February 2019
MeHI, AGENCY to Host
Caregiving-Focused Event on June 10th
MeHI and AGENCY, the Cambridge Innovation Center's Global Longevity Collective, are collaborating with d.health to host "Transforming the Way We Care ," on June 10 th in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA. This event will:

  • Identify key opportunities for the digital health industry to support the unique challenges of informal caregivers;
  • Provide a forum to hear from experts; and
  • Network with fellow d.health attendees prior to the main conference.
"Transforming the Way We Care " is a special pre-summit event prior to the d.health Summit on June 11th hosted by The University of Rochester in collaboration with West Health. The Summit is a day-long conference that aims to highlight bold thought leadership and inspire cross-disciplinary collaboration to drive aging innovation. 
AGENCY Reverse Pitch @ Brigham and Women's Hospital
Join AGENCY and the Division of Aging at Brigham and Women’s Hospital for a conversation about ways that startups can help solve the unmet needs in the medical care system, and to spark ideas for new products, devices, tools, and services. You will hear directly from geriatricians, nurses, and rehab specialists as they share what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to be done to help hospitals and their older patients. Meet industry thought leaders and fellow innovators who can help turn your ideas into commercial successes.

Date and Time: Tuesday, March 19 th from 4-6PM ET

Location: Hale Building for Transformative Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Webinar: HAUS Services
HIway Adoption and Utilization Support (HAUS) services are provided by the Mass. Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) through the Mass HIway. The goal of HAUS is to help organizations implement HIE and leverage secure Direct Messaging to share healthcare information, such as discharge summaries, summaries of care, and referrals. The HAUS Services are provided by HIway account managers, who will act as a resource to your staff to:

  • Enroll your organization in HAUS; 
  • Provide project management to implement HIE;
  • Identify a high value HIE use case and related trading partner organizations; 
  • Develop a project plan and charter to manage the HIE use case implementation;
  • Help identify a project team across the organizations that will exchange information;
  • Facilitate meetings, calls and emails among the trading partners and vendors; and
  • Provide workflow improvement training so staff can effectively use the HIE technology.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019, 12-1 p.m.

Target audience: Providers who need to meet the 2019 HIway requirement. According to Mass HIway regulations, this includes all Acute Care Hospitals, all Community Health Centers, and Large and Medium Medical Ambulatory Practices.
The 2019 World Medical Innovation Forum -
Where AI meets Clinical Care
Dates:  Monday, April 8, 2019 - Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Location:  The Westin Copley Place Boston, 10 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02116

The World Medical Innovation Forum is a global gathering of more than 1,700 senior healthcare leaders in the heart of Boston. It was established to respond to the intensifying transformation of health care and its impact on innovation. The forum is rooted in the belief that no matter the magnitude of that change, at the center of health care needs to be a shared fundamental commitment to collaborative innovation by industry and academia working together to improve patient lives.  
Medicaid Updates
Complete your 2018 application now!
The Program Year 2018 deadline is April 3, 2019 ! CMS has not extended the 2018 deadline. You cannot create a 2018 application while a prior year application is still active. Please log into MAPIR to see if you have an incomplete prior application. If you intend to attest for 2018 and have an incomplete prior application, upload the requested supporting documentation and resubmit immediately . Avoid missing the opportunity to attest for 2018.

If you need assistance: Call us at 1-855-MassEHR (627-7347) to speak with a TA (Technical Assistant) or PEVA (Provider Enrollment & Verification Analyst) as soon as possible. 
Program Year 2018 CHECKLIST
As you prepare for the PY 2018 attestation process, make a CHECKLIST of the following items:

  • Confirm the dashboards of attesting Providers show thresholds are met;
  • Confirm your organization conducted the Security Risk Assessment within CY 2018;
  • Check that at least 5 clinical decision alerts were enabled for your attesting EPs;
  • Verify that the CQM dashboard reflects 365 days if the EP has attested to Meaningful Use at least once before, or 90 days if this is the first time;
  • Visit the MeHI website to stay informed of critical deadlines and obtain the most current forms; and
  • Review the 2018 Supporting Documentation Requirements (SDR).
If you have any questions or need clarification regarding the attestation process, don’t hesitate to contact a Technical Assistant or Analyst at 855-627-7347 .
Clinical Quality Measure Reporting Requirements
To attest to Meaningful Use (MU), Eligible Professionals (EP) need to report six  Clinical Quality Measures  (CQMs). While the MU reporting period for Program Year 2018 is 90 days, the CQM portion has either a 365-day or 90-day reporting period depending on whether the EP previously demonstrated MU:

  • EPs who attest to MU for the first time need to report a 90 day CQM period;
  • EPs who previously demonstrated MU must report a 365 day CQM period.
Massachusetts does not accept eCQM submissions. To participate in the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program and receive an incentive, all EPs must manually report CQM data through the MU attestation process.
Still Open: Healthcare Payment Transparency Challenge
The inaugural “Massachusetts Healthcare Payment Transparency Challenge” sponsored by MeHI and the Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) is still open.
Through the Challenge, CHIA and MeHI hope participants can identify innovative ways to use this data to provide healthcare cost transparency to educate consumers and inform Massachusetts policymakers. Entrants are encouraged to use this data to help people understand issues outlined in existing research on the subject of healthcare pricing and leverage other relevant datasets.      
The open call for submissions will now close at midnight on Sunday, March 3rd .
Mass HIway Updates
New: HIway Connections Map
Explore the new HIway Connections Map, which replaces the original HIway Directory on our website. The new map shows whether organizations are connected to the HIway directly or via a HIway trusted HISP (Health Information Services Provider). This enhanced view on HIway connections aims to assist providers in their interoperability efforts. Access the map here .

The new map will also enable you to find suitable trading partners for meeting the HIway connection requirement. The Mass HIway Regulations require a use case that exchanges health information across the HIway. This means that either the sending or receiving organization, or both, must be connected to the HIway directly. 
2019 Connection Requirement
For 2019, the Mass HIway Regulations (101 CMR 20.00) require all Acute Care Hospitals, all Community Health Centers, and Large and Medium Medical Ambulatory Practices to connect to the Mass HIway. These organizations must have met the requirements by January 1, 2019 and must attest that they met the requirements between June 1 and July 31, 2019.

Large Community Health Centers and Large and Medium Medical Ambulatory Practices are entering year 2 of the connection requirement and must implement a provider-to-provider communications use case. The following resources can help your organization implement a care coordination use case with a trading partner and be prepared to meet this requirement:
Click  here  for the PDF
 With Use Case Development Tools and Examples
HAUS Services Website
HIway 2.0 Migration Update
The HIway 2.0 migration continues to progress. If you haven’t initiated your migration, please do so as soon as possible.

Time is running out. The shutdown start date for Mass HIway 1.0 is targeted for 5/15/2019.

Mass HIway participants must initiate their migration by submitting a completed Declaration of Identity (DOID) Form and Healthcare Organization (HCO) Form.

All completed forms were due on 2/19/19.

Please email your completed forms as soon as possible, or send any questions about the forms to HIway2.0Migration@state.ma.us .

If you prefer to send these documents via Direct message or postal mail or need more detailed instructions for how to complete these forms, visit the   HIway 2.0 Migration website   for an overview of the process and instructions for these forms.
If you don’t receive confirmation that your forms have been received within 3 days after your form submission, please email   HIway2.0Migration@state.ma.us .

For more information and instructions:
If you have questions about the HIway 2.0 migration process or completing the DOID and HCO forms, please email us at HIway2.0migration@state.ma.us .