MARSH HARBOUR INN.............BALD HEAD ISLAND NC...............JULY - AUGUST 2019
July - August 2019
With Summer here, we want to let you know about the upcoming activities at Marsh Harbour Inn.
We hope this newsletter is useful in planning your next visit and staying in touch. We look forward to seeing you soon. Safe travels.
MHI HOA Annual Meeting Notes are Now On-line
Message from the President

“Hot time, summer in the city, MHI owners looking at the Pretty.”

That could be the flowers blooming around our deck, boats floating in and out of the Harbour, walking the beaches as the tide rolls, enjoying the all the great updates at the BHI Club or just plain rocking and relaxing.

Summer has arrived and hope as your week pops you are enjoying. The BOD had our initial meeting, now with the elections concluded and new members seated, we continue our work.

First let me reinforce our gratitude to Liz Dion and David Baumer for countless hours and contribution over their three-year term – much was accomplished.  It is important to remember that without our volunteer members assisting as they do two things are certain:

1-      Your dues would be significantly higher
2-      This level of dedication cannot be matched with a W-2.

So big thank you to all who stand up and step forward.

New Board:
We'd like to announce that Amy Glasgow, Lesle McClure and Cathie Ostrowski were elected/re-elected to the BOD. We know that their energy and experience will be wonderful contributions as we continue to improve our physical space and owners’ level of trust and satisfaction in their investment. A special thanks to Mickey Glasgow for assuming some Website and Newsletter duties.

2019 Agenda:

What to expect?
First, you will receive within the next two weeks a detailed questionnaire — an opportunity to help us understand what you’re thinking, what you would like to see in improvements to physical issues, management systems and amenities.

Once we compile our data the BOD will create an action plan and work with our financial resources to allocate funds based on priorities of need.

The intent is to provide a 24-month outreach and review void of assessment while keeping a close lid on operating expenditures. We all recognize the value equation MHI is offering and will not lose sight of that commitment.

Please spend time reading the contribution from our team, as being informed is critical to our mission.

Have a wonderful and safe summer.

Tim Roche
President MHI BOD
Financial Update

Financial Highlights YTD May 2019

As of 5/31/2019 total expenses were reported at $150.5K or $(8.1)K unfavorable versus budget. Operating expenses continued to be properly managed but seasonality in the budget and hurricane recovery activity are driving the unfavorable variance (see chart showing declining variance to budget over the first months of the year). We don’t expect costs during the second half of the year to be different from budget. Lynn and Sophia helped us set an operating expense benchmark last year and along with a cost conscious staff continue to adhere extremely well to the budget. Expenses to date include approximately $(2.0)K in increased accounting expenses to track and record hurricane costs, and an additional $(1.5)K in travel expenses approved by the Board for our Inn Managers to participate in an offsite national bed-and-breakfast conference in Q1, bringing service and experience improvement ideas to the Inn.

Cash Balance

Cash at the end of May was reported at $169K, one of the strongest balances we have seen in years. Dues to be collected at 5/31/19 totaled $113K. The recovery of dues has been increasing with improved seasonal traffic and is mainly tied to properties owned by Zarnoch-Hyson. We continue to work with Z-H closely on this effort. But we also have amounts in arrears by other owners and we will drive collection processes changes to fully eliminate dues in arrears.

Hurricane Recovery Expenses

Total expenses reported to date related to hurricane recovery efforts are reported at $149K; further work is planned and pending. The tracking and accounting for hurricane expenses has been disciplined with line item reviews of all costs and separate reporting in the financial system. 

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee has now been organized. I would like to extend and big welcome to Amy Glasgow and Jay Jones and thank them for the volunteer efforts. We continue to receive the day to day accounting support from Becky Walker.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Frank Antunez, Treasurer at or (704) 277-2841

For all accounting matters and communication with Becky Walker please use the address

Please remember dues are due on the last day of the first month of the quarter.

From the Derricks
Pinnacle Suite Owners and
Co-Managers for MHI
The season is in full swing. The island is full of carts and bikes and vacationers. The new pools at The Bald Head Island Club are getting rave reviews. Almost every slip in the marina is occupied. And we are preparing to enter our own Marsh Harbour Inn cart in the 4 th of July parade this Thursday.

Thanks to Amy and Mickey Glasgow for their efforts to help support the event which will include hotdogs and beverages for those staying at the Inn.

We are very pleased with the results of our Spring landscaping. With the new plants, added mulch and weekly weed spraying, the beds around the Inn ALL look inviting, especially the central courtyard. We’ve also replaced all the flags out front – North Carolina, US and MHI. After a few hurricanes they were starting to look a little weathered.
We will soon begin the painting of both the eaves and fascia boards.

You will see this effort for most of the summer. We are taking our time to carefully prepare the surfaces and reach some difficult heights. It will really brighten the Inn when we are finished.

