Hello! One of the greatest strengths of Minnesota State is that we serve students throughout their lives and no matter where they are in their education journey. Today’s stories are great examples—a student starting her college career while still in high school through PSEO, and another who struggled without family support during her first attempt at college, but 10 years later found the right fit and her dream job. Enjoy!
Devinder Malhotra
Chancellor, Minnesota State
Northland Community and Technical grad leaves behind a legacy of obstacles overcome
Simply enrolling in college was a challenge in its own right for Kat Willems. Unlike the fairy tales you hear about first-generation college grads, she didn’t get the support from her network of friends and family back home one might expect. And after leaving college the first time, it would be a decade before she tried again, this time at Northland Community and Technical College. 
PSEO allows Emily Westerdahl to attend Dakota County Technical College while still in high school
While only 18, Emily Westerdahl already owns her own small business, is a high school graduate, and is well on her way to being a college graduate too. Westerdahl started attending Dakota County Technical College as a PSEO student while still in high school. She graduated from Rosemount High School this past spring and is now majoring in Graphic Design Technology at DCTC.