MARSH HARBOUR INN..................BALD HEAD ISLAND NC............July & August 2018
July August 2018
As the season changes, we want to let you know about the upcoming activities at Marsh Harbour Inn.
We hope this newsletter is useful in planning your next visit and staying in touch. We look forward to seeing you soon. Safe travels.
Message from the President

Major activities are the only way to introduce our MHI July/August newsletter.

Please take time to read thoroughly, respecting our dedicated volunteers and staff who are reporting updates and worthy news.

Speaking of volunteer’s, a special welcome and thanks to Amy Glasgow; chairing the first ever July4 th event that's sure to bring many prospects and Island visitors to our door step. (more details below). This event will continue the momentum created by the Easter (Peter Rabbit) children’s party at our Inn. Liz and Christie’s efforts paved the way for the HOA supporting events in 2018 bringing visibility and goodwill for our properties.

David Gregerson has also committed to share his time to help prepare tracking on rental history and assist Frank in the Financial area. Again, I continue to be amazed by the contributions the Derricks are making, if cloning was only an option...

You are all welcome to join us, lots of great ideas to share just need willing participants to step up.. so come on down..

As you may know from recent communication your board approved and released details on our plan to remedy the roof, rotten wood, paint and outfit the new carts w/seasonal covers. Yes, there is an assessment to fund this upgrade; My POV, this action illustrates the value of fractional ownership where many hands share the financial load as we all enjoy its benefits.

Last BOD meeting was a great success, Rod Sr our new addition to the team offered many good suggestions and his experience was evident. Rod and Liz are working closely to upgrade practice and procedure to raise visibility on sales and rentals of all properties. Important for all to know; The HOA is not involved in selling or renting MHI units , we feel our effort and focus should be improving the awareness by providing the tools (new website) so owners who choose these options can look forward to greater success ultimately supporting the value equation of our properties. If any owner has questions on how to navigate these tools please contact Liz Dion directly.

Rod Jr is making good progress on implementing a platform to load owners available inventory to increase rental opportunities. Final date TBD shortly. Our ultimate goal is to have a system that seamlessly brings increased awareness and a user-friendly experience to the booking process.

In closing, were making progress, good things are happening at the Inn, the neighbors and visitors are noticing the improvements, were gaining important financial procedure, discipline and the results are encouraging. The pride in the eyes of our owners and staff is a bit brighter, lots of good chatter, yes, keep your fingers crossed, I think we may be trending!

My best and hope all are enjoying their summer safety both on and off the Island.

Tim Roche
Financial Update

Our financial performance continues to be on track as of the end of May versus budget estimates. Lynn and Sophia are running the Inn in the most judicious way possible and it will give us clear insight into true costs of running the Inn going forward. We are a few thousand dollars below budget and expect to end the second quarter in a similar way. We will issue a second quarter and year to date performance report in our next newsletter.   

As discussed during our annual meeting, the Board with significant due diligence from Lynn Derrick, Mike Kirk, and Rod Hyson, has decided on a final proposal on the roof repair. We estimate an assessment equivalent to ONE (1) quarter dues, to be issued in the month of July to owners of record as of June 30, 2018, managed and collected separately from our standard dues, and due 30 days from the date of notice. It's important the assessment contributions are paid promptly as we can't contract the work and start the roof project until we have all funds available. The roof repair project is expected to cost $90K, including contingencies of $10K, and with the remaining funds we will support the purchase of cart covers. Funds not required for contingencies will be transferred to reserves at the completion of the project.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you have interest in volunteering on the finance committee please email me at . I would like to thank David Gregerson for his offer to assist with finance and accounting efforts!  

Frank A, Treasurer

Please verify that you are using the following address if mailing your dues:
The Marsh Harbour Fractional Interest Association
PO Box 10712
Southport, NC 28461
From the Derricks
Pinnacle Suite Owners and
New Co-Managers for MHI
We are in the high season and the island has not seen traffic like this in years. Examples are numerous - record numbers taking the ferry, vacation homes rented to capacity and even The Maritime Market can’t find enough staff for the summer. Closer to home, Christie had to turn away 5 walk-ins this week as we were fully booked. 
We’ve had a lot of compliments from owners and guests over the improvements seen throughout the Inn, notably the new golf carts.

So, what’s next?

In a separate email this week we will be sharing the work we’ve been doing since February to properly and competitively find an avenue to replace the final sections of roof, replace the rotten fascia boards and paint. This will close a chapter which has been debated for years and will instill more confidence in the future of our Inn. 
Also, as part of the upcoming assessment for the roof, we will include the purchase of high end cart covers that will slide into the fitted slots and give individual curtain access to each seat. You can see them on display at  Always Ready  behind The Market. 
On a lighter side we want to thank many of the owners, notably Joan Baumer, for helping us plant and maintain the wonderful herb garden in the back. Feel free to pick and use as needed and please water when you can. 

