November - December 2018
As the season changes, we want to let you know about the upcoming activities at Marsh Harbour Inn.
We hope this newsletter is useful in planning your next visit and staying in touch. We look forward to seeing you soon. Safe travels.
Message from the President

Last week we announced the re-opening of our Inn.

I arrived Saturday morning to visit firsthand the state of the Island; more specifically our Inn.

I'm sharing my observations after two days of driving our carts and walking what seemed like the entire Island.

My thoughts may be influenced by the sheer beauty and tranquility of a MHI sunrise as I sit on the back porch sipping coffee.

Yes the Island is feeling the effect of uncertainty as we transition from state of emergency to soft opening to every day we get a little stronger.

I know there has been much written and many detailed accounts of Florence’s impact so my sharing will be about today and tomorrow.

We're good, the Island is good and its time to come back and re-connect.

Yes, the service level is softer everywhere you go however the beaches, Harbour and Maritime Forest are as beautiful as ever.

Yes, there's still reminders of the storm; debris, trees and limbs line some roads however this becomes less cumbersome as the town completes the final phase of clean up.

Our Inn:
Please read the update from our GM/Owners for more detail on plans to refurbish once the Insurance report is confirmed and settled.

The adjuster updated report was submitted with comprehensive details, we will provide more information by Mid- November on this outcome.

All rooms are operational with the exception of Harbour view (unit 7) which will remain closed until significant work is completed.

In fractional ownership we all share in the operations of our Inn. A disaster like Florence validates our concept. In this spirit of sharing; if you have open time in your units not effected please advise Christie and she could extend this beautiful gesture to those owners of Harbour View.

As we transition from Halloween to the season of Thanks let me share first…

1-   Lynn, Sophia, Christy, Sarah, Ashley, Beth and Jomig: We are operational because of your hard work. You understood what was required getting the Inn open. You coordinated these efforts to gain Health Department’s approval in record time. Without these efforts and determination, we would still be closed.

2-   My fellow Board members who have spent countless hours preparing before and after the storm, the discussions and counseling on so many issues, you all were just outstanding, patient and productive.

3-   Our owners, your support and good wishes made all the difference in helping us all stay focused and motivated.

As in any disaster there are varied levels of pain, this is no different, MHI came through this event better than most. In review the preparation before and after made a huge difference in minimizing additional damages.

Spring of 2019; our Inn will be a source of pride, Why? Because of your support, the dedication of our staff and the management of our assets.

We will provide relevant updates as ready. You may expect 100 % transparency and please reach out at any time to ask questions or share a suggestion.

Be well be safe..

Happy Thanksgiving,

Financial Update

Financial Performance Continues to be Favorable
YTD at the close of September 2018, we continue to report operating expenses favorable to budget by approximately $10K. Despite incremental costs associated with clean up and work to bring the Inn back to operating condition after Hurricane Florence, savings in various areas in Q3, particularly supplies and labor offset the unplanned expenses and we were able to maintain the favorable trend versus budget. 
Savings versus budget are driven by:
  • less than budgeted payroll expenses by $4.7K;
  • lower maintenance costs by $6.1K as a result of the great work Lynn is doing to reduce costs in this area; 
  • lower supplies cost by $1.8K related to Sophia's efforts;
  • offset by higher utilities by $(2.3)K, mainly resulting from strong occupancy rates during peak season, and new, higher rates in water and energy.   

Hurricane Related Finances
We have done a significant amount or work to identify the cost of the damages associated with the hurricane, including costs of repairs and restoration. Those costs will be accounted for under a separate section of our Profit and Loss reports. We haven't received an amount or indication to date from the insurance company on how much exactly we will recover but all efforts are focused on maximizing those proceeds. We can't start any major repairs or report expenses until we have a final word from the insurance inspectors. We are optimistic insurance proceeds will cover planned restoration expenses. As soon as we have this information we will make it available.

Dues Collection 
Thank you all who have been diligent in sending your dues and assessment payments. We continue to make every effort to collect on all past due dues and assessments. We have set up a system of close dues controls and going forward we will be relying on our covenants to put into effect the suspension of rights of use of property and rental rights to any owner that is in arrears. Please remember we provide ample payment terms of thirty (30) days upon issuance of dues invoices for the quarter (dues must be paid by the end of the first month of the quarter), and invoices related to assessments within 30 days of issuance.   

