National eUpdate
Timely, Targeted News & Information from NCWWI | February 2020 | Issue 50
Did you know that NCWWI has a list of resources to support child welfare staff and leaders as they confront implicit bias, implement system changes, and work to achieve racial equity within their organizations and across systems? The nine categories contain tools, guides, assessments, and curricula which are used to increase understanding, facilitate dialogue, deliver training, analyze current policies, and implement sustainable strategies. Explore the collection or click the links below to access some examples of what's included.

Who is Responsible for Transition to Work?
A NCWWI Webinar for University-Agency Partnerships
Join us on April 9, 2020 at 3:00 pm EDT for this live webinar where we will explore strategies that social work students, child welfare agencies, and universities can utilize to support retention of graduates. 

Transition to work strategies begin with recruitment and selection and continue after social work degrees are obtained. The needs of both social work students who are recruited into child welfare careers and child welfare professionals who seek social work degrees should be considered. The unique roles of students, graduates, child welfare program staff, and school of social work faculty and staff will be explored from the perspectives of a child welfare leader, faculty, and social work graduate. 
New 1-Page Research Summaries
Look for more resources and information coming your way next month. We are honored to continue supporting your workforce development efforts! Contact Sharon Kolla r if you have any questions about this message or are in need of NCWWI resources or support.