September 2019 Newsletter

Early Reviews for Homo Roboticus

Here's the back cover of the novel I'm sharing to the readers of this newsletter so that they could get a glimpse of its storyline.

Reviews for
'Six Degrees: Our Future On a Hotter Planet'

After I first read Mark Lynas's book Six Degrees on a Hotter Planet around five years ago, strong storms in the Atlantic were a rare occurrence and extreme summer temperatures in Europe were unheard of.

Mark gives a blow-by-blow account of what could happen when the earth warms from 1 to five degrees. In Josh Lacey's article entitled " On the Ski Slope to Hell ", Lacey is "disconcerted by Mark Laynas' apocalyptic vision of the earth's future".

"After one degree, he says, droughts will probably devastate Nebraska, the Amazon ecosystem may collapse and Australian coral reefs will be reduced to rubble. After two degrees, polar bears will be extinct, Europe scorched by heatwaves and Canada packed with refugees from the USA, searching for water and arable land. After three degrees, Manhattan will be swamped by regular floods and most of Holland will be under water. After four degrees, southern Europe will be a desert and London will have the climate that Marrakech has today.

"Lynas doesn't bother going to the ninth circle of hell. Six is enough, he says. When the planet's temperature has risen by six degrees, huge fireballs will race across the sky and crash into cities, exploding with the force of atomic bombs. 'With all the remaining forests burning, and the corpses of people, livestock and wildlife piling up on every continent,' the apocalypse will have arrived. A few humans might manage to scrabble an uncomfortable existence, camping on mountainsides or sheltering in bunkers, guarding their food supplies from roving bands 'and trying to sit out the collapse.' "

With Dorian, a Category 4 storm hitting Bahama's shores this week, then whimpering down to Category 2 by the time it reached North Carolina, it pays to take heed about what's happening in the world.

One wonders how many Category 5 storms had visited the US, and it's surprising that there have been quite some memorable ones from the past years. Here's a look at some of the more significant ones in ferocity and destruction to the community.

Settings from the Novel

Here are some settings from my novel, Homo Roboticus.

Many of the places here will be under water by 2058, if climate change remains an existential and physical threat to the earth's existence. If you can guess the 7 places featured here, I will give an e-book of Homo Roboticus for free! You can email me at the address below, and let's see who can guess the most number of correct answers!

Credit to David Stanley, Joel Filipe,Go Shape,Casey Horner, Kilarov Zaneit, Mattia Serrani

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