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April 2017 Newsletter 

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Please mark your 2017 calendar for the following dates:

Wednesday, April 19
Morning Program
Brecksville Community Center

Wednesday, May 17
Morning Program
Brecksville Community Center

Friday, May 19
Annual Golf Outing
Boulder Creek Golf Club

Wednesday, June 21
Morning Program/Annual Meeting
Board Swearing-In
Brecksville Community Center
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Part-time Administrative Assistant
25-30 hrs. week
Beachwood, OH

Good admin skills and customer service skills

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Kenneth Brown & Associates

Letter from the President,  
Joanie Keehn

The first quarter of the year is officially over.  Healthcare reform is being challenged daily.  Each day leaving each of us with a feeling of uncertainty.

NEOHUA has a few things that are for certain.  We had a successful Benefits Forum Expo.  Thank you all who attended our 2017 Benefits Forum Expo.

Our Golf Outing is at Boulder Creek on May 19th.

We will continue to pass information to you as we know it on current legislation and upcoming events.

It is time to put forth your nominations for next year's board.

NEOHUA remains diligent in protecting and serving our membership.

It is time to get involved to assist in driving changes!

Look forward to seeing you on the direction to the path of change.
April 19, 2017 Program
"Filling Gaps with Supplemental Medical" 
Speaker: Dan McNeill, Beazley  
1 CE Applied for

Nominations are now open for NEOHUA board positions

If you are interested in serving on the Northeast Ohio Health Underwriters Association board of directors, please drop an email to to let us know of your interest in serving.

As a board member, you can: 
Help set plans for the coming year. 
Work on a variety of committees (which benefit our members.) 
Help members become more knowledgeable about products, services
and issues that affect our industry. 
Secure cutting edge programs and speakers.
Keep up with legislative issues.
Network with members and vendors through our social and special events.  
and move your organization forward!

You can help us do all of the above if you volunteer to run for a board position.

A Look into This Year's CAP Conference
by Dave Cunix

A blog post about our trip to Washington D.C. and the NAHU CAP Conference -

Conference talking points are discussed and paints a picture about the fun of going to CapCon.  Or not.

(" I was in Washington sitting next to a Congressman in his office. I took the measure of the man and realized that I only needed a ruler" ... Dave Cunix)
Political action takes on many forms, directions and involvements. One specific action is becoming a member of HUPAC or, as we like to say, "You-PAC." HUPAC is a powerful player for YOU in federal politics. NAHU members have supported HUPAC and our legislative priorities, which is the lifeblood of our association. HUPAC can only raise funds from NAHU members so it's crucial that every NAHU member takes the next step in their membership and contributes to HUPAC. Have you heard enough?  Click here to contribute now.

Presidential politics dominate the airwaves and talk shows across the country. However, Congress will be the body that has the most effect on healthcare and any redesign. So while the most attention is given to the presidential race, whether Trump or Clinton wins, Congress will impact your professional life the most. HUPAC is focused on the legislative branch and the congressional races up for election. 

Time is running out. As we push into the last few weeks of the election cycle, HUPAC needs YOU! It doesn't take a lot to become a HUPAC contributor, as little as $3 a week -- less than the price of a Starbucks latte. If you're convinced,  click here to become a supporter for $12 a month.

As you know, both sides of the political aisle have bills ready to go that will impact you. We need to make sure we have friends on both sides of the aisle who will protect us all. HUPAC is one very important political action committee that supports candidates who support our legislative agenda, and we have a track record of winners being elected to Congress.

YOU are at the frontline of providing consumers the right health insurance choice. YOU understand the depth of health insurance issues. YOU make a difference every day for your clients. Its time YOU join the others to make a difference in the halls of Congress. We all need YOU. HUPAC needs YOU!

So will you join me today in becoming a HUPAC monthly contributor?

Thank you for all you do to help HUPAC!
Eric Kohlsdorf
National HUPAC Chair

NEOHUA OAHUPAC Contributors:
as of February 28, 2017

Capitol Club Contributors
Shelley Chornak 
Michael Coppola 
David L. Cunix 
Darlene Kaczmarek 
Larry Kaczmarek 
Randy Klein 
Dave Petno 
William E. Phillips 
Mark Ruzic 
Frank Spinelli 
Katherine Statz 
Ken Statz 

 PAC Contributors 
Dave Auble 
John Bergan 
Joseph T. Blasko Jr.
Shelley Chornak
Michel Coppola
Linda Erlenbach 
Michael Farrell 
Sue Forester 
Linda Glynias 
Robert W. Hubbard Jr.
Darlene Kaczmarek
Larry Kaczmarek 
Joanie Keehn 
Randy Klein
Ingrid Martin 
Doris Marzolo 
Sherry Marzolo 
Richard Muccio
Dave Petno
William E. Phillips 
David Randolph 
Charles Rowley 
Mark Ruzic
Frank Spineli
Katherine Statz
Ken Statz
Jack VanDusey 
Mark Woessner 


Reason:  HUPAC and OAHUPAC supports candidates for federal and state office, regardless of political party, who are accessible to NAHU members and who are willing to consider NAHU's positions and view in the development of public policy pertaining to health care coverage in the public and private sectors.

You can click the following links to support either or both PACs today:  

OAHU Members,

Are you interested in sending a reminder to your customers about the 201
7 OAHU/CareWorksComp Workers' Compensation Group Rating program? More than 4,587 businesses participate in the OAHU group rating program, collectively they receive $16+ Million in workers' compensation premium savings, average annual savings for OAHU participants is $3,686.  While helping your customers save money you can earn 31.25% the first year and renewal commissions (paid on the service fee charged to the client) when your group clients enroll in CareWorksComp Worker's Compensation Group Plan. 

The group rating deadlines are fast approaching and we want to make sure that your customers who would like a free quote, can receive one in time to enroll in the 2016 program. CareWorksComp must receive an AC3 (Temporary Authorization) by November 8 th  to allow enough time to receive data from the BWC to determine group rating eligibility for your customers for the 201 7 rate year. If you need an electronic copy of your customized AC3, please contact our program manager, Beverly Westover, at CareWorksComp. I have included her contact information below. I would also like to remind you that the group rating enrollment deadlines are November 16 (traditional group rating) and January 25 (group retrospective rating). Many of your customers can receive a savings of $1,000 or greater by participating in the OAHU/CareWorksComp group rating program  

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Beverly Westover; Program Manager, CareWorksComp
PH: 800.837.3200 Ext. 57169   Direct: 614.526.7169   Cell: 614.561.3665    

Thank you,

OAHU Administration