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Energy Efficiency Module MSE6
Saving compressed air made easy
The MSE6 Energy Efficiency Module will help increase the energy efficiency of your pneumatic processes by utilizing the shut-off valve, fieldbus node, flow sensor and pressure sensor.

It constantly monitors compressed air consumption, shuts off the compressed air supply after production has stopped for a certain amount of time, and it also prevents system pressure from falling below a specific stand-by pressure level. Two integrated digital inputs/outputs allow communication with other local devices.

It can be integrated directly in PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT®, Ethernet/IP via a fieldbus. The device can be connected to an existing Festo CPX terminal or an MSE6-C2M. 

WAGO's New IP67 I/O System Field
Automate and network modular machine for the future
WAGO’s new I/O System Field is an IP67 rated distributed I/O system optimized for dependable, cabinet-free automation. This new system is engineered to meet the requirements of modern decentralized production facilities by providing maximum performance and a high level of connectivity.

This system is IP67 rated and offers superior flexibility with two types of housings. Both housing types come in WideLine and SlimLine options.

  • Support OPC UA communication
  • Onboard IO-Link master ports for communication to IO-Link hubs
  • 8 or 16 channel 24VDC configurable digital input-outputs
  • IO-Link hubs for versatile connection to an I/O Link Client

ELECYLNDER Large Slide Actuator
Longer stroke, higher speeds
With 2-point positioning and built-in controller the new EC-S13 Large Slider type has a longer stroke and operates at higher speeds.

  • Maximum stroke 2500mm / Maximum speed 2000m/s
  • Maximum payload 108kg
  • Standard-equipped with battery-less absolute encoder
  • Compatible with wireless teaching
  • Motor drive DC power unit can supply power for up to 6 axes

Machine Guard Fencing
The ultimate in employee safety
When it comes to protecting your personnel from the many dangers associated with working with automated equipment, GSM’s machine guard fencing is an easy yet effective way to promote workplace safety.
GSM 2000
  • Solid design with 50mm x 50mm posts

  • High stability on uneven surfaces

  • Rigid, all-welded square tubing design prevents flex
GSM 3000
  • Built for heavy-duty industries

  • Sturdy 80mmx 80mm posts

  • Rolled frame design for rigidity

Planetary Gearbox with Output Shaft
Suitable for wide range of drive solutions
Whether in machine tools or die-casting machines, in packaging, printing and textile machines, in automation technology or in robotic painting systems: Neugart precision planetary gearboxes are ideally suited for numerous applications.

The output shaft gearbox is available in several variations, for instance, as an output shaft with feather key for positive-fit and reliable power transmission. 

The planetary gearbox with smooth output shaft is the ideal element for achieving a force-fit connection to a coupling. This enables you to achieve maximum torque transmission even while in reverse mode.

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