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Pre-configured Air Preparation Solutions
Air preparation: Simplified
Take the guesswork and assembly out of the equation with pre-configured air preparation solutions. Festo has created a range of standardized packages to meet the needs of a majority of applications for users and OEMs alike. These defined solutions offer a range of visual display options as well as different options for electrical feedback and control.

single model number gets you a complete solution that is assembled in the USA. Configurations may include standard filtration 5µm and coalescing filter 1µm and are available in both metric and NPT configurations.

Dorner Application Solution
Custom conveyor system for Medical Devices
From miniature conveyors moving small medical products to large tote systems for prescription fulfillment applications, Dorner has a wide variety of medical solutions.

Recently, a customer needed a system for moving medical devices that couldn’t be transported directly on a conveyor due to their flexible shape. We created a system using Dorner’s FlexMove conveyors and 2200 Series Precision Move Pallet conveyors that allowed the product to travel on pallets.

Multifunctional Robot Screwdriver with Screw Feeder
Boost productivity and quality
Automated screwdriving to boost productivity and quality has never been easier, smarter, or more cost-effective. The OnRobot intelligent Screwdriver speeds setup and programming, with everything you need right out of the box.

You can easily automate assembly processes with the new intelligent OnRobot Screwdriver for light industrial and collaborative robots. Intelligent error detection and multiple screw size handling will ensure consistent results and reduce your cycle time dramatically.

Simply mount the Screwdriver on any leading robot arm and install the appropriate bit, then enter screw length and torque directly into the robot’s user interface.

Custom Solutions Meet Your Specific Needs
Special pneumatic cylinders to your specification
Fabco-Air provides custom pneumatic cylinder solutions for unique applications. For those design projects where a standard cylinder product cannot provide a solution, Fabco-Air engineers can work along with you to design a custom pneumatic cylinder to satisfy the needs and challenges of your application.

They can design and manufacture custom cylinders in practically any size, any shape, any pressure, in a variety of materials. Design what you want. We'll make it work.

Universal Gate Box with Safety Interlocking
Coded RFID for multifunctional control
IDEM Universal Gate Boxes (UGB-KLT) provide high level RFID coded interlocking and machine control functions in one heavy duty housing.

They can be easily fitted to access doors to provide guard locking, rear escape options and sliding or rotary handles. They reduce the risk of operators being trapped inside a guarded area. The UGB-KLT housings accepts customer selected standard 22mm push buttons, lamps or switches which can be added to provide machine request or control functions all from one UGB-KLT housing.

  • Robust Safety Interlock switches with RFID and multifunction control features built into one housing
  • 2 or 4 station housing for incorporating wide choice of standard 22mm push buttons, lamps or switches
  • Optional sliding handle actuators or rotary handle actuators
  • 24Vdc solenoid to release lock

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