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Pick & Place for Almost Any Shape
Your interface to the workpiece
Whether for sturdy gripping in a machine tool, standard gripping or micro-gripping in electronics manufacturing, the range of grippers from Festo covers a wide variety of applications.

Festo offers a wide range of components for gripping, from straightforward gripping movements to components that enable workpieces to be rotated, screwed in and moving the front-end unit

  • Mechanical grippers
  • Electric grippers
  • Vacuum grippers
  • Adaptive grippers
  • Swivel/gripper units
  • Precise grippers

Orthogonal Robots
Multi-Axis, Cartesian, Table-Top and SCARA Robots
Orthogonal robots from Intelligent Actuator are available in extensive variations.

A wide range of configurations are available, from 2-axis to 6-axis specifications and small to large models.

Lean Managed Switches
Redundant, stable network solutions that are economical
WAGO’s new line of Lean Managed Switches are designed to meet security and redundancy requirements of the industrial environment, while being easy to maintain by plant floor technicians. Complete with dashboard for instant visualization of network health, and topology maps for quick troubleshooting. These Lean Managed Switches offer the tools of industrial networking such as firewalls and ring redundancy without all the office IT application overhead.

  • Economical variant of a managed switch
  • Easy troubleshooting in networks with little IT knowledge
  • Intuitive handling during configuration and life cycle

Global Compact Pushbuttons & Pilot Devices
Push forward toward modern design
C22 compact pushbuttons share the same sleek design as our M22 modular pushbuttons but are designed with “monoblock” construction. Contact blocks are built in to each device without the need to purchase or assemble separate back-of-panel components.

The convenient, all-in-one C22 with pigtail integrates the required cable, connector and housing in one single device. The high degrees of protection in the front (up to IP69K) and at the back (IP65) of these devices make the perfect choice for applications in which oil-tight protection from dirt or liquids is required.

Eaton’s modern all-in-one C30 compact 30 mm pilot devices with pigtail integrate the required cable, connector and housing in one single device.

All in One Color Vision Sensors
Simple 3-step teaching process
Optex FA all-in-one color vision sensors are easy to use with a simple and automated 3 step teaching process. These sensors include a camera, lighting, and teaching pendant in one compact housing.

Optex color area sensors that are ideal for looking at larger areas and requiring more flexibility than traditional spot beam color sensors. Color Vision and OCR sensors with built in processor for high speed applications are also available.

  • CVSE1-RA Color Vision Area Sensor
  • CVS1-RA  Easy Series Color Vision Sensor
  • DM-18T RGB Color Sensors
  • MVS Multi-camera Color Vision Sensor
  • CVS2-RA Color and Shape Pattern Matching Sensor
  • CVS3-RA Edge and contour detection sensor
  • CVS4-R Character Registration Sensor

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