We have an ongoing list of maintenance items so let us know if you need something added. We’ve replaced the HVAC units in both the ShipWatch and Ocean Vista this month. Working with a local plumber on numerous small repairs. Have repaired and painted all the bikes although this will be the last summer before they will all be replaced. Planning to replace exterior doors in September including the Captains Quarters and the two central breezeway doors. Two new commercial washers will be installed next week by Lowes. And most importantly, replaced the popcorn machine this week!

We added two new staff members for the summer. Katie to help with housekeeping and Ben who is working Thursday and Sundays. Ben can help you with loading and unloading on Thursday when you arrive/depart. This past week we arrived with a load for a two week stay and it was the best $20 tip I could give as he helped carry luggage up 3 flights of stairs. Ben is also helping with landscaping, cleaning carts and maintaining bikes. A great addition to the Inn.

We are planning to attend the Professional Association of International Innkeepers (PAII) annual conference in January 2020. It will be held in North Myrtle Beach with over 400 B&B’s from 48 states in tow. We gained so many ideas when we attended last January. Ideas that we’ve been incorporating into our own Inn. We will be taking both Christie and Sarah this year.
On an important side note, the property directly behind the Inn was surveyed two months ago. We were concerned that one day we would have new construction and a new house in our backyard. However, the property was deeded to the Island Conservancy so it will stay in a native state for years to come. A nice surprise.

A reminder to care for your carts . These have become a major asset for us. Everyone compliments on their quality. They have improved our ‘brand’ on the island as people see the MHI logo going in every direction and parked at the market. We are having them professionally inspected on a regular basis and battery levels are checked every week.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Inn.

The GM Team,
Innkeepers Corner

We had our annual surprise inspection from the county health inspector last week at 8am during breakfast. We have been scoring 100% the last several years but I’m disappointed to say we only scored 99% on the kitchen but scored 100% for lodging. Believe it or not the inspector took one point away for a single coke bottle that was sitting on the counter! That’s how picky they are!

We love our furry friends but a kind reminder to keep them on leashes especially on the property and remember to scoop the poop. Everyone seems to really enjoy the new dog walk out front too.

We continue to get rave reviews on our new breakfast casseroles. Each of us – Sarah, Jomig and I – add our own personal touches to our baked delights. For those of you that love scrambled eggs, we still make them a few days each week.

We have been struggling with laundry the last month as one of our two main washers went down. We’re so happy to have two new very large commercial washers coming in next week. This will increase our load capacity by one third saving us valuable laundry time. You know when you are here how much time we spend in that dear laundry room.

Hope to see you this summer!
Friendly Reminder: As per our MHI HOA Covenants, owners must be current on dues and assessments to participate in elections unless special arrangements have been made with the BOD. Section 6.04
Thank You for your Tips!

While we don't offer valets, a butler or even servers at our morning breakfast; we're pretty sure most owners are aware of the great efforts that our incredible MHI staff go to make everything just right for your visit. To that end, we wanted to share a guide for tipping from Southern Living. While it's customary to leave $3-5 per day, if you bring your furry pet (owners only), please consider that, as well!!
Sales and Rentals Update
Summer has arrived at last and we are seeing a resurgence of interest to be on Bald Head Island. The past nine months have seen the Island go from the dark days after the storm to Mother Nature turning 
on all her charm and energy of renewal. 

The islands contractors are still busy repairing homes, many homes have had new roofs and facelifts adding more charm to our beautiful Island. Our beaches have been restored to their pristine condition and our new BHI Club brings an added treasure to Island living. 

We are encouraged with the renewed interest in rentals. Our spring season saw rentals off by 21% Island wide. 

The storm impacted sales on the island but having been an Islander for over 30 years I can tell you that Bald Head will return to its resilient self and sales will pick up. Over the past year we have sold four suites having an average sales price of $46,000.00, and three single rooms averaging $24,000.00 each. 
The Inn has never had a stronger presence, our staff is amazing, and the facility has never looked better. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Liz and David for their hard work on the BOD over the past three years. 
Looking forward to seeing you around the Island.

Rod Hyson
Bald Head Island Rentals
Shipping Reminder.....
If you are having anything shipped to the Inn, be sure to include: PO Box #3075.
Below is the address in case you need a non-PO Box address:

Marsh Harbour Inn 3075
21 Keelson Row
Bald Head Island, N.C. 28461
The New 2019 Owners' Week Schedule
is now posted on the HOA website

We're Looking Forward to Your Arrival!

Please be sure to send your arrival confirmation at least two weeks prior to your visit.
The MHI ARRIVAL CONFIRMATION form is now located online in the Owners Only section of the HOA website. Simply fill in your information and send!

If you are planning to let someone else (renter, family, friends...) use your suite, be sure to have them fill out the MHI RENT EXCHANGE CONFIRMATION FORM located in the Owners Only section and send to Innkeeper.
HOA Website:
Owners Only Password: mhiowners
HOA Website Now Offers HOA
Owner Rental & Exchange Opportunity

Check out the Availability Rentals tab

If you would like to exchange your week with other owners or make it available for rent, you can do this on our HOA website! Simply fill out the MHI RENT EXCHANGE RELEASE FORM located on the HOA website under the Owners Only section - Admin.