We are also shopping for a new, modern ice maker. Rather than the hand access type by the back door, the health department will require a self-dispensing ice maker much like what you see in most hotels. 
We've been doing a lot to improve the breakfast experience - small things like music in the background, cheese and salsa for breakfast tortillas and homemade waffles. A lot of compliments so far and we will continue to improve.

The new on line reservation system is being brought up by Rod Hyson Jr.. We highly recommend that you register/contract your unit with him for adding into the inventory. We've seen the demo and it's a 3-click away from making an online reservation. We estimate it will take until October to get the system loaded and tested and fully operational. Most important we need to let the high season die down first.
We hope you are enjoying the new carts and especially our custom MHI logos that adorn the front. We are going to "show off" the carts in the 4th of July parade (details included in the newsletter), something we've never done before. No more cart problems or embarrassment when driving the island. No more covers that flap in the winds. We call it the new  Marsh Harbour Inn Pride .

Hope to see you at the Inn this summer!

Innkeeper's Corner

With summer in full swing, the Inn is flourishing with owners and guests. Need to clean out your linen closets? Feel free to donate your extra beach towels and help us maintain our supply during the busy summer. 
As you have noticed we’ve done a big clean up and organization of our owners’ storage area out back. With my husband, Pito, building all new shelving, you can now access your bins much easier. Every owner is allowed one bin. Please help us with excess storage of items in particularly beach chairs. If they are rusted and no longer in use, just let us know and we’ll take them to the recycling center. 
A reminder please that no dogs are allowed in the dining room. This is against health department regulations. 
The new owner washer/dryer is installed and ready for your use. If the laundry room is locked just ask for a key at the front desk. 
We are now setting all thermostats at 72 to help with electrical costs. Keeping the HVAC systems healthy is a big issue in the summer months. We are also monitoring the number of lights left on and have added timers to the outside porch lights. Thank you for your support in this area. 
My staff and I welcome your suggestions to help make your stay enjoyable. The Inn looks better than ever, and we are proud to be a part of the MHI family. 

Your Innkeeper,
Christe Smith
July 4th Event at MHI

Hello fellow owners! 

We’re busy preparing for a fun and festive 4th of July celebration at the Inn and for the first time ever, we’ll have 3 of our beautiful new carts in the famous Bald Head Island Golf Cart Parade!

We’ll be inviting folks to follow us back to the Inn for treats, prizes and games. For the icing on the cake, we’ll have live music on the porch with local musical artist extraordinaire, Will Peterson!

This will be great exposure for the Inn. We are grateful to our own Rod Sr. - Bald Head Realty and Sales and Tim Roche – Juice that Brand Promotions who have generously agreed to sponsor our event. As always, Christie and our marketing guru, Liz Dion are working hard behind the scene to help us pull it all together. Be sure to check us out on Facebook following the party to vote for your favorite photo – you might just win a prize too!

Event Chair and MHI Owner
Amy Glasgow,
Be Sure to Send Your Arrival Confirmation!

Please be sure to send your arrival confirmation at least two weeks prior to your visit.
The MHI ARRIVAL CONFIRMATION form is now located online in the Owners Only section of the HOA website. Simply fill in your information and send!

If you are planning to let someone else (renter, family, friends...) use your suite, be sure to have them fill out the MHI RENT EXCHANGE CONFIRMATION FORM located in the Owners Only section and send to Innkeeper.

Password: mhiowners
HOA Website Now Offers an
HOA Owner Rental Opportunity

Check out the Availability Rentals tab

If you would like to post your suite "For Rent" on our HOA website, simply fill out the MHI RENT EXCHANGE RELEASE FORM located on the HOA website under the Owners Only section - Admin.

Watch your email for full instructions.
For a tutorial, or walk through of the new HOA website and Owner opportunities, please contact Liz

Note: the MHI Innkeeper will only post your unit and contact information on our website. As the owner, you will be the direct contact for negotiating rates, managing and collecting rents unless you choose to use a real estate professional.
Helpful Links:

(located on HOA website- Owners Only - ADMIN)


Any time you rent or trade your unit you MUST alert the Innkeeper by submitting the MHI RENT EXCHANGE CONFIRMATION FORM - located on the HOA website under the Owners Only section - Admin.
Available For Sale
From time to time owners may to decide to sell a suite or purchase another suite at Marsh Harbour Inn. To help facilitate this process, the HOA will provide an updated list of suites available for sale at the reception desk including a description of what it means to be a fractional owner and part of our Marsh Harbour Inn family.

