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         September 16, 2016                  
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04/27 - 05/01: NLCSD Scholars' and Mentors' Meeting at AERA, San Antonio, TX

NLCSD Welcomes Cohort 2 Scholars!
On July 30th and 31st, NLCSD welcomed 20 Cohort 2 Scholars to the Consortium. Ten Scholars are focusing their studies in deafness/hard of hearing, three Scholars in deafblindness, and seven Scholars in blindness/visual impairment. They are attending twelve Consortium universities across the country. During the meeting, Cohort 2 Scholars got to know Consortium faculty, PAC members, and other Scholars.  Cohort 1 Scholars took leadership roles as they facilitated several sessions and shared their knowledge and experience with the new scholars.

For a detailed agenda, click here

(Caption - NLCSD Cohort 2 Scholars)
NLCSD Welcomes an Additional Management Team Member!

On August 30th, Emily Vasile joined the Management Team as NLCSD Coordinator. Emily has a Master of Arts in Teaching Special Education with a concentration in Teaching Students with Visual Impairments as well as a  Master of Science in Low Vision Rehabilitation. Emily has worked as Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments in New Jersey and was a fieldwork supervisor before joining Salus full time . Emily will be responsible for many of the day to day project activities and will be in attendance at the Scholars' spring meeting. Please welcome Emily! 
Emily can be reached at
Join NLCSD's closed Facebook group!

At the July meeting, many participants requested an easy way of communicating with the NLCSD community, and one suggestion was a closed group on Facebook. We encourage all members of NLCSD to join and to use it as a vehicle to share information, collaborate, and strengthen our cross-disability  group.

You can also follow us on Twitter: @NLCSDproject
Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Program begins on October 3rd. 
Cohort 1 Scholars will focus on grant writing and public policy and Cohort 2 Scholars will explore research in sensory disabilities. 
Upcoming Conferences & Meetings    
October, 2016

10/18-10/20: Division for Early Childhood Conference, Louisville, KY

November, 2016

11/6-11/8: New York State AER 2016 Conference, Syracuse, NY 

11/9-11/12: 30th Annual TED Conference, Lexington, KY 

March, 2017

3/8-3/10: 50th Annual Gatlinburg Conference, San Antonio, TX 

April, 2017

June, 2017 

6/2-6/4: The Teaching Professor Conference, St. Louis, MO

6/21-6/23:  Educational Audiology Association (EAA), Paradise Valley, AZ

July, 2017

7/27-7/29: American Cochlear Implant Alliance Symposium, San Francisco, CA

August, 2017 

September, 2017

9/7-9/10:  Envision Conference, Denver, CO 

February, 2018

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