Please feel free to contact Frank Antunez, Treasurer, or Becky Walker, our accounts bookkeeper, if you have any questions concerning Inn financial matters at:

Thank you,
Frank Antunez

From the Derricks
Pinnacle Suite Owners and
Co-Managers for MHI
After weeks of hard work by the staff to get the Inn opened back up, things are starting to return to normal. Highlighted a bit by 25+ trick or treaters visiting the Inn this past Saturday. Christie and team put the Halloween decorations out and welcomed the crowed. 

We are currently waiting to hear back from the insurance adjuster. Where we go from here will depend on how supportive the monies are. We have received quotes for the roof and for restoring Room 7 so this will be the base line in our negotiations. 

Currently we are scheduled to start the roof construction on or around November 30. We should have the lift on site by December 1 so repairs will begin along with exterior painting. 

A reminder that we will not have hot food during breakfast during this construction period. 

We are also working to purchase cart covers. These are easy to install and interchange so we are looking to purchase only a few initial sets to share. More details on this next month. 

We will continue to keep open transparency on all the improvements and repairs and welcome and questions. Just contact us directly. 

Lynn and Sophia Derrick
Welcome New MHI Owners!

Please reach out and welcome our newest MHI owners:

Shannon and Charles Ruykhaver - Shipwatch week C

Marilyn Held - Royal Palm week H

Lesle McClure - Shipwatch week D

Fred Bunn - Ocean Vista week G and Blockade week C

Matthew and Ellen Crite - Yachtmaster week F
Developer's Message

Over the past 30 years I've experienced many Hurricanes here on Bald Head. Florence beyond a doubt was the worst, from the anticipation of it being a cat 3 or 4 to the agonizing images from satellite photos it struck fear into our hearts. There were six brave couples that stayed on Island and found themselves marooned by the 30 inches of rain. The wind and the flooding left their mark. The good news is that our little island paradise survived and our brave team of Island first responders have restored all island services. The business community together with islanders have done an amazing job of restoring normal. Clean up is still underway but by Thanksgiving we will all breath a sigh of relief, and have much to be be thankful for. 

Bald Head Island is a amazing work of Mother Nature at her best. The greenery of new growth has begun, the birds are returning with there morning greetings, the beaches are waiting for your first steps, and our magnificent ocean has once again returned with gentle lapping waves beckoning us to come and relax and ponder God's majesty. 

A big thanks to our team leaders, the Derricks, and we could not have done it without our amazing staff led by that special lady moving quietly and steadfastly from room to room, Christie. 

Come soon and enjoy your Marsh Harbour Inn. We are open and back at making memories!!

Rod Sr
Happy Halloween!

A spooktacular event at Marsh Harbour Inn!
Innkeeper's Corner

It’s great to see owners again and was even more welcoming to pop our fresh popcorn once again. 

We have been working on the breakfast menu that will include everything you’ve been used too except the hot stuff. 

During this recovery period we really scrubbed the rooms like never before. We used cleaning solutions recommended by the county health inspector. All rooms are now approved except 7. For owners of 7 we will do our best to find you accommodations in another room but you need to give us ample time. We cannot do this for renters of your unit. 

We’ve spent a lot of time with the Derricks lately and it has been great teamwork. We all got to know each other a little bit better and had fun doing it. Lynn cooked for us last week. Asked him to spoil you with his homemade pizza receipe!

Your Innkeeper,
Christe Smith

Shipping Reminder.....
If you are having anything shipped to the Inn, be sure to include: PO Box #3075.
Below is how you can address it knowing some places will not ship to a PO Box.

Marsh Harbour Inn 3075
21 Keelson Row
Bald Head Island, N.C. 28461

Be Sure to Send Your Arrival Confirmation!

Please be sure to send your arrival confirmation at least two weeks prior to your visit.
The MHI ARRIVAL CONFIRMATION form is now located online in the Owners Only section of the HOA website. Simply fill in your information and send!

If you are planning to let someone else (renter, family, friends...) use your suite, be sure to have them fill out the MHI RENT EXCHANGE CONFIRMATION FORM located in the Owners Only section and send to Innkeeper.

Password: mhiowners
MHI HOA Communication Policy

As a result of numerous recent communications from various sources regarding MHI HOA, it's important to remind all owners of the MHI HOA communication policy. This policy provides consistency and accuracy in the delivery of MHI HOA business communication.

All official HOA communication including communication requirements outlined in Section 4.05 and 4.06 of our Covenants should be sent through the HOA Secretary using the official HOA database of owners. Owners that do not follow the Covenants may risk voiding the sale. Covenants 4.05 and 4.06 are located on the website under the Owners Only section on the "Sales" tab.

