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 Michigan Migrant Legal Aid Apr. 2017

Farm Settles Class Action Lawsuit for $1.2 million!                                   
    March 9, 2017
The class action alleged
The scales of justice rebalance for domestic vineyard workers
the farm underpaid domestic workers for harvesting, and failed to inform them of the higher H-2A rate paid to guestworkers, and that the farm failed to contact former employees about the higher-paying jobs and turned away hundreds of local farmworkers to hire foreign H-2A workers in violation of state and federal wage laws. With the settlement, the scales of justice have re-balanced in favor of domestic vineyard workers.
As a child, Jose Hernandez traveled with his parents picking produce. 
Driver's License Law Amended  257.302(a)
What does it mean for  Undocumented Farmworkers?
What stayed the same: 
If you're undocumented, you're still not a 'resident' and not required to have a Michigan driver's license.  

You can still drive using your license from these countries

What changed:   (As of 3/29/17)
You now need your home country's license translated into English, with your photo

Documented people from other countries --not on the list above-- can now drive. 

What else?
You can use an International Driving Permit, if your country recognizes them;

-- Or, you can use a document that has your photo, is translated into English, and substantially corresponds to an International Driving Permit. 
Trump's EPA undoes effort to ban pesticide linked to nervous system damage in kids
Pesticide Action Network   of North America provides resources on human exposure to the neurotoxic organophosphate (OP) called Chlorpyrifos, which is widely studies for its neuro-developmental effects on children. 

Chlorpyrifos was supposed to be phased out this year, but the Trump Administration is going in a  Different Direction.

The report says lack of legal status hurts undocumented workers, and hinders them from seeking better working conditions.  This can jeopardize "the resiliency of the food system by maintaining an unstable and vulnerable workforce, which may threaten the supply and safety of food."

More than 21,000 agricultural workers would lose their jobs - U.S. citizens as well as immigrants.

"Trust us, we're with the government..."
MLA is dedicated to defending and preserving farmworker jobs, dignity, health, income, and legal rights.  
Teresa Hendricks
Migrant Legal Aid
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