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3200 Series Modular Belt Conveyors
Flexible layout options for medium to heavy loads
Dorner's   3200 Series modular belt conveyor  is ideal for parts handling, accumulation, positioning, high speeds, long runs and product transfers. The 3200 features innovative transfer options and complete layout flexibility including; multiple curves, inclines and declines.

  • Loads up to 1,000 lbs
  • Speeds up to 600 fpm
  • Widths of 3.75” to 60”
  • Lengths from 3’ to 99’

Cartesian Robots Offer Space and Cost Savings j
Providing value on the manufacturing floor!
Cantilevered and gantry Cartesian robots offer several advantages in many applications compared to six-axis, selective compliance assembly robot arm (SCARA) and parallel robots. The most important of these advantages include greater workspace utilization, high dynamic range, simplicity and low cost.

Six-axis and SCARA robots, which operate within a sphere, not a box so their footprints typically exceed the footprint of a workspace, which for most applications, is a plane or box. In contrast, cartesian robots can be positioned on top of the workspace, exactly fitting over the X, Y, and Z axes.

Magnetic Grippers SGM-HP/HT
Efficiency for handling sheet metal
SGM-HP/HT magnetic grippers provide very high holding forces for handling perforated plates, workpieces with complex laser-cut patterns, sheet metal containing drill holes and apertures, and similar objects. With a permanent magnet they offer secure handling of ferromagnetic workpieces.

New magnetic grippers for dynamic handling of ferromagnetic workpieces. The magnetic gripper SGM-HT (High Temperature) is suitable for handling applications in the high-temperature range, for example in hot forming processes in the automotive industry where hot sheet metal needs to be moved.

PowerXL DG1 General Purpose Drives
With Active Energy Control , save up to 10% on energy costs
Eaton's   PowerXL DG1 general purpose, variable frequency drives  are engineered for today’s demanding commercial and industrial applications. With an industry leading energy efficiency algorithm, high short-circuit current rating and robust design, the DG1 offers customers increased efficiency, safety and reliability.

Active Energy Control reduces the output and motor current as much as possible while ensuring the motor continues to spin at the required speed. You can save up to 10% more on energy costs above a standard drive.

  • Easy startup wizard 
  • On-board communication and I/O
  • High overload (CT) and low overload(VT) rated
  • Certifications: UL, CE, cUL, RoHS, C-Tick

PreciseVision Machine Vision Software
Fully integrated vision guided motion control
PreciseVision is a machine vision software package that works seamlessly with any Guidance Controller including those in Precise robots. It is designed for motion guidance applications and has a built-in interface to Guidance Controllers that makes incorporating vision information into a motion application extremely simple. 

PreciseVision comes with a powerful set of tools for locating, identifying, measuring and inspecting parts including a versatile, patented Finder tool can locate and identify parts regardless of their position, orientation or size in a camera’s field of view.

The software transforms the information into the coordinate system of a robot, and transmitting the results to the motion controller automatically.

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