Hello! As we all know, sometimes life can throw our careers a curve ball. That is why the colleges and universities of Minnesota State offer accessible resources to help Minnesotans retool their skills and expand their experience at any point in their educational and career journeys all the way from certificates to applied doctorates. Today I share with you two stories of successful alumni who turned to Minnesota State when their plans needed a reboot. Enjoy!

Devinder Malhotra
Chancellor, Minnesota State
M State provides retooled path to an unforeseen dream
A work injury meant Jamie Azure could no longer do the job he had been doing for 15 years. But thanks in part to Minnesota State Community and Technical College, Jamie now owns his own business and serves as the chairman of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa. 
Degree from LSC gives Matt Gildner skills to land high-tech job
Matt Gildner graduated with a degree in aerospace engineering in the middle of the recession. When he couldn't find a job in his field, he turned to Lake Superior College to fine tune his experience and landed a job as a Senior Robotic Technician with IKONICS in Duluth.