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September 2018 Newsletter 

Board of Directors
Mark Your Calendars

Please mark your 2018 calendar for the following dates:

Thursday, Sept. 27
Morning Program
"Meet the Candidates"
2 CE presentation 
Brecksville Community Center
8 am - 11 noon
Click here to register online

Wednesday, Oct. 17
Morning Program
features 3 topics / 3 individual CE
preseneted by
Robert Tobin
*ERISA Compliance Overview" 
1 CE approved
"Technology: Transforming the Employee Benefits Industry"
1 CE approved
"Best Practices for Sec 125 Plans"
1 CE approved
8:00 AM - 12 Noon
Cost: $10
Registration information will be coming to you soon.

Letter from the President,  
Frank Spinelli

First, I want to thank the Northeast Ohio Health Underwriters Association (NEOHUA) for allowing me to serve as President and be a part of an organization that not only gives knowledge back to its members but also allows lifelong friendships to be established. I am following in the footsteps of some great leaders in our business. Established in 1913, NEOHUA was the very first local association established in the United States under the National Association of Health Underwriters umbrella. Just as those individuals who formed this chapter more than 100 years ago, I, along with our current board members are passionately motivated by pursuing the goals of our membership and protecting this fulfilling and lucrative industry that allows us to help so many.

The theme of the 2018-2019 NEOHUA is Value & Vibrancy. All of the decisions that our association leadership will make this year will answer the following question in the affirmative. "Does this program / event / decision bring value to our membership and will it be done in a way that makes members (and non-members) want to engage and be part of it?" This holds true for the entire landscape of our association. Whether you are a broker/consultant in the large, small or individual market, a carrier partner who caters to any of the above or a vendor that has a product or service that serves the needs of our diverse scene, the NEOHUA focus will be to bring Value & Vibrancy to your investment of time and treasure.

So what should you expect to witness over the next year from the NEOHUA? In short, many valuable things. Among them is the creation of The NEO Vanguard Council. The Vanguard Council was established several years ago on national level at NAHU. Its function is to celebrate innovation and it has the potential to play a critical role in shaping the future of our industry. Members of this committee see the need for embracing change, especially with technology, in order to stay current with new products and services that will help our industry be more successful. Additionally, this committee will be responsible for creating the NEOHUA Internship (both paid and unpaid) Playbook so that member organizations, both large and small, can efficiently and effectively take advantage of the wealth of talent within our nearby colleges and universities that is currently under-utilized by our industry. 
In closing, to our current members and perspective members, I want to assure you that the intention of this board is to grow the NEOHUA without limits. We will stay focused on bringing value to our members while staying current with industry standards and requirements. We look forward to a productive successful year and we invite each of you to participate, and most importantly become involved. Join us - we are having fun here!

Frank Spinelli & the 2018 -2019 NEOHUA Board
NEOHUA September 27th Event

Brecksville Community Center
8 AM - 10:30 AM
Full breakfast catered by Catering Experience
$15 Members / Nonmembers

Come hear from the Ohio legislators who directly impact our business. Candidates for the Ohio House and Ohio Senate will address issues surrounding health insurance affecting employers and individuals in Ohio in 2019.

2 CE approved

NEOHUA hosted this year's NAHU Region III Leadership Conference
Conference was held at the Metropolitan at the 9
August 6, 7, 2018
Thanks to  a ll who 
attended  and our sponsors / exhibitors who 
supported our event:
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Beam Dental
Beazley Group
BenAxis, Inc.
Comprehensive Benefits
Competitive Health, Inc.
Guardian Life Insurance Company
MZQ Consulting
Superior Dental Care
The Dental Care Plus Group
Transamerica Employee Benefits
True RX

PAC Contributions Do Matter
Have you ever wondered if your HUPAC and OAHUPAC investment make a difference?  Investment?  Yes, it's an investment in your career. 


The amount of your contribution to HUPAC and OAHUPAC isn't as important as simply being involved at some level.  Our industry has seen many changes in the past few years and thus far we've been able to protect our industry, an industry that provides needed services to our clients, an industry that provides for our families.  Make an investment to your career today by
 visiting and

HUPAC and OAHUPAC supports candidates for federal and state office, regardless of political party, who are accessible to NAHU members and who are willing to consider NAHU's positions and view in the development of public policy pertaining to health care coverage in the public and private sectors.

The following NEOHUA OAHUPAC Contibutors as of 7/31/18:
Capitol Club Contributors
Michael Coppola
David L. Cunix
Leslie James
Darlene Kaczmarek
Larry Kaczmarek
Dave Petno
William E. Phillips
Frank Spinelli
Ken Statz
Kathleen Vinson
Carla Washko

PAC Contributors
John Bergan
Joseph T. Blasko Jr.
Debbie Bogdan
Linda Erlenbach
Brian Feliciano
Robert W. Hubbard Jr.
Ingrid Martin
Richard Muccio
Mark Ruzic
Marie Samovoski
Mark Woessner

You can click the following links to support either or both PACs today: