglass door from Home Depot, brought it over on the ferry and thanks to Pito (Christie's husband), Jomig (our Handyman Inn Keeper) and Tony Williams (Owner-Royal Palm) we got a perfect fit. We will have wood delivered this week and Pito and Jomig are building new storage shelving. Christie is in charge of this project and is excited about having 'stackable' shelf space giving us more room to access our bins. Remember just 6 months ago we had all the bins in the attic. A much improved look. 
Our personal thanks to Joan Baumer (owner-Pinnacle) who has planted and kept our herb garden out back. For some reason the herb plants are thriving. Spearmint, Rosemary, Basil and Parsley are there for your cooking enjoyment. In April Joan brought over more seedlings along with a landscape architect. This project will continue as the months progress. Feel free to reach out and offer your help.
One thing we've noticed over the past month was the number of compliments received from guests on our new bikes. To improve this we have brought out another bike rack in front to properly line the inventory. Dremel tool removed the rust stains on the handle bars. Cleaned and oiled the chains. Tires pumped. We have also ordered some MHI bike license plates. There are several owners who have pitched in during their stays to help us maintain bikes. We appreciate it and ask that you continue. It's a big help.

Owner Washer/Dryer
After years of having mechanical trouble with our owner Washer/Dryer, we have gotten Lowe's to honor their warranty and will be providing us with a new unit this month. This unit is located in the laundry room and is only to be used by owners. It's been inoperative so much over the years that many have given up using it. Hope we can change this.

See you on the island soon!

Lynn & Sophia Derrick



They arrived on April 9th by barge but it took until the 20th to get them prepped and on site. We've installed the new chargers working much like what you've used in the past. The carts in front need to be plugged into the electrical outlet when returned, then plug in the charger to the cart. Carts in the rear and side just plug in the cart.
The carts will take a little 'getting used to'. We have seat belts, rear view mirrors, HORNS, turn signals, LED headlights (that stay on until you turn the key to 'off'), pretty fancy hubcaps, a maximum speed of 18mph with a safety step down for deceleration. Each will have our MHI trademark logo on the front. We've gone to an A,B,C numbering system versus numerical. Each cart has the name of the room/suite mounted on the steering wheel. 
During the first week, we had both owners and renters and the response was terrific. We even have our marina neighbors complimenting us. After sooooo many years of discussion we have pulled this off. Thanks especially to Mike Kirk, Tim Roche, Frank Antunez, Bill Zarnoch and Dan McConnell, Owner of 'Always Ready Carts'. When you see all new carts surrounding our beautiful Inn, you will shine with pride. Our goal now - Let's take care of them.

HOA Communication

As most of you know, MHI HOA uses Constant Contact exclusively to communicate information to MHI owners. Any information being sent to your email address from any other source is not official MHI HOA communication and is not approved for distribution to HOA by the MHI HOA Board of Directors.

Thank you, we hope this will answer some of the questions we've received.
HOA Suite Reservations and Rentals

Please contact  Christie Smith at for the following HOA reservation and rental assistance 

HOA Website Now Offers Owner Exchange & Rental Options

Check out the NEW and IMPROVED Owners Only section of the HOA website.
Click on: Owners Only tab
Password: mhiowners

Check out the availability calendar and submit any weeks that you would like to trade or rent to others on the forms provided on the site.

If anyone has a small amount of time and basic knowledge of website admin/ updates the HOA could really use your time and skill. We have a webmaster but do our own updating. Please consider this volunteer opportunity!

Your Dues are Due
Please verify that you are using the following address if mailing your dues:
The Marsh Harbour Fractional Interest Association
PO Box 10712
Southport, NC 28461
Nextdoor Communication
We have set up as a way of communicating with Inn owners, and a way to communicate with owners of your suite exclusively. 
Many owners already use this program in their home neighborhoods. It is a very easy way to keep up on what is going on and to have quick updates and conversations as a group. If you are not familiar with you can check out the website before you sign up. 
Note: If you are already signed up for a Nextdoor account in your home neighborhood, you will not be able to use the same email address for your Marsh Harbour Inn Suite. You must use a separate email address.
Here's how to join our group:
1. Join the NextDoor Bald Head Wynd at this link:
2. Join Marsh Harbour Inn Owners—we are asking all owners to join this group
3. Then you ask to join private groups of the suites you own. 
Blockade Runner Owners                   
Cape Fear Owners
Captains Quarters Owners
Harbour View Owners
Ocean View Owners
Pinnacle Suite Owners
Royal Palm Owners
Ship Watch Owners
Yacht Master Owners
We are looking for an administrator for each unit. If you’d like to be the administrator for your suite, please email
Bald Head Island Club Membership 
There is a lot going on at BHI Club. As an owner at Marsh Harbour Inn you are also a member of the  Bald Head Island Club   including access to world-class golf, swimming pool, work out facility, tennis, croquet, great restaurants and many seasonal activities - see below for the Holiday Calendar of Events for BHI Club. 

BHI Club's New Aquatics Complex & Ocean View Restaurant
NOTE: If you are planning to use the club, contact them directly or check their website for updates as there have been several delays.

New features:
  • Olympic Lap Pool
  • Slide Tower and waterslides 
  • Splash Pad and Zero Entry Pool
  • Cabanas & Trellis
  • Cabana Bar & Casual Ocean View Restaurat

If you go to   and click on Activities, Aquatics you can see the plans and there is also a section for the Membership rates that you can view .

To take advantage of your membership you must register for a Temporary Membership for the days you plan to use the club or participate in events..   

BHI Club Temporary Membership Fees

May 21 - Oct 31
Daily $35
2-3 Day $60
4-7 $90

Nov - Dec
Daily $25
2-3 Day $40
4-7 $65

* green fees and activity fees are extra

For more information and temporary usage fee, call  910-457-7320. 
Calendar of Upcoming Events

Island Nature Tours  - Every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9a-11p
BHI Conservancy 910-457-0089

Kids Activities - ongoing
BHI Conservancy 910-457-0089 

Island Outdoor Activities .


May 25 - 27 Memorial Day Weekend Celebration

May 27 - Turtle Trot
Move as fast or slow as you’d like in this 5K where proceeds 
go to support the Bald Head Island Conservancy’s Sea Turtle 
Protection Program. Details

May 27 - Side Porch Oyster Roast on Sunday, May 27th 5pm.
The fun takes place at the Maritime Market Forest Pavilion and features live music by Mark Daffer, along with an incredible spread of Chef Marc's fresh steamed oysters, steamed old bay shrimp, pulled pork barbecue, roasted chicken, and a host of sides and other goodies.
$32.95/adults or $16.95/children under 12. Add a steamed Live Maine Lobster for just $25. Beer & wine will be available by the glass, or just step into the Market and select your favorite bottle or six-pack and bring it out to your table. Seats are limited, so register early at ] .

May 29th - Howl at the Moon Memorial Day (Monday, May 29)
Sponsored by: Wendy Wilmot Properties
  • 7:00pm till 9:00 pm
  • Sunset: 8:16pm Moonrise: 8:23pm


June Turtle Trots
June 6, 13, 20, 27
Move as fast or slow as you’d like in this 5K where proceeds 
go to support the Bald Head Island Conservancy’s Sea Turtle 
Protection Program. Details

June 1-2 North Carolina Treasures Weekend

June 1 - Swine and Spirit
A night to savor at the Maritime Pavilion

June 2 Gala in White with the Magnificents Band
6pm - 10pm in the Clubhouse
$65++ Members. $75++ NonMembers. Adults Only.

June 15-17 - Pirate Invasion  
The Pirates are returning to Bald Head Island!!  The Pirate Invasion takes place the weekend of June 15 - 17, and the weekend is sponsored by many of the island's businesses and homeowners, and coordinated by BHI Pirate Invasion, Inc. The weekend will include visiting the Pirate’s camp, sea battle, and party with the Pirates, musical performances, magic, sword fighting demonstration, The School of the Sailor, treasure hunt, and so much more.  
For updated information, tickets and opportunities to get involved visit the facebook page  

June 28th - Howl at the Moon
Sponsored by: Revel Design and Ann Liles Photography
  • 7:30pm till 9:30 pm
  • Sunset: 8:26pm Moonrise: 8:52pm

June 29 - July 4th Weekend Celebration
Fourth of July is one of the most festive times of the year on Bald Head Island! Opportunities for fun abound, from Ghost Walks to kayak trips through the marsh. Get patriotic with the Annual Golf Cart Parade on July 4th, now a fundraiser for the Old Baldy Foundation. Don't miss the Cardboard Boat Race at the BHI Club either! 


July Turtle Trots
July 11, 18, 25
Move as fast or slow as you’d like in this 5K where proceeds 
go to support the Bald Head Island Conservancy’s Sea Turtle 
Protection Program. Details

July 27th - Howl at the Moon
Sponsored by: Shoals Club
  • 7:00pm till 9:00 pm
  • Sunset: 8:16pm Moonrise: 8:18pm

Note: membership is required for the following activities. See membership details above.

  May 27 ~ Memorial Day Cookout with The Red, White and Bluegrass Band
 the Red, White and Blue Band
 4:00 - 8:00pm Behind the Clubhouse
 $20.95++ Adults, $12.95++ Ages 4-11, 3 & under is complimentary.

May 29 ~ Croquet Demo with BBQ & Beer
Join the BHI Croquet Club for a special Croquet Demo &  BBQ Event with special croquet exhibition guests: David Maloof versus Sherif Abdelwahab narrated by Croquet Club Pro Jeff Soo.
Following the demo, enjoy beer and BBQ along with informal play from 4:00-7:00pm.
All white attire- equipment available from the Golf Shop.
$23.00++ Adults. Please add tax and gratuity.
Call to register: 910.457.7300.

June 2~ Gala in White with the Magnificents Band
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm in The Clubhouse
$65.00++ Members, $75.00++Non-Members- Adult Only Event

June 16 ~ Havana Night Cuban Themed Party
6:00-10:00 pm in The Clubhouse
$29.95++ Adults. $19.95++ Children 4-11, 3 & under is complimentary

June 17 ~ Father's Day BBQ
4:00-8:00 pm
Live music by  A Full Dish
$24.00++ / 10.00++ Children 4-11, 3 & under is complimentary

July 4 ~ Family Seafood Festival
Must Pre-Register for this exciting event!
4:00-7:00 pm 
Behind The Clubhouse
$35.00++ Adults. $16.00++ Children 4-11, 3 & under is complimentary
Other Helpful Links

Riverside Adventure Co. Rentals and activities

Bald Head Island Beach Report for a complete report on wind & surf conditions

To subscribe to Claude Pope's daily news about activities on BHI  go t o   and follow the links

The Village Voice - subscribe for news
Contact Information
Tim Roche - President
Mike Kirk - Vice President
Cathie Ostrowski - Secretary
Frank Antunez - Treasurer
David Baumer - Board Member - Legal
Liz Dion - Board Member - Marketing

Lynn Derrick - Co-Manager
Sophia Derick - Co-Manager

Christie Smith - Innkeeper

(910) 448-0717 Innkeeper on Duty