Password: mhiowners
HOA Website Now Offers an
HOA Owner Rental & Exchange Opportunity

Check out the Availability Rentals tab

If you would like to post your suite "For Rent" on our HOA website, simply fill out the MHI RENT EXCHANGE RELEASE FORM located on the HOA website under the Owners Only section - Admin.

Watch your email for full instructions.
For a tutorial, or walk through of the new HOA website and Owner opportunities, please contact Liz

Note: the MHI Innkeeper will only post your unit and contact information on our website. As the owner, you will be the direct contact for negotiating rates, managing and collecting rents unless you choose to use a real estate professional.
Helpful Links:

(located on HOA website- Owners Only - ADMIN)


Any time you rent or trade your unit you MUST alert the Innkeeper by submitting the MHI RENT EXCHANGE CONFIRMATION FORM - located on the HOA website under the Owners Only section - Admin.
Is Social Media Your Thing?

We are looking for someone that would like to manage the social media for MHI. There are so many opportunities for fun sharing of photos and posts of our family and friends. Our website has a place for a collection of family stories and photos....just looking for the right person to jump in! Please let us know if you are interested!
Suites For Sale
From time to time owners may to decide to sell a suite or purchase another suite at Marsh Harbour Inn. To help facilitate this process, the HOA will provide an updated list of suites available for sale at the reception desk including a description of what it means to be a fractional owner and part of our Marsh Harbour Inn family.

If you are interested in selling one of your suites and would like to be added to the flyer, please contact Liz at If you are interested in purchasing another suite, please ask the Innkeeper for a copy of the most current list.

NEW: A list of all available suites for sale is located on the Owners Only section under "Sales"
Nextdoor Communication
We have set up as a way of communicating with Inn owners, and a way to communicate with owners of your suite exclusively. 

Many owners already use this program in their home neighborhoods. It is a very easy way to keep up on what is going on and to have quick updates and conversations as a group. If you are not familiar with you can check out the website before you sign up. 
Note: If you are already signed up for a Nextdoor account in your home neighborhood, you will not be able to use the same email address for your Marsh Harbour Inn Suite. You must use a separate email address.
Here's how to join our group:
1. Join the NextDoor Bald Head Wynd at this link:
2. Join Marsh Harbour Inn Owners—we are asking all owners to join this group
3. Then you ask to join private groups of the suites you own. 
Blockade Runner Owners                   
Cape Fear Owners
Captains Quarters Owners
Harbour View Owners
Ocean View Owners
Pinnacle Suite Owners
Royal Palm Owners
Ship Watch Owners
Yacht Master Owners
We are looking for an administrator for each unit. If you’d like to be the administrator for your suite, please email
Bald Head Island Club Membership 
As an owner at Marsh Harbour Inn you are also a member of the  Bald Head Island Club   including access to world-class golf, swimming pool, work out facility, tennis, croquet, great restaurants and many seasonal activities - see below for the Calendar of Events at BHI Club. 

All Restaurants except the Palms are now open, weather permitting.
These restaurants include the Grill, the Palm Terrace, and the Pelic an Grill.

The front nine are open, but the back nine are not.    

BHI Club Temporary Membership Fees
To take advantage of your membership you must register for a Temporary Membership for the days you plan to use the club or participate in events..

Nov - Dec
  • Daily $25
  • 2-3 Day $40
  • 4-7 $65

* green fees and activity fees are extra

For more information and temporary usage fee, call  910-457-7300. 
Calendar of Upcoming Events

Island Nature Tours  - Every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9a-11p
BHI Conservancy 910-457-0089

Kids Activities - ongoing
BHI Conservancy 910-457-0089 

Island Outdoor Activities .


November 22 - Thanksgiving Brunch BHI Club

November 23 - Holiday Craft Workshop BHI Club

November 23 - Howl at the Moon
4:30pm - 6:30pm

November 24 - Posh Pet Parade BHI Club
Registration 1:30pm


December 22 - Howl at the Moon
4pm - 6pm

Note: membership is required for the following activities. See membership details above.

Other Helpful Links

Riverside Adventure Co. Rentals and activities

Bald Head Island Beach Report for a complete report on wind & surf conditions

To subscribe to Claude Pope's daily news about activities on BHI  go t o   and follow the links

The Village Voice - subscribe for news Bald Head Buddies
Contact Information
Tim Roche - President
Mike Kirk - Vice President
Cathie Ostrowski - Secretary
Frank Antunez - Treasurer
David Baumer - Board Member - Legal
Liz Dion - Board Member - Marketing
Rod Hyson - Developer

Lynn Derrick - Co-Manager
Sophia Derick - Co-Manager

Christie Smith - Innkeeper

(910) 448-0717 Innkeeper on Duty