February 2018
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Stories from Watertown and Cambridge Digitization Days

Recently, Mount Auburn and other local organizations, sponsored two "Digitization Days" at nearby public libraries to help members of the local community scan and build their own digital archives.  


Horticulture Highlight:
Cully Heritage River Birch, 
Betula nigra

Distinctly different from the popularly known paper birch with its striking white bark, Cully Heritage River Birch, Betula nigra 'Cully'  is native to large areas of the United States and grows along the rivers and streams of southern New England (and west to Minnesota, south to eastern Texas and across to Florida).  On younger trees there is a dramatic polychromatic appearance of bark. It peels away in layers which seen in differing light exposures may create a visual kaleidoscope...  read more

Winter Birding at Mount Auburn

Winter is an ideal time to get familiar with the year-round birds of Mount Auburn and chance to see and hear them without the distractions of migrants or foliage. 

Join us for a Winter Bird Walk!

Eternally Green: Clean-Up and Clear-Out - A Great Success!

This year we expanded our annual electronics recycling event into a new, three-day effort titled "Clean Up, Clear Out & Repurpose." It began with a staff Clean-up day and ended with our 6th Annual Electronics Recycling...  more

History Highlight: Mount Auburn Biographies published

"Great numbers of those buried 
in Mount Auburn...were to each other vivid presences in life, 
as neighbors now in death."  

And so, with the purpose of recording several hundred of these lives,  Mount Auburn Biographies was ...  more

Introducing our  new Artist-in-Residence

We are excited to introduce Mount Auburn's new Artist-in-Residence, award-winning playwright and author Patrick Gabridge

His past work includes plays  Blood on the Snow, Fire on Earth, and ... 

Person of the Month: John B. Rawls (1921-2002)

Philosopher John B. Rawls was born on February 21, 1921.  He is known as one of the f ew modern philosophers to have theories used in the reasoning of rulings up to the Supreme Court. 
His work influenced ...  learn more

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Beyond Our Gates: Events of Interest to the Community

Grow Native Massachusetts: Evenings with Experts
Wednesday, February 7th at 7 PM
Cambridge Public Library, Cambridge, MA

The Beautiful Adaptations of Native Plants: 
Inviting the Wild into our Gardens

Dan Segal, Owner of The Plantsmen Nursery

Massachusetts Historical Society
Thursday, February 8th at 6PM

Thunder at the Gates: 
The Black Civil War Regiments that Redeemed America

Douglas Egerton, Le Moyne College


Satigata Album Release Party
Saturday, February 10th 7-9PM
New School of Music, Cambridge

Satigata announces the release of their
and invite you to celebrate the occasion at the New School of Music in Cambridge. The two-disc CD will be available to purchase at the event.  

Download Carry Me (Tara Refuge)" from the album for free!


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