National eUpdate
Timely, Targeted News & Information from NCWWI | November 2019 | Issue 47
Traineeship Assessment and Planning Tool Kit
The Traineeship Assessment and Planning Tool Kit supports university social work programs and public/tribal child welfare programs in implementing traineeship programs that prepare students for careers in child welfare. The tool kit can help to develop new traineeships, as well as assess current efforts and plan for enhancements. 

The tool kit contains specific domains associated with successful partnerships. Each domain contains
focus areas and:
  • Questions to assess current practices and explore potential enhancements of traineeships
  • Indicators specifying the markers of success
  • Resources that will support work in the area of focus
New Real Story: Partnerships as a Pathway to Change
The NCWWI Real Story, Partnerships as a Pathway to Change explores the Connecticut Department of Children & Families' connection with the University of Connecticut’s School of Social Work and how it made a huge difference with their workforce. As told by the people who lived it, the partnership improved diversity in the workplace, strengthened social work curricula, and enhanced the relationships between the agency and school for improved placements and transition to work. Their partnership paved the way for a pathway to change. Click below to watch the video.
Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) APM Workshops
In October 2019 NCWWI staff were honored to share lessons learned from the last 10 years of NCWWI Traineeships and University-Agency Partnerships. Click below to access the PowerPoint slides from each workshop and to contact the speakers and facilitators.
This interactive workshop explored strategies for preparing BSW and MSW students for practice in child welfare. Ten years of evaluation data collected by the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI) provides a framework to explore resources and tools that support the development of partnerships, field experiences, and curriculum.

For more information contact: Cheryl Williams-Hecksel, Amy He, and Sharon Kollar
This session features innovative agency- university partnerships emerging from some of NCWWI's work. Selected highlights from the University Partnership (UP) program and the Leadership Academy for Deans and Directors (LADD) was presented,including public and tribal agency- school innovations.

For more information, contact: Robin Leake
Look for more resources and information coming your way next month. We are honored to continue supporting your workforce development efforts! Contact Sharon Kollar ( ) if you have any questions about this message or are in need of NCWWI resources or support.