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Monterey Harbor Update
 November 2014

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Marina Access
Winter is Coming
Rogue Waves
Green Boating Practices
No Smoking
California Fish and Wildlife
Lien Sale November 20, 2014

On November 20, 2014 @ 11:00 am,  the City of Monterey Harbormaster's office will lien sale the following vessel. The vessel will be open for inspection 1-hour before auction. Please contact the Harbormasters office at 831-646-3950. All bids must be in writing. 

1964 Choey Lee, Hull Identification Number 1182. This sailboat is 25 feet in length. Condition unknown. CF3824CH.  This vessel auction does not include berthing or moorage in marina. Vessel must be removed after 10-days. Minimum bid for this vessel auction is $1,896.63

Boaters and Friends Only!

Attention Boaters,

Boaters and Friends Only!




A recent increased in unauthorized persons attempting to access the marina at both the south and north tiers has compromised the safety and security of everyone within. Ours is a gated community whose privileged members are the first line of defense for the people and property within. Please do not allow anyone through the gates unless you know them personally. Direct all others to the Harbormaster's Office (HMO) where our friendly 24-hour staff are always available to assist. Furthermore, please inform the HMO of any potential security concerns that you might have. While the Harbormaster's Office is currently upgrading our security systems to address these challenges, we appreciate your assistance to ensure that these measures are effective in deterring crime within our beloved marina.

Winter is Coming

Winter is coming, and we know what that means: Weather! Please examine all of your dock/mooring lines and replace any that show signs of chaffing and/or sun-damage. Topside mooring systems should be inspected and streamlined to allow swivels to rotate freely without binding up pennant lines. Dock boxes should be securely latched shut with a lock or, at the least, a clip, in order to keep from setting sail on the next windy day! As you know, maintenance of approved dock boxes is a very disruptive and expensive process, requiring that water and electricity be shut off for a large number of vessels to affect repairs for each damaged dock box.

Also, please take the time to tidy up the dock areas adjacent to your vessel. Access to all areas of the tiers should not be impeded at any time except when necessary to carry out necessary repairs or when temporarily using those spaces for kayaking, day-sailing, etc. Let's work together to keep the marina from looking like a nautical yard sale as we enter into the winter season!


Thank you


Rogue Waves - Unpredictable & Dangerous



Ever since man has taken vessels on to the sea, mariners have reported encounters with monstrous waves that seem to arise out of nowhere from an otherwise average sea state. This article about rogue waves written by Dennis Bryant, brings answers to mysterious questions for sea-going mariners. 
Green Boating Guidelines
Boater Responsibility
Boaters play an important role in protecting the health of California's
waterways. Boat sewage, graywater, cleaning products, spilled fuel and oil, trash and aquatic invasive species are all potential sources of pollution. Government alone cannot protect California's environment. Every boater must take responsibility for pollution prevention and try to minimize the environmental and public health impacts from boating activities. There are a couple of publications addressing soaps and cleaning solutions worth review. They include methods of how to minimize introduction of chemicals and particulates to surrounding waters. The information is comprehensive and offers boaters several ways to protect vessels and the environment at the same time. 

2.2.1 Deck Washdown and Runoff and Above Water Line Hull Cleaning 
Coastal Commission and State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways:

For additional information on green boating guidelines beyond that contained in this booklet, visit the following Web site:
Safe Boating Classes

About Boating Safely

  • General information about boats and maintenance Coast Guard Emblem
  • Information on preparing for safe and enjoyable outings
  • Navigation rules and aids to navigation
  • Guidelines for operating your boat or PWC safely
  • What to do in case of boating emergencies
  • State-specific laws and regulations you must follow
  • Certificate for successful course completion

In general, this information applies to all recreational watercraft (powerboats, PWCs, sailboats and boats which are paddled). PWC and Jet Ski operators often have additional laws and restrictions which apply to them.





Click this link for more information

Safe Boating Classes


The Harbor Staff
City of Monterey - Office of the Harbormaster

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(831) 647-7300

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Smoking in Restrooms and Marina facilities

No Smoking 


Please do not smoke inside of any marina building, including bathrooms, at any time. Furthermore, cold cigarette butts are to be disposed of in trash receptacles. Monterey is a certified Green Marina and any cigarettes that are discarded into the harbor or onto the docks pose a direct threat to the wildlife and detract from the scenic beauty of our beautiful home!


City of Monterey Smoking Ordinance


Porta Potty's and Marinas 
Porta Potty's require the user to empty the contents from time to time. The only way to empty one in or around the marina is to dump the contents into a toilet. This is where the harbor is having some issues. The emptying process into a toilet has recently resulted in the boaters bathrooms becoming unusable until building maintenance has cleaned up the toilets. We discourage the use of Porta Potty's in the harbor as there is no good way to empty these systems other than at RV parks that have receptacle bowls specially built for their use.  

Please remember washing or using a hose to remove the waste into the harbor waters is prohibited. Thank you 
Cal Fish and Wildlife

California is a great place to fish!

To help you plan your fishing day, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has developed the Fishing Guide.

It allows you to see many of California's excellent fishing spots and learn about various fishing-related activities and information.

The Fishing Guide contains fish planting locations that Fish and Wildlife has recently planted or plans to plant in the coming weeks.

The Fishing Guide also contains historical fishing locations that at one time provided excellent fishing opportunities.

We plan to add additional information over time, such as Fishing Regulations, License Sales locations, and more.


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