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 Michigan Migrant Legal Aid Sept. 2016

Grand Rapids, Mich.-based SpartanNash says the Fair Food Pledge "exemplifies its commitment to  corporate responsibility , including the fair treatment of farmworkers."
California would become the first state to require farmers to pay overtime to field workers and fruit pickers pending approval from Democratic Governor Jerry Brown. 
Familias Unidas por la Justicia (FUJ) deserves our support! 
Call Sakuma and Driscoll's and tell them the workers deserve a fair election or you'll boycott their berries.

Sakuma (360) 757-6611 
and Driscolls (831) 763-3259.

Tell them to:
1. negotiate with Familias Unidas por la Justicia a date for the elections;
2. stop trying to cause division in the fields and stop reprisals against union leaders.

Teresa Hendricks-Pitsch shares career insights and what it's like to serve a vulnerable population of hard workers. 
For the first time in 24 years the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency updated the standards to protect the health of state farm workers. This change will strengthen regulations to protect agricultural workers from the risks of toxic pesticides. 
Michigan Zoning Authorization Act
Migrant Legal Aid was alerted to an alarming zoning ordinance that would have required landowners to keep citizenship records for people living in migrant farmworker housing. MLA learned of this through Telamon Corporation, and was able to respond to the issue. Benjamin O'Hearn from MLA attended a public hearing on the issue. MLA argued against this requirement based on the fact that it exceeded the Michigan Zoning Authorization Act, that it was an arbitrary requirement, and that it was potentially a violation of equal protection under the United States Constitution. The township decided to amend the proposed ordinance to eliminate the requirement to keep citizenship records. MLA will continue to observe future proposed changes in this ordinance. 
In the nation's first criminal prosecution of work-visa fraud, an Ohio woman has been convicted in a conspiracy that required foreign laborers at a Minnesota farm to pay illegal fees and kickbacks.
MLA is dedicated to defending and preserving farmworker jobs, dignity, health, income, and legal rights.  
Teresa Hendricks
Migrant Legal Aid
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