Note: the MHI Innkeeper will only post your unit and contact information on our website. As the owner, you will be the direct contact for negotiating rates, managing and collecting rents unless you choose to use a real estate professional.
Helpful Links:

(located on HOA website- Owners Only - ADMIN)

Any time you rent or trade your unit you  MUST  alert the Innkeeper by submitting the MHI RENT EXCHANGE CONFIRMATION FORM - located on the HOA website under the Owners Only section - Admin.
Suites For Sale
From time to time owners may to decide to sell a suite or purchase another suite at Marsh Harbour Inn. To help facilitate this process, the HOA will provide an updated list of suites available for sale at the reception desk including a description of what it means to be a fractional owner and part of our Marsh Harbour Inn family.

If you are interested in selling one of your suites and would like to be added to the flyer, please contact Liz at If you are interested in purchasing another suite, please ask the Innkeeper for a copy of the most current list.

NEW: A list of all available suites for sale is located on the Owners Only section under "Sales"
Nextdoor Communication
We have set up as a way of communicating with Inn owners, and a way to communicate with owners of your suite exclusively. 

Many owners already use this program in their home neighborhoods. It is a very easy way to keep up on what is going on and to have quick updates and conversations as a group. If you are not familiar with you can check out the website before you sign up. 
Note: If you are already signed up for a Nextdoor account in your home neighborhood, you will not be able to use the same email address for your Marsh Harbour Inn Suite. You must use a separate email address.
Here's how to join our group:
1. Join the NextDoor Bald Head Wynd at this link:
2. Join Marsh Harbour Inn Owners—we are asking all owners to join this group
3. Then you ask to join private groups of the suites you own. 
Blockade Runner Owners                   
Cape Fear Owners
Captains Quarters Owners
Harbour View Owners
Ocean View Owners
Pinnacle Suite Owners
Royal Palm Owners
Ship Watch Owners
Yacht Master Owners
We are looking for an administrator for each unit. If you’d like to be the administrator for your suite, please email
Bald Head Island Club Membership 
As an owner at Marsh Harbour Inn you are also a member of the  Bald Head Island Club   including access to world-class golf, swimming pool, work out facility, tennis, croquet, great restaurants and many seasonal activities - see below for the Calendar of Events at BHI Club. 

BHI Club Temporary Membership Fees
To take advantage of your membership you must register for a Temporary Membership for the days you plan to use the club or participate in events..

Jan - Mar
  • Daily $25
  • 3 Day $30
  • Week - $40

April - October
  • Daily $45
  • 3 Day $60
  • Week - $60

* green fees and activity fees are extra:
Jan. and Feb. are $85 for 18 holes and $65 for nine holes. 
March 1919 the greens fees are $95 for 18 holes and $75 for 9 holes.

For more information and temporary usage fee, call  910-457-7300. 
Calendar of Upcoming Events

Island Nature Tours  - Every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9a-11p
BHI Conservancy 910-457-0089

Kids Activities - ongoing
BHI Conservancy 910-457-0089 

Island Outdoor Activities .


JULY 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 - Turtle Trots
Run as fast or as slow as you’d like in this 5K where proceeds go to support the Bald Head Island Conservancy’s Sea Turtle Protection Program.

JULY 8, 15, 22, 29 - Sunset Celebrations
Join us for this street and beach party hosted by Riverside Adventure Co.

July 4 - Annual BHI Golf Cart Parade and MHI Owners Hotdog BBQ

July 4 Seafood Festival
BHI Club*

July 16 - Howl at the Moon


August 2 – National Lighthouse Weekend

August 6 – Wine and Canvas
BHI Club*

August 15 – Howl at the Moon
7:00 – 9:00

August 30 – Labor Day Weekend


September 2 - Labor Day Pool Party
BHI Club*

September 6 – Fire Pit Friday
BHI Club*

September 13 – Howl at the Moon

September 17 – Farm to Table Wine Dinner
BHI Club*

Note: membership is required for the following activities. See membership details above.

Other Helpful Links

Riverside Adventure Co. Rentals and activities

Bald Head Island Beach Report for a complete report on wind & surf conditions

To subscribe to Claude Pope's daily news about activities on BHI  go t o   and follow the links

The Village Voice - subscribe for news

Contact Information
Tim Roche - President
Mike Kirk - Vice President
Cathie Ostrowski - Secretary
Frank Antunez - Treasurer
Lesle McClure - Board Member - Maintenance
Amy Glasgow - Board Member - Finance
Rod Hyson - Developer

Lynn Derrick - Co-Manager
Sophia Derick - Co-Manager

Christie Smith - Innkeeper

(910) 448-0717 Innkeeper on Duty