Volume 2020-10 | October, 2020
Greetings Harpists, Harpers, and Harp Lovers!
We hope you are doing well during these times, and keeping busy with all that you do. We have a number of new items, and despite our "new" website not being ready, we wanted to share these with you now!
Julia Sanders has three new pieces, two original and one early music: Notre Dame, Gaudete. and Waltz for Louise (jazzy and of course, inspired by and composed in memory of one of Ms. Sander's teachers, the late Louise Trotter).

Notre Dame - physical version)
Update on our website: It looks more like between October 15-30 before we are ready to launch. Probably closer to Halloween, scary. Please save your wish list however you are able, because that will be gone. Additionally, if you have downloads you have not yet acted on, take care of those, because those web records will be gone. We will have a record, of course, of everything you have purchased over the past years on that site, but if you want to check what you've done, please do so very soon.
We have a few more new titles!
Kim Robertson's new book
Beauty Tunes: A new book in 2020 to bring beauty and comfort during these trying times! Here is a lovely collection of Celtic airs and hymns from Kim Robertson arranged for advanced-beginning, to intermediate solo harp. 

Paper Version will be in stock next week.
Gentle, by Stan Guy

This original piece was written in memory of Nelson Brook Boddie (1968-2020), who left this world all too soon at the age of 51. Brook was known and loved by many for his talent, his humility, and above all, for his loving and gentle spirit. This piece is written at an advanced intermediate level, with 2 versions included, for harps tuned in E flat, or harps tuned in C. There are no accidentals or lever changes. All proceeds from the purchase of this music will be donated to music related charities designated by his family.

Happy Harps
If you teach piano and are accustomed to a well structured pedagogical approach, then you will be pleased to explore this series for harp students by
Zoe Coppola. Click HERE for all 4 books, currently available as PDF. Paper books are on order and will arrive shortly after Ms. Coppola receives
them from the printer. They will be
"hot off the press".
Verlene Schermer's "WIshing You Well"
These 16 arrangements are from Verlene's Wishing You Well CD, which is a collection of Celtic and other soothing tunes that she plays for patients, visitors, and staff at Stanford Hospital and Clinics. CD can be purchased from https://verlene.com/
Above you will find three brand new Frank Voltz selections. We have plenty in stock, we think. Of note, "Stepping into Paradise" is Frank's tribute to Brook Boddie, the gentle giant who leaves
a huge gap in our small harp world.
Saint Melangell - 7 variations, starting with Plainchant
We don't usually think of Carol Wood as writing for pedal harp, although she is an accomplished pedal harpist. Here is a unique offering, inspired by a gentle Welsh saint.
Paper Version will be available next week.
Saving a really nice gift for last, our very good friend and customer, Mary Dragoset, has composed a short and beautiful piece that she wanted to offer to you, our customers, during this time of unrest. It is called Planxty Bill Roy. Here is the PDF. It is a lovely and gentle tune. Thank you Mary Dragoset!
Thanks for reading and see you next time!
John & Mary