If you are interested in selling one of your suites and would like to be added to the flyer, please contact Liz at If you are interested in purchasing another suite, please ask the Innkeeper for a copy of the most current list.
Nextdoor Communication
We have set up as a way of communicating with Inn owners, and a way to communicate with owners of your suite exclusively. 
Many owners already use this program in their home neighborhoods. It is a very easy way to keep up on what is going on and to have quick updates and conversations as a group. If you are not familiar with you can check out the website before you sign up. 
Note: If you are already signed up for a Nextdoor account in your home neighborhood, you will not be able to use the same email address for your Marsh Harbour Inn Suite. You must use a separate email address.
Here's how to join our group:
1. Join the NextDoor Bald Head Wynd at this link:
2. Join Marsh Harbour Inn Owners—we are asking all owners to join this group
3. Then you ask to join private groups of the suites you own. 
Blockade Runner Owners                   
Cape Fear Owners
Captains Quarters Owners
Harbour View Owners
Ocean View Owners
Pinnacle Suite Owners
Royal Palm Owners
Ship Watch Owners
Yacht Master Owners
We are looking for an administrator for each unit. If you’d like to be the administrator for your suite, please email
Bald Head Island Club Membership 
There is a lot going on at BHI Club. As an owner at Marsh Harbour Inn you are also a member of the  Bald Head Island Club   including access to world-class golf, swimming pool, work out facility, tennis, croquet, great restaurants and many seasonal activities - see below for the Calendar of Events at BHI Club. 

BHI Club's New Aquatics Complex & Ocean View Restaurant
See the renovation here

New features:
  • Olympic Lap Pool
  • Slide Tower and waterslides 
  • Splash Pad and Zero Entry Pool
  • Cabanas & Trellis
  • Cabana Bar & Casual Ocean View Restaurant

To take advantage of your membership you must register for a Temporary Membership for the days you plan to use the club or participate in events..   

BHI Club Temporary Membership Fees

May 21 - Oct 31
Daily $35
2-3 Day $60
4-7 $90

Nov - Dec
Daily $25
2-3 Day $40
4-7 $65

* green fees and activity fees are extra

For more information and temporary usage fee, call  910-457-7320. 
Calendar of Upcoming Events

Island Nature Tours  - Every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9a-11p
BHI Conservancy 910-457-0089

Kids Activities - ongoing
BHI Conservancy 910-457-0089 

Island Outdoor Activities .


July Turtle Trots
July 11, 18, 25
Move as fast or slow as you’d like in this 5K where proceeds 
go to support the Bald Head Island Conservancy’s Sea Turtle 
Protection Program. Details

July 27th - Howl at the Moon
Sponsored by: Shoals Club
  • 7:00pm till 9:00 pm
  • Sunset: 8:16pm Moonrise: 8:18pm


August Turtle Trots
August 1, 8, 15, 22
Move as fast or slow as you’d like in this 5K where proceeds 
go to support the Bald Head Island Conservancy’s Sea Turtle 
Protection Program. Details

August 3-5 - National Lighthouse Weekend

August 26 - Howl at the Moon
Sponsored by Bald Head Island Limited
  • 6:30pm
  • Sunset: 7:45 Moonrise: 8:08pm

August 31 - September 3 - Labor Day Cookout


September 2 - Labor Day Then and Now Home Tour

September 24 - Howl at the Moon
Sponsored by Mary Munroe Realty
  • 6:0pm
  • Sunset: 7:05 Moonrise: 7:14pm


October 5-7 Roast and Toast on the Coast

October 26 - Howl at the Moon
Sponsored by Bald Head Island Limited
  • 5:30pm
  • Sunset: 6:27 Moonrise: 6:52pm

Note: membership is required for the following activities. See membership details above.

July 4 ~ Family Seafood Festival
Must Pre-Register for this exciting event!
4:00-7:00 pm 
Behind The Clubhouse
$35.00++ Adults. $16.00++ Children 4-11, 3 & under is complimentary

August 25 - Night with the Chef

September 1 - End of Summer Labor Day Party

September 22- Grilled Lobster Dinner

October 5 - First Friday Fire Pit

October 5 - Oyster Roast
Other Helpful Links

Riverside Adventure Co. Rentals and activities

Bald Head Island Beach Report for a complete report on wind & surf conditions

To subscribe to Claude Pope's daily news about activities on BHI  go t o   and follow the links

The Village Voice - subscribe for news
Contact Information
Tim Roche - President
Mike Kirk - Vice President
Cathie Ostrowski - Secretary
Frank Antunez - Treasurer
David Baumer - Board Member - Legal
Liz Dion - Board Member - Marketing

Lynn Derrick - Co-Manager
Sophia Derick - Co-Manager

Christie Smith - Innkeeper

(910) 448-0717 Innkeeper on Duty