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 Michigan Migrant Legal Aid Mar. 2017

Michigan Growers Fear Immigration Crackdown

Foreign workers pour Roma tomatoes into a trailer at Leitz Farms in Berrien County last summer. The farm uses a temporary visa program.(Photo: Dale G. Young / The Detroit News)


At the GR Mayor's State of the City address, Mayor Rosalyn Bliss invited the members of the commission who are working on a safe city policy to present their proposal for review by city officials and commissioners.  The draft proposal looks at ways of protecting members of the community from undue harassment; making all members feel welcome in Grand Rapids; and, supporting those who wish to come forward to report crime and testify. The commission will present the proposal next week.
Group Asks Public to Sign Pledge to Help Farm Workers

Our Nations Leading Employment Lawyers Denounce Exec Order in Public Statement:
President Donald Trump's 
Immigration Executive Orders
Demean America's Core Values

America has always been a land of immigrants. Our nation's diversity is one of its greatest assets and should be encouraged, protected, and treasured. The community of lawyers who comprise the National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA), as well as the thousands of workers they represent, reflect the multiplicity of races, ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds of America. Our steadfast advocacy on behalf of workers is rooted in our shared commitment to ensuring equality and justice for all. 

President Trump's recent executive order denying entry to the United States to immigrants, visitors, and refugees from seven majority Muslim nations, and building a wall to separate us from our neighbors in Mexico, demean America's values and fairness, equality, due process, and compassion. Any kind of government action that discriminates against individuals on the basis of religion or national origin is antithetical to these values and cannot be tolerated. 

NELA condemns President Trump's executive orders on immigration, and will redouble our efforts to fight injustice and discrimination. 
MLA is dedicated to defending and preserving farmworker jobs, dignity, health, income, and legal rights.  
Teresa Hendricks
Migrant Legal